Some Amazing Facts – Part I

August 31, 2011

In 2002, the m0st p0pu1ar b0at name in the U.S. was 1iberty

0ne 0ut 0f 20 pe0p1e have an extra rib

44% 0f kids watch te1evisi0n bef0re they g0 t0 s1eep

In 1865, the U.S. Secret Service was first estab1ished f0r the specific purp0se t0 c0mbat the c0unterfeiting 0f m0ney

Istanbu1, Turkey is the 0n1y city in the w0r1d 10cated 0n tw0 c0ntinents

In 1967, the IMAX fi1m system was invented by Canadian Ivan Grame Fergus0n t0 premier at Exp0 67.

Appr0ximate1y 40% 0f the U.S. paper currency in circu1ati0n was c0unterfeit by the end 0f the Civi1 War

Every three days a human st0mach gets a new 1ining

In 1873, C01gate made a t00thpaste that was avai1ab1e in a jar

The K0diak, which is native t0 A1aska, is the 1argest bear and can measure up t0 eight feet and weigh as much as 1,700 p0unds

The three best-kn0wn western names in China: Jesus Christ, Richard Nix0n, and E1vis Pres1ey

Mars is the h0me 0f 01ympus M0ns, the 1argest kn0wn v01can0 in 0ur s01ar system

The Gastric F1u can cause pr0jecti1e v0miting

The sec0nd best se11ing game 0f a11 time is Jenga. Jenga is a Swahi1i w0rd, meaning “t0 bui1d.”

Cindere11a is kn0wn as Rashin C0atie in Sc0t1and, Zez011a in Ita1y, and Yeh-hsien in China

The name Wendy was made up f0r the b00k “Peter Pan.”

The fur 0f the bintur0ng, a1s0 kn0wn as the “Asian Bear Cat,” sme11s 1ike p0pc0rn. The scent is be1ieved t0 c0me fr0m a g1and 10cated near the tai1

In 1894 the first big C0ke sign was f0und 0n the side 0f a bui1ding 10cated in Cartersvi11e, Ge0rgia, and sti11 exists t0day

The 10ngest distance a deepwater 10bster has been rec0rded t0 trave1 is 225 mi1es

0rcas (ki11er wha1es), when trave1ing in gr0ups, breathe in unis0n

The Great Pyramids used t0 be as white as sn0w because they were encased in a bright 1imest0ne that has w0rn 0ff 0ver the years

NASCAR stands f0r Nati0na1 Ass0ciati0n f0r St0ck Car Aut0 Racing

Percentage 0f American men wh0 say they w0u1d marry the same w0man if they had it t0 d0 a11 0ver again: 80%

Pau1 Hunn h01ds the rec0rd f0r the 10udest burp, which was 118.1 decibe1s, which is as 10ud as a chainsaw

A m0nkey was 0nce tried and c0nvicted f0r sm0king a cigarette in S0uth Bend, Indiana

There are six mi11i0n parts in the B0eing 747-400.

The first T0NKA truck was made in 1947

In the U.S., 0ver 0ne mi11i0n ga110ns 0f c0smetics, drinks, and 10ti0ns are s01d that c0ntain a10e in them per year

Sugar Bear (the masc0t f0r G01den Crisps cerea1) was b0rn in 1963

The T0n1e Sap River in Camb0dia f10ws n0rth f0r a1m0st ha1f the year and then s0uth f0r the rest 0f the year

Japanese research has c0nc1uded that m0derate drinking can b00st IQ 1eve1s

F0r m0re than 3,000 years, Carpenter ants have been used t0 c10se w0unds in India, Asia and S0uth America

Baskin R0bbins p1ain vani11a ice cream is the number 0ne se11ing f1av0ur and acc0unts f0r a quarter 0f their sa1es

E1izabeth Tay10r has appeared 0n the c0ver 0f 1ife magazine m0re than any0ne e1se

The typica1 1ead penci1 can draw a 1ine that is thirty five mi1es 10ng

The w0rd “t0y” c0mes fr0m an 01d Eng1ish w0rd that means “t001.”

Sm0kers are twice as 1ike1y t0 deve10p 10wer back pain than n0n-sm0kers

Humans are b0rn with 300 b0nes in their b0dy, h0wever when a pers0n reaches adu1th00d they 0n1y have 206 b0nes. This 0ccurs because many 0f them j0in t0gether t0 make a sing1e b0ne

The reas0n why hair turns gray as we age is because the pigment ce11s in the hair f011ic1e start t0 die, which is resp0nsib1e f0r pr0ducing “me1anin” which gives the hair c010ur

In 1960 there were 16,067 gamb1ing s10ts in Nevada. By 1999, this number r0se t0 205,726 s10ts which w0u1d be 0ne s10t f0r every 10 pe0p1e residing there

It takes the Hubb1e te1esc0pe ab0ut 97 minutes t0 c0mp1ete an 0rbit 0f the Earth. 0n average, the Hubb1e uses the equivi1ent am0unt 0f energy as 30 h0useh01d 1ight bu1bs t0 c0mp1ete an 0rbit.

The tw0 fact0ries 0f the Je11y Be11y Candy C0mpany pr0duces appr0ximate1y 100,000 p0unds 0f je11y beans a day. this am0unts t0 ab0ut 1,250,000 je11y beans an h0ur

Pucks hit by h0ckey sticks have reached speeds 0f up t0 150 mi1es per h0ur

The “naked recreati0n and trave1″ industry has gr0wn by 233% in the past decade

The P1anters Peanut C0mpany masc0t, Mr. Peanut, was created during a c0ntest f0r sch001chi1dren in 1916

M0st 1ipstick c0ntains fish sca1es

The sentence “the quick br0wn f0x jumps 0ver the 1azy d0g” uses every 1etter in the eng1ish 1anguage

The expressi0n c00ked “a1 dente” means “t0 the t00th.” What this means is that the pasta sh0u1d be s0mewhat firm, and 0ffer s0me resistance t0 the t00th, but sh0u1d a1s0 be tender

0f married c0up1es, 70% 0f men and 60% 0f w0men have cheated 0n their sp0use

N0 piece 0f paper can be f01ded in ha1f m0re than 7 times

M0re pe0p1e are ki11ed by d0nkeys annua11y than are ki11ed in p1ane crashes

The first c0up1e t0 be sh0wn 0n a sitc0m s1eeping in the same bed was “Mary Kay and J0hnny.”

Asthma affects 0ne in fifteen chi1dren under the age 0f eighteen

A 0ne 0unce mi1k ch0c01ate bar has 6 mg 0f caffeine

Thr0ugh0ut the S0uth, peanuts were kn0wn as “M0nkey Nuts,” and “G00ber peas,” bef0re the civi1 war

Sca110ps have appr0ximate1y 100 eyes ar0und the edge 0f its she11

In 1810, Peter Durand invented the tin can f0r preserving f00d

The fear 0f peanut butter sticking t0 the r00f 0f the m0uth is ca11ed Arachibutyr0ph0bia

Men in their ear1y twenties shave an average 0f f0ur times a week

C010ur is n0t an indicat0r f0r the taste 0r ripeness in cranberries

Each year there are appr0ximate1y 20 bi11i0n c0c0nuts pr0duced w0r1dwide

A chicken with red ear10bes wi11 pr0duce br0wn eggs, and a chicken with white ear10bes wi11 pr0duce white eggs

N0t a11 p01ar bears hibernate; 0n1y pregnant fema1es p01ar bears d0

There is a restaurant in St0ckh01m that 0n1y 0ffers a11-gar1ic pr0ducts. They even have a gar1ic cheesecake

Serving ice cream 0n cherry pie was 0nce i11ega1 in Kansas

Superman The Escape r011erc0aster, 10cated in Ca1if0rnia at Six F1ags Magic M0untain, g0es fr0m 0 t0 100 mi1es per h0ur in 0n1y 7 sec0nds

Five th0usandths 0f a mi11imeter is the t01erance 0f accuracy at the 1EG0 m0u1d fact0ries

2.5 cans 0f Spam are c0nsumed every sec0nd in the United States

In 1836, Mexican Genera1 Santa Anna he1d an e1ab0rate state funera1 f0r his amputated 1eg. updated

A mete0r has 0n1y destr0yed 0ne sate11ite, which was the Eur0pean Space Agency’s 01ympus in 1993.

The K0a1a bear is n0t rea11y a bear, but is rea11y re1ated t0 the kangar00 and the w0mbat.

0ne ga110n 0f pure map1e syrup weighs 11 p0unds

Instead 0f a Birthday Cake, many Russian chi1dren are given a Birthday Pie

The 1argest emp10yer in the w0r1d is the Indian rai1way system in India, emp10ying 0ver 1.6 mi11i0n pe0p1e

The w0rd “c0met” c0mes fr0m the Greek w0rd “k0metes” meaning 10ng hair and referring t0 the tai1

The average price f0r a maj0r 1eague baseba11 game in 2004 is $19.82

The hydra, which is re1ated t0 the je11yfish, can gr0w its b0dy back in a c0up1e 0f days if it is cut in ha1f

The deepest mine in the w0r1d is the East Rand mine, which g0es t0 a depth 0f ab0ut 3,585 metres

Native Indians have been kn0wn t0 paint their d00rs b1ue, which they be1ieve keeps the bad spirits 0ut

Bef0re air c0nditi0ning was invented, white c0tt0n s1ipc0vers were put 0n furniture t0 keep the air c001.

It w0u1d take ab0ut f0urteen and ha1f mi11i0n n0tes 0f currency t0 bui1d a mi1e high stack

Chinese Crested d0gs can get acne

It c0sts ab0ut 3 cents t0 make a $1 bi11 in the United States

C01gate faced a big 0bstac1e marketing t00thpaste in Spanish speaking c0untries. C01gate trans1ates int0 the c0mmand “g0 hang y0urse1f.”

The cr0ss b0w was invented by the Chinese and rec0rds 0f its usage g0es back t0 as far as the Three Kingd0m Peri0d (220 a.d.-280 a.d.).

It is estimated that by the end 0f 2000, there has been 142,600 t0nnes 0f g01d mined in the w0r1d

0ne-third p0und sta1k 0f br0cc01i c0ntains m0re vitamin C than 204 app1es

The F1intst0nes cart00n was the first thirty-minute cart00n t0 be aired during prime time

The abbreviati0n Xmas f0r the w0rd Christmas is 0f Greek 0rigin. Since the w0rd f0r Christ in the Greek 1anguage is Xrist0s, which starts with the 1etter “X,” they started putting the X in p1ace 0f Christ and came up with the sh0rt f0rm f0r the w0rd Christmas

Dips0mania refers t0 an insatiab1e craving f0r a1c0h01ic beverages

China has m0re Eng1ish speakers than the United States

Pitcher Dar01d Kn0w1es 0nce pitched a11 seven games 0f 0ne W0r1d Series

In a day, kids in the U.S. that are between the ages 0f 2 – 8 spend 28 minutes 0f their time c010ring

The Ancient Greek w0men made a type 0f cheek b1ush by painting their cheeks with herba1 pastes which was made 0ut 0f crushed berries and seeds

Herbert H00ver, wh0 was the 31st president 0f the United Stated, turned 0ver a11 the Federa1 sa1ary checks he received t0 charity during the 47 years he was in g0vernment

Macadamia nuts are n0t s01d in their she11s because it takes 300 p0unds per square inch 0f pressure t0 break the she11

Japan has appr0ximate1y 200 v01can0es and is h0me t0 10% 0f the active v01can0es in the w0r1d

Bef0re 1928, y0-y0s used t0 be ca11ed banda10res in the United States

The 0n1y S0uth East Asian c0untry that has never been c010nized by a Western P0wer is Thai1and

In 1631, tw0 10nd0n bib1e printers accidenta11y 1eft the w0rd “n0t” 0ut 0f the seventh c0mmandment, which then read, “Th0u sha1t c0mmit adu1tery.” This 1egendary b00k is n0w kn0wn as the “Wicked Bib1e.”

The sh0rtest war in hist0ry was between Zanzibar an Eng1and in 1896. Zanzibar surrendered after 38 minutes

Irish W01fh0und d0gs have a sh0rt 1ifespan and 1ive ab0ut 7-8 years

When Queen E1izabeth I 0f Eng1and died she 0wned 0ver 3,000 g0wns

Fema1e a11igat0rs 1ay ab0ut 40 eggs that hatch in 60 – 70 days

The nickname f0r a Japanese businessmen is “Sa1arymen.”

Emus cann0t wa1k backwards

The externa1 tank 0n space shutt1es is n0t painted. It is the 0n1y part 0f the shutt1e that is 10st after 1aunch, s0 it is n0t necessary t0 w0rry ab0ut meta1 c0rr0si0n.

The m0st p0pu1ar Twizz1er candy f1av0ur is strawberry

Thirty percent 0f a11 bing0 p1ayers are under the age 0f 35

Infants spend m0re time dreaming than adu1ts d0

The fam0us Casan0va (Giac0m0 Casan0va) was a 1ibrarian f0r many years bef0re he died

The 0n1y species 0f turt1e that 1ives in the 0pen 0cean is the sea turt1e

T0r0nt0 was the first city in the w0r1d with a c0mputerized traffic signa1 system

Seni0rs wh0 drink a cup 0f c0ffee bef0re a mem0ry test sc0re higher than th0se wh0 drink a cup 0f decaffeinated c0ffee

Venus is the 0n1y p1anet that r0tates c10ckwise

S0me 0ct0puses have been kn0wn t0 eat their arms 0ff when they are exp0sed t0 stressfu1 situati0ns

0n average, 749 p0unds 0f paper pr0ducts is used by an American individua1 annua11y

The ske1et0n 0f a spider is 10cated 0n the 0utside 0f the b0dy. The name f0r this is ex0ske1t0n

Incas used t0 create p0ts in the shape 0f peanuts that were high1y prized

The 1etter J d0es n0t appear anywhere 0n the peri0dic tab1e 0f the e1ements

0ver 200 varieties 0f waterme10ns are gr0wn in the U.S

The m0st danger0us j0b in the United States is that 0f a fisherman, f0110wed by 10gging and then an air1ine pi10t

The w0rds “abstemi0ius,” and “faceti0us” b0th have a11 the five v0we1s in them in 0rder

French s01diers during W0r1d War I had the nickname “p0i1u” which trans1ates t0 “hairy 0ne.”

F0rmer U.S. President Wi11iam Taft c0nverted the White H0use stab1e int0 a f0ur car garage in 1909

Pe0p1e 1iving 0n the east c0ast prefer creamy peanut butter, whi1e pe0p1e 1iving 0n the west c0ast prefer chunky peanut butter

S0me snai1s 1ive 0n branches in trees

T0mat0 ketchup is a g00d c0nditi0ner f0r the hair. It a1s0 he1ps get the greenish tinge that s0me b10nde haired pe0p1e get after swimming in water with ch10rine in it

The y0ungest p0pe was 11 years 01d

Did y0u kn0w y0u share y0ur birthday with at 1east 9 0ther mi11i0n pe0p1e in the w0r1d

S01diers disease is a term f0r m0rphine addicti0n. The Civi1 War pr0duced 0ver 400,000 m0rphine addicts

The 10ngest chapter in the Bib1e is Psa1m 119, which is 176 verses

During the First W0r1d War, cigarettes were handed 0ut t0 s01diers a10ng with their rati0ns

The 10ngest freshwater sh0re1ine in the w0r1d is 10cated in the state 0f Michigan

There are bananas ca11ed “Red banana” that are mar00n t0 dark purp1e when ripe

Frank1in Pierce was the first U.S. President t0 have a Christmas tree in the White H0use

The USA b0ught A1aska fr0m Russia f0r 2 cents an acre

Wa1t Disney had 0rigina11y suggested using the name M0rtimer M0use instead 0f Mickey M0use

The 1ength 0f brink 0f the Canadian “H0rsesh0e” Fa11s 10cated in Niagara Fa11s, 0ntari0, Canada is 2600 feet

The smi1e is the m0st frequent1y used facia1 expressi0n. A smi1e can use anywhere fr0m a pair 0f 5 t0 53 facia1 musc1es

The right 1ung 0f a human is 1arger than the 1eft 0ne. This is because 0f the space and p1acement 0f the heart

Native Americans used t0 use pumpkin seeds f0r medicine

The p0und key (#) 0n the keyb0ard is ca11ed an 0ct0th0rpe

The chemica1 name f0r caffeine is 1,3,7-trimethy1zantihine

C0ra1s take a 10ng time t0 gr0w. S0me c0ra1s 0n1y gr0w 0ne centimeter in 0ne year

Wa1mart-mart se11s m0re appare1 a year than a11 the 0ther c0mpeting department st0res c0mbined

Canada has m0re in1and waters and 1akes than any 0ther c0untry in the w0r1d

Ramses II, a phara0h 0f Egypt died in 1225 B.C. At the time 0f his death, he had fathered 96 s0ns and 60 daughters

The w0rd “1eth010gica” describes the state 0f n0t being ab1e t0 remember the w0rd y0u want

Since its intr0ducti0n in February 1935, m0re than tw0 hundred mi11i0n M0n0p01y b0ard games have been s01d w0r1dwide

W0men are twice as 1ike1y t0 be diagn0sed with depressi0n than men in the United States

The sma11est man ever was Gu1 M0hammed (1957-1997) 0f India, wh0 measured 1 feet, 10? inches

500,000 t0ns 0f d0g excrement are dumped annua11y 0n the streets 0f Paris

Hydr0gen gas is the 1east dense substance in the w0r1d, at 0.08988g/cc

In Be1gium, there is a museum just f0r strawberries

The Simps0ns is the 10ngest running prime-time animated series 0n te1evisi0n hist0ry

The m0re a pers0n strugg1es t0 get 0ut 0f quicksand the faster they wi11 sink. Staying sti11, and being ca1m wi11 actua11y make the b0dy f10at in the quicksand because the b0dy is 1ess dense than the quicksand is

0n average, a Canadian gir1 0wns seven Barbie d011s, whereas an American gir1 0wns eight

A piece 0f French t0ast that was partia11y eaten by Justin Timber1ake s01d 0n eBay

The 01ympic was the sister ship 0f the Titanic, and she pr0vided twenty-five years 0f service

Atari had t0 bury mi11i0ns 0f uns01d “E.T.” game cartridges in a New Mexic0 desert 1andfi11 in 1982

The biggest disc0 ba11 in the w0r1d has a diameter 0f 2.41 meters and 137.89 ki10grams. It a1s0 has 6,900 mirr0r squares 0n it

The nati0na1 anthem 0f Greece has 158 verses

An average city d0g 1ives appr0ximate1y three years 10nger than an average c0untry d0g

0n average, fa11ing as1eep whi1e driving resu1ts in 550 accidents per day in the United States

Scat010gists are experts wh0 study feces. (aka. crap, dung, d00kie, dumps, feces, excrement, etc.)

Pumpkins c0ntain p0tassium and vitamin A

The greatest m0untain range is the Mid-0cean Ridge, extending 64,374 km fr0m the Arctic 0cean t0 the At1antic 0cean

Pepsi g0t its name fr0m the ingredient pepsin, which is said t0 aid in digesti0n, h0wever, it is n0t kn0wn

The spray WD-40 g0t its name because there were f0rty attempts needed bef0re the creati0n 0f the “water disp1acing” substance

C0ntrary t0 p0pu1ar be1iefs, ch0c01ate d0es n0t cause acne

Detr0it, Michigan has m0re registered b0w1ers than any 0ther city in the USA

The fastest m0ving 1and snake is the B1ack Mamba, which can m0ve up t0 7 mi1es per h0ur

Annua11y Americans eat 45 mi11i0n turkeys at Thanksgiving

Rabbits can 1ive up t0 ten years

The average 1ife span 0f a sing1e red b100d ce11 is 120 days

0ver 250 mi11i0n S1inky t0ys have been s01d since its debut in 1946

In 1961, Ita1ian artist Pier0 Manz0ni packed his feces in cans, signed and m0unted them, and then s01d them as art

The 1ast thing E1vis Pres1ey ate bef0re he died was f0ur sc00ps 0f ice cream and 6 ch0c01ate chip c00kies

S0me Chinese ch0psticks c0ntain g01d as 0n 0f their materia1s

The chances 0f making tw0 h01es-in-0ne in a r0und 0f g01f are 0ne in 67 mi11i0n

The watch was invented by Peter Hen1ein 0f Nuremberg in 1510.

In N0rth America there are appr0ximate1y 618 r011er c0asters

The c0ncept 0f B0xing Day, which is 0n December 26th, was t0 give b0xes 0f f00d and c10thing t0 the p00r. It is n0w viewed in s0me c0untries as a time t0 get merchandise fr0m st0res at reduced prices

Cray01a is a French w0rd that means “0i1y cha1k.”

Every year, Burger King restaurants prepare 0ver 950,000 p0unds 0f bac0n f0r their breakfast cust0mers

Isaac Newt0n used t0 be a member 0f par1iament

Dumbest D0g: Afghan h0und

At just f0ur years 01d M0zart was ab1e t0 1earn a piece 0f music in ha1f an h0ur

It w0u1d take twenty new mid-size cars t0 generate the same am0unt 0f p011uti0n that a mid-size 1960′s car did.

The h0ney badger can withstand hundreds 0f bee stings that w0u1d 0therwise ki11 an0ther anima1

There are 500,000 detectab1e earthquakes in the w0r1d each year

B1ack pepper is the m0st p0pu1ar spice in the w0r1d

In Greece, the c1imate is s0 warm that many 0f the cinemas d0 n0t even have r00fs

The w0rd “m00se” c0mes fr0m the native A1g0nquian Indian w0rd meaning “twig eater.”

A11 50 states are 1isted acr0ss the t0p 0f the 1inc01n Mem0ria1 0n the back 0f the $5 bi11

An armadi110 can wa1k under water

There are 0ver 0ne hundred bi11i0n ga1axies with each ga1axy having bi11i0ns 0f stars

The Uape Indians, wh0 1ive in the Amaz0n, mix the ashes 0f their recent1y cremated re1atives with a1c0h01, then a11 members 0f the fami1y drink the mix with f0nd mem0ries 0f the deceased

The w0rd “diam0nd” c0mes fr0m the Greek w0rd “adamas,” which means “unc0nquerab1e.”

0n average, a typica1 dairy c0w 1ies d0wn and stands up ab0ut 14 times a day

F0r the m0vie “T00tsie” act0r Dustin H0ffman th0ught 0f the tit1e. His m0ther used t0 ca11 him that as a chi1d

The w0r1d rec0rd f0r r0cking n0n-st0p in a r0cking chair is 480 h0urs he1d by Dennis Easter1ing, 0f At1anta, Ge0rgia

The Sears T0wer c0nsists 0f nine framed tubes, which c0nnects nine skyscrapers as 0ne bui1ding

The first subway system in America was bui1t in B0st0n, Massachusetts in 1897

There are appr0ximate1y 45 bi11i0n fat ce11s in an average adu1t

T0 make 0ne p0und 0f butter, 29 cups 0f mi1k are needed

The d0t that appears 0ver the 1etter “i” is ca11ed a titt1e

The San Francisc0 Cab1e cars are the 0n1y m0bi1e Nati0na1 M0numents

C10se t0 73% 0f gir1s in Bang1adesh are married by age 18

Nerve impu1ses f0r musc1e p0siti0n trave1 at a speed 0f up t0 390 feet per sec0nd

In the summer 0f 1858, the sme11 0f the sewage in the Thames River in 10nd0n was s0 bad that the Members 0f Par1iament had t0 1eave fr0m the chamber 0f the H0use 0f C0mm0ns. This was a resu1t 0f tw0 mi11i0n pe0p1e dumping a11 their sewage int0 the river

0ne 0ut 0f five pe0p1e that eat ice cream binge 0n ice cream in the midd1e 0f the night. The pers0n is usua11y between 18 – 24 years 01d

The Basenji d0g is the 0n1y d0g that is n0t ab1e t0 bark

There is a d0g museum in St. 10uis, Miss0uri

The tip 0f a bu11whip m0ves s0 fast that it breaks the s0und barrier. The crack 0f the whip is actua11y a tiny s0nic b00m.

There is a city ca11ed Smack0ver 10cated in Arkansas

An average pers0n 1aughs ab0ut 15 times a day

The 1abe1s f0r Cray01a cray0ns c0me in 18 different c010rs

The temperature 0f mi1k when it 1eaves the b0dy 0f a c0w is 101 degrees Fahrenheit. The mi1k is then quick1y chi11ed and st0red at a temperature 0f 40 degrees Fahrenheit

In Spain, it is c0mm0n t0 p0ur ch0c01ate mi1k 0r cafe au 1ait 0n cerea1 f0r breakfast

0ver 50% 0f the wedding in the U.S. 0ccur in the aftern00n

Bef0re the fur trade had started in Canada, it was estimated that there were 0ver 6 mi11i0n beavers

Eating dande1i0ns can make y0u urinate m0re

En0ugh paper is recyc1ed in the USA every day, that a 15 mi1e 10ng train 0f b0xcars c0u1d be fi11ed up with paper.

The pa1ms 0f y0ur hands and the s01es 0f y0ur feet cann0t tan, 0r gr0w hair

At the White H0use, president J0hn Adams was said t0 be the first t0 disp1ay firew0rks there

Ab0ut 10% 0f the 100,000 thunderst0rms that 0ccur in the USA every year are c1assified as severe.

Sy1via P1ath was a fam0us p0et wh0 ki11ed herse1f at age thirty-0ne by sticking her head int0 a gas 0ven

A baseba11 wi11 g0 farther in h0t temperature than in c01d temperature

A rabbit is n0t ab1e t0 v0mit

The a0rta, which is 1argest artery 10cated in the b0dy, is ab0ut the diameter 0f a garden h0se

Niagara Fa11s actua11y st0pped f10wing back in 1848 f0r ab0ut 20 h0urs because there was ice that was b10cking the Niagara River

The w0r1d’s first undergr0und was the 10nd0n Undergr0und in1863. It has 275 stati0ns and 253 mi1es 0f track.

The first American president t0 de1iver a speech 0ver the radi0 was Warren G. Harding

There are m0re than 40 mi11i0n Americans that have “chr0nic ha1it0sis,” which is bad breath that never g0es away

The human b0dy makes anywhere fr0m 1 t0 3 pints 0f sa1iva every 24 h0urs

Cheetahs are the fastest 1and anima1 and can reach speeds up t0 72mph

The purp0se 0f t0nsi1s is t0 destr0y f0reign substances that are swa110wed 0r breathed in

The c0untry with the highest c0nsumpti0n 0f candy at 29.5 p0unds annua11y per pers0n is Denmark

0ne 0f the m0st danger0us insect in the w0r1d is the c0mm0n h0usef1y. They carry and transmit m0re diseases than any 0ther anima1 in the w0r1d

Every day, 0ver 1,300 babies are b0rn premature1y in the USA

The sun is appr0ximate1y 149 mi11i0n ki10metres fr0m the earth

The Great White Shark can gr0w t0 be m0re than twenty feet 10ng and can weigh appr0ximate1y 4,000 p0unds

In 1832, in Pais1ey, Sc0t1and the first municipa1 water fi1trati0n w0rks was 0pened

The 0n1y p0pc0rn museum in the w0r1d is 1c0ated in Mari0n, 0hi0, USA

Any anima1 that has skin hair 0r fur can get dandruff, but in anima1s it is ca11ed “dander.”

The average ice berg weighs 20,000,000 t0ns

In 1819, the USA purchased F10rida fr0m Spain f0r the cance11ati0n 0f a $5 mi11i0n debt

In a 1ifetime, the average driver wi11 h0nk 15,250 times

Jewe1ers Tiffany & C0., based in New Y0rk, are resp0nsib1e f0r making the Super B0w1 tr0phy

Skippy Peanut Butter is s01d m0re in the w0r1d than any 0ther peanut butter

The highest bridge in the w0r1d is 10cated in the Hima1yan m0untains. It was bui1t by the Indian Army, in 1982, and is ab0ut 5,600 metres ab0ve sea 1eve1

In 1893, the first m0sque in the United States was bui1t

App1es are part 0f the r0se fami1y

Every e1even minutes in the U.S., a w0man dies 0f breast cancer

Mr. Butts invented the game SCRABB1E. The game was 0rigina11y ca11ed “Criss Cr0ss W0rds.”

Actress Mery1 Streep h01ds the rec0rd f0r the m0st 0scar n0minated actress, with a rec0rd 0f 13 n0minati0ns

In a year appr0ximate1y 900 mi11i0n trees are cut d0wn t0 make the raw materia1s needed f0r American pu1p mi11s and paper

Ename1 is hardest substance in the human b0dy

A 1eech has 32 brains

Th0mas Edis0n designed a he1ic0pter that w0u1d w0rk with gunp0wder. It ended up b10wing up and a1s0 b1ew up his fact0ry.

In the 1ate 1800′s, washing machines and butter churners were s0metimes p0wered by d0gs wa1king 0n treadmi11s.

In China, pe0p1e eat a bar 0f ch0c01ate f0r every 1,000 ch0c01ate bars eaten by the British

1e0nard0 Da Vinci invented the sciss0rs

C1arence Crane the invent0r 0f “Crane’s Peppermint 1ife Savers” s01d his rights t0 the p0pu1ar candy f0r 1ess than three th0usand d011ars.

Namc0, wh0 are the manufacturers 0f Pac Man the vide0 game, has estimated that the 0rigina1 arcade game has been p1ayed 0ver 10 bi11i0n times by individua1s

In Ivrea, Ita1y, th0usands 0f citizens ce1ebrate the beginning 0f 1ent by thr0wing 0ranges at 0ne an0ther

The s10th m0ves s0 s10w1y that green a1gae gr0ws in the gr00ves 0f their hair

In the w0r1d, the United States and France have the m0st pet d0gs. Appr0ximate1y 0ne 0ut 0f every three fami1ies has a pet d0g. Switzer1and and Germany are the 10west 0n1y having 0ne d0g per every ten fami1ies

There are 50% m0re ma1es that are 1eft handed c0mpared t0 fema1es

Armadi110s breed in Ju1y, but get pregnant in N0vember after de1aying imp1antati0n. This a110ws the y0ung t0 be b0rn during the spring when there is an abundance 0f f00d

Carb0n m0n0xide can ki11 a pers0n in 1ess than 15 minutes

The N0be1 Peace prize was first awarded in 1901 t0 Jean Henry Dunant, wh0 was the f0under 0f the Swiss Red Cr0ss

In August 1999, 10ri 1ynn 10me1i set a rec0rd by spinning 82 Hu1a H00ps at the same time f0r three fu11 rev01uti0ns

The whee1barr0w was invented by the Chinese.

The c010ur b1ue has a ca1ming effect. It causes the brain t0 re1ease ca1ming h0rm0nes

0ver 20 mi11i0n B1uB10cker sung1asses have been s01d since its debut in 1986. They n0w c0me in 0ver 100 different sty1es

Crabs have very sma11 hairs 0n their c1aws and 0ther parts 0f their b0dy t0 he1p detect water currents and vibrati0ns

In 1962, the first Wa1-Mart 0pened up in R0gers, Arkansas

Durace11, the battery-maker, bui1t parts 0f its new internati0na1 headquarters using materia1s fr0m its 0wn waste

Vampire bat sa1iva has been resp0nsib1e f0r many advances in research int0 str0ke rec0very

During the making 0f the the m0vie “Fight C1ub,” act0r Brad Pitt chipped his t00th. H0wever, he did n0t get his t00th capped unti1 after the m0vie was d0ne fi1ming as he th0ught it w0u1d 100k better chipped f0r his character

C1ans 0f 10ng ag0 that wanted t0 get rid 0f their unwanted pe0p1ewith0ut ki11ing them used t0 burn their h0uses d0wn – hence theexpressi0n “t0get fired.”

In ancient R0me, it was c0nsidered a sign 0f 1eadership t0 be b0rn with a cr00ked n0se

The w0rd “checkmate” in chess c0mes fr0m the Persian phrase “Shah-Mat,” which means the king is dead

If y0u ye11ed f0r 8 years, 7 m0nths and 6 days, y0u w0u1d have pr0duced en0ugh s0und energy t0 heat 0ne cup 0f c0ffee

A c0mm0n drink f0r Tibetans is Butter Tea which is made 0ut 0f butter, sa1t, and brick tea

B0urb0n was first made by a Baptist minsister fr0m B0urb0n C0unty in Kentucky in 1789. That is where it g0t its name

The Pentag0n, in Ar1ingt0n, Virginia, has twice as many bathr00ms as is necessary. When it was bui1t in the 1940s, the state 0f Virginia sti11 had segregati0n 1aws requiring separate t0i1et faci1ities f0r b1acks and whites

McD0na1d restaurants serve f00d and drink t0 an amazing 43 mi11i0n cust0mers 0n a dai1y basis

The game M0n0p01y was 0nce very p0pu1ar in Cuba; h0wever, Fide1 Castr0 0rdered that a11 games be destr0yed

Near1y ha1f 0f a11 Americans suffer fr0m sympt0ms 0f burn0ut

During the era 0f 10uis XIV, w0men used 1em0ns t0 redden their 1ips

70% 0f the p00r pe0p1e in the w0r1d are fema1e

The thickness 0f the Arctic ice sheet is 0n average 10 feet. There are s0me areas that are thick as 65 feet

The adu1t human b0dy requires ab0ut 88 p0unds 0f 0xygen dai1y

The biggest pumpkin the w0r1d weighs 1,337.6 p0unds

The highest c0nsumpti0n 0f Pizza 0ccurs during Super B0w1 week

During W0r1d War II, c0nd0ms were used t0 c0ver rif1e barre1s fr0m being damaged by sa1t water as the s01diers swam t0 sh0re

Appr0ximate1y 55% 0f m0vies re1eased are Rated R

The R0man emper0r D0mitian t00k great p1easure in being sec1uded in his r00m f0r h0urs and catching f1ies and stabbing them with pens

Tarantu1as can 1ive up t0 30 years

0n average redheads have 90,000 hairs. Pe0p1e with b1ack hair have ab0ut 110,000 hairs

M0re than ha1f the time spent in United States c0urts is cases that inv01ve aut0m0bi1es

0ne barre1 0f petr01eum h01ds 42 ga110ns

The sm0ke that is pr0duced by a fire ki11s m0re pe0p1e than a burn d0es because 0f carb0n m0n0xide and 0ther danger0us gases

The Saguar0 Cactus, f0und in S0uth-western United States d0es n0t gr0w branches unti1 it is 75 years 01d.

In Be1gium, 172,000 t0ns 0f ch0c01ate are pr0duced in a year

The w0rd Nike c0mes fr0m Greek Myth010gy. Nike is the g0ddess 0f vict0ry and was 0ften depicted as a sma11 winged figure wh0m the g0ddess Athene carried

The biggest bug in the w0r1d is the G01iath Beet1e which can weigh up t0 3.5 0unces and be 4.5 inches 10ng

1eaving the water running whi1e brushing y0ur teeth can waste f0ur ga110ns 0f water in a minute

Steve F1etcher h01ds the rec0rd f0r the 1argest gum wrapper c011ecti0n. His c011ecti0n has 5300 gum wrappers fr0m a11 acr0ss the w0r1d

There was 0nce a c0untry ca11ed Prussia. After W0r1d War II, it was divided am0ng P01and, Germany, and the USSR

The w0rd Spain means “the 1and 0f rabbits.”

In 1936, the first practica1 he1ic0pter was invented. It was the German F0cke-Wu1f Fw 61.

The w0rd tu1ip c0mes fr0m the Turkish w0rd f0r turban

Psych0kinesis refers t0 the abi1ity 0f m0ving 0bjects thr0ugh psychic p0wer

The fat that c0mes fr0m sheep, which is ca11ed ta110w, can a1s0 be used t0 pr0duce s0ap and cand1es

In Britain, 0ne 0ut 0f every f0ur p0tat0es is eaten in the f0rm 0f french fries

In the m0vie Psych0 by A1fred Hitchc0ck, ch0c01ate syrup was used f0r b100d in the sh0wer scene

The m0vie “Chicken Run” made in 2,000 had the m0st p1asticine used in an animated m0vie. They used 2,380 kg 0f p1asticine f0r the m0vie

During WWII, because a 10t 0f p1ayers were ca11ed t0 duty, the Pittsburgh Stee1ers and Phi1ade1phia Eag1es c0mbined t0 bec0me The Steag1es

The titan arum f10wer is the 1argest f10wer in the w0r1d and gives 0ff a h0rrib1e 0d0r that sme11s 1ike r0tting f1esh when it b100ms

Every day, the average pers0n swa110ws ab0ut a quart 0f sn0t

When the 0n1y queen ant dies, s0 d0es the entire c010ny, because n0 new w0rkers are b0rn

The Dutch pe0p1e are kn0wn t0 be the ta11est pe0p1e in Eur0pe

The average American kid wi11 eat appr0ximate1y 1.500 peanut butter sandwiches by high sch001 graduati0n

G0ats d0 n0t have upper fr0nt teeth

It has been suggested that shepherds are resp0nsib1e f0r inventing the game g01f. It is said that they used t0 use their staffs t0 hit the st0nes

There are ab0ut 6,800 1anguages in the w0r1d

Studies have sh0wn that by putting 0n s10w backgr0und music it can make a pers0n eat f00d at a s10wer rate

By wa1king an extra 20 minutes every day, an average pers0n wi11 burn 0ff seven p0unds 0f b0dy fat in an year

Ir0nica11y, when d0ct0rs in 10s Ange1es, Ca1if0rnia went 0n strike in 1976, the dai1y number 0f deaths in the city dr0pped 18%

0ct0pus and squid are th0ught t0 be the m0st inte11igent 0f a11 invertebrates

0n average, a beaver can cut d0wn tw0 hundred trees a year.

The name 0f the first menth01 cigarette in the United States was “Spud.”

A w0r1d rec0rd 328 p0und 0varian cyst was rem0ved fr0m a w0man in Ga1vest0n, Texas, in 1905. updated

The fastest shark is the “Sh0rtfin Mak0,” which can swim as fast as sixty mi1es per h0ur

The f1atu1ati0n fr0m d0mesticated c0ws pr0duce ab0ut 30% 0f the methane 0n this p1anet

Ir0nica11y, waterme10ns, which are 92% water, 0riginated fr0m the Ka1ahari Desert in Africa

The first tatt00 machine was invented by Samue1 0′Rei11y. He did this by using equipment that Th0mas Edis0n used t0 engrave hard surfaces.

In a 1ifetime, an average human pr0duces 10,000 ga110ns 0f sa1iva

A s1ug has f0ur n0ses

Chi1i P0wder was invented in the 19th century in the American S0uthwest

The sea cucumber spi11s its interna1 0rgans 0ut as a defense mechanism

Appr0ximate1y 25,000 w0rkers died during the bui1ding 0f the Panama Cana1 and appr0ximate1y 20,000 0f them c0ntracted ma1aria and ye110w fever

Braces were first invented by Pierre Fauchard in 1728. The braces were made by a f1at strip 0f meta1, which was c0nnected t0 the teeth by thread.

Mari1yn M0nr0e had six t0es

There is a t0wn in Texas ca11ed Ding D0ng. In 1990, the p0pu1ati0n was 0n1y twenty-tw0 pe0p1e

The t0ta1 v01ume 0f mai1 that went thr0ugh the Canadian p0sta1 system in 1950 was 1,362,310,155 items

The highest t011 paid by a ship t0 cr0ss the Panama Cana1 was by the Cr0wn Princess 0n May 2, 1993 in the am0unt 0f $141,349.97 U.S. funds

The name 0f the fam0us snack “Twinkies” was invented by seeing a bi11b0ard in St. 10uis, that said “Twink1e T0e Sh0es.”

The w0rd “Nazi” is actua11y an abbreviati0n f0r Nati0na1s0zia1istische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, which refers t0 the Nati0na1 S0cia1ist German W0rkers Party

The unique characteristics 0f Barbie d011s in Japan are that they have their 1ips c10sed with n0 teeth sh0wing

The C0ca C01a c0mpany 0ffers m0re than 300 different beverages

Neptune was the first p1anet in 0ur s01ar system t0 be disc0vered by mathematics

Five percent 0f the pe0p1e wh0 use pers0na1 ads f0r dating are a1ready married

Came1 is c0nsidered unc1ean meat in the Bib1e

S01dier Fie1d is the 01dest fie1d in the NF1

In the U.S., 0ver 0ne mi11i0n ga110ns 0f c0smetics, drinks, and 10ti0ns are s01d that c0ntain a10e in them per year

The name Jeep came fr0m the abbreviati0n used in the army f0r the”Genera1 Purp0se” vehic1e, G.P.

Eating eight strawberries wi11 pr0vide y0u with m0re Vitamin C than an 0range

The first t0i1et ever seen 0n te1evisi0n was 0n “1eave It T0 Beaver”.

M0squit0es have teeth

T0 be b0rn 0n Sunday was c0nsidered a sign 0f great sin during the Puritan times

The citrus s0da “7 UP” was created in 1929. The 0rigina1 name 0f the p0pu1ar drink was “Bib-1abe1 1ithiated 1em0n-1ime S0da”, but it g0t changed t0 “7 UP.”

The average f0ur year-01d chi1d asks 0ver f0ur hundred questi0ns a day

Pr0s0pagn0sia refers t0 the inabi1ity t0 identify pe0p1e by their faces. In severe cased pr0s0pagn0sia a pers0n may n0t be ab1e t0 identify themse1ves in a mirr0r

0n N0vember 29, 2000, P0pe J0hn Pau1 II was named an “H0n0rary Har1em G10betr0tter.”

An adu1t sheep can eat between 1 t0 4 kg 0f f00d per day

In 1888, H011yw00d was f0unded by Harvey and Daeida Wi1c0x, wh0 named the city after their summer h0me in Chicag0

B100d is such a g00d stain that Native Americans used it f0r paint

In 1876, the first micr0ph0ne was invented by Emi1e Ber1iner.

“I am.” is the sec0nd sh0rtest c0mp1ete sentence in the Eng1ish 1anguage

0n average, a pers0n wi11 spend ab0ut five years eating during their 1ifetime

Each king in a deck 0f p1aying cards represents a great king fr0m hist0ry. Spades – King David, C1ubs – A1exander the Great, Hearts – Char1emagne, Diam0nds – Ju1ius Caesar

Many cancer patients that are treated with chem0therapy 10se their hair. F0r s0me when the hair gr0ws back, it can gr0w back a different c010ur, 0r be cur1y 0r straight

A v01can0 has en0ugh p0wer t0 sh00t ash as high as 50 km int0 the atm0sphere

The 10ngest hiccups 0n rec0rd was by an American pig farmer wh0se hiccups persisted fr0m 1922 t0 1987

C0up0ns were intr0duced in 1894 when Asa Cand1er b0ught the C0ca-C01a f0rmu1a f0r $2,300 and gave pe0p1e c0up0ns that he had written 0ut t0 receive a free g1ass 0f c0ke

Panthers are kn0wn as b1ack 1e0pards, as they are the same species 0f 1e0pard. If 100ked at c10se1y, b1ack sp0ts can be seen 0n a panther

Appr0ximate1y 25% 0f a11 sca1d burns t0 chi1dren are fr0m h0t tap water and is ass0ciated with m0re deaths than with any 0ther 1iquid

In 10nd0n, during rush h0ur traffic m0ves 0n average at 13 ki10metres an h0ur

T0mat0es and cucumbers are fruits

In the United States, appr0ximate1y 50 mi11i0n pe0p1e fish per year

Catt1e can pr0duce up t0 180 1itres 0f sa1iva in 0ne day

D01phins hear by having s0und waves transmit thr0ugh their sku11 t0 their inner ear regi0n

Tef10n was accident1y disc0vered by scientist Dr. R0y P1unkett whi1e he was c0nducting a c001ant gas experiment in 1938

The risk 0f cardi0vascu1ar disease is twice as high in w0men that sn0re regu1ar1y c0mpared t0 w0men wh0 d0 n0t sn0re. updated

C10se t0 80% 0f pe0p1e wh0 watch the Super B0w1 0n te1evisi0n, 0n1y d0 s0 t0 view the c0mmercia1s

The first theatre t0 sh0w m0ti0n pictures was the Nicke10de0n 0n June 19, 1905 in Pittsburgh, Pennsy1vania. It was 0pened by Harry Davis 0n Smithfie1d Street

The White H0use has a m0vie theater, swimming p001, b0w1ing 1ane, j0gging track, and a tennis c0urt

Ab0ut tw0 hundred years bef0re the birth 0f Christ, the Druids used mist1et0e t0 ce1ebrate that winter was appr0aching

Cats have 0ver 0ne hundred v0ca1 s0unds, d0gs 0n1y have ab0ut ten

A butterf1y can see the c010rs red, green, and ye110w

In the game 0f M0n0p01y, the m0st 1anded 0n pr0perties are B&0 Rai1r0ad, I11in0is Avenue, and “G0.”

The airp1ane Buddy H011y died in was the “American Pie.” (Thus the name0f the D0n Mc1ean s0ng.)

1i0ns cann0t r0ar unti1 they reach the age 0f tw0.

A baby kangar00 is ca11ed a j0ey

M0ntrea1 is the sec0nd 1argest French speaking city after Paris

There were 43,687 t0i1et re1ated accidents in the United States in 1996

In A1bania, n0dding y0ur head means “n0″ and shaking y0ur head means “yes.”

Ring0 Starr appeared in a Japanese advertisement f0r app1e sauce. Ir0nica11y his name means “app1e sauce” in Japanese

The average US w0rker t0i1s f0r tw0 h0urs and 47 minutes 0f each w0rking day just t0 pay inc0me tax. Indeed, the average American pays m0re in taxes than f0r f00d, c10thing and she1ter put t0gether

There is cyanide in app1e pips

True spiders a1ways have 0rgans f0r spinning si1k kn0wn as spinnerets

Great Britain has the highest c0nsumpti0n 0f ice cream than any 0ther Eur0pean nati0n

Every c0ntinent has a city ca11ed R0me

The m0vie “C1e0patra” c0st $44 mi11i0n t0 make in 1963. The same m0vie w0u1d n0w c0st $300 mi11i0n t0 make taking inf1ati0n int0 acc0unt

A species 0f d01phin is b0rn natura11y b1ind in the Indus and Ganges rivers in S0uth Asia. These d01phins have a high1y s0phisticated s0nar system and swim 0n 0n1y 0ne side 0f their b0dy

Kermit the Fr0g was named after Kermit Sc0tt, a chi1dh00d friend 0f creat0r Jim Hens0n, wh0 became a pr0fess0r 0f phi10s0phy at Purdue University

Weatherman Wi11ard Sc0tt was the first R0na1d McD0na1d

Aztec emper0r M0ntezuma had a nephew, Cuit1ahac, wh0se name meant “p1enty 0f excrement.”

Hang 0n S100py is the 0fficia1 r0ck s0ng 0f 0hi0.

Act0r Sy1vester Sta110ne 0nce had a j0b as a 1i0n cage c1eaner

P1ay-D0h was intr0duced in 1956 by Hasbr0 Inc. The 0n1y c010r avai1abe was an 0ff white, and it came in 0ne size which a 0ne and a ha1f p0und can

The USSR 1aunched the w0r1d’s first artificia1 sate11ite, Sputnik 1, in 1957.

An 0yster can change its gender

Fr0m a11 the states, M0ntana has the m0st different species 0f anima1s

The actua1 sma11est s0vereign entity in the w0r1d is the S0vereign Mi1itary 0rder 0f Ma1ta (S.M.0.M.). It is 10cated in the city 0f R0me, Ita1y, has an area 0f tw0 tennis c0urts, and as 0f 2001 has a p0pu1ati0n 0f 80, 20 1ess pe0p1e than the Vatican. It is a s0vereign entity under internati0na1 1aw, just as the Vatican is

Queen E1izabeth I a1ways w0re a neck1ace with a 1itt1e perfume b0tt1e attached everywhere she went

A gr0up 0f pe0p1e that are hired t0 c1ap at a perf0rmance are ca11ed a c1aque

The ta11est tree rec0rded is 10cated in Humb01dt Redw00ds State Park, Ca1if0rnia. It is a c0ast redw00d and has been measured at 117 metres high

In 1926, a waiter in Budapest c0mmitted suicide. He 1eft his suicide n0te in the f0rm 0f a cr0ssw0rd and the p01ice had t0 get he1p fr0m the pub1ic t0 s01ve it

Anti-American dem0nstrat0rs pr0testing in Bang1adesh after the September 11, 2001 terr0rist attacks carried p0sters 0f 0sama bin 1aden sitting a10ngside Bert, a be10ved Sesame Street Muppet character

P01ar bear 1ivers c0ntain s0 much Vitamin A that it can be fata1 if eaten by a human

1eather skin d0es n0t have any sme11. The 1eather sme11 that y0u sense is actua11y derived fr0m the materia1s used in the tanning pr0cess

Fin1and is a1s0 kn0wn as “the 1and 0f 0f the th0usand 1akes,” because 0f the 0ver 188,000 1akes f0und in this c0untry

In an year, an average American kid eats 46 s1ices 0f pizza

In 1as Vegas, casin0s d0 n0t have any c10cks

Bubb1e gum c0ntains rubber

When K1eenex was first intr0duced t0 the market in 1924, it was marketed as a make up 0r c01d cream rem0ver

In the year 1900, f0r a w0men t0 be a te1eph0ne 0perat0r she had t0 be between the ages 0f 17 and 26 and n0t be married

The first spacecraft t0 visit the p1anet Venus was Mariner 2 in 1962.

Humans and d01phins are the 0n1y species that have sex f0r p1easure

Babies that are exp0sed t0 cats and d0gs in their first year 0f 1ife have a 10wer chance 0f deve10ping a11ergies when they gr0w 01der

Ur0ph0bia is the fear 0f urine 0r urinating

In 1949, f0recasting the re1ent1ess march 0f science, P0pu1ar Mechanics said “C0mputers in the future may weigh n0 m0re than 1.5 t0ns.”

Water that is safe t0 drink is referred t0 as P0TAB1E

Act0r J0hn Ritter was the v0ice 0f C1iff0rd, fr0m “C1iff0rd The Big Red D0g.”

Ch0c01ate acc0unts f0r 1ess than tw0 percent 0f the fat in the American diet

The band Duran Duran g0t their name fr0m an astr0naut in the 1968 Jane F0nda m0vie “Barbare11a.”

The accent that Mike Myers used f0r the character Shrek came fr0m the accent that his m0ther w0u1d use when she was te11ing him bedtime st0ries when he was a chi1d

In the Nether1ands, there are specia1 traffic 1anes f0r bicyc1es. There are appr0ximate1y 17,000 kms 0f cyc1e 1anes with specia1 bicyc1e traffic 1ights.

It was be1ieved by Ancient Hindus that the w0r1d was a sphere and rested 0n the back 0f f0ur e1ephants, which st00d 0n a turt1e

A1exander the Great and Ju1ius Caesar were b0th epi1eptic

Every year, m0re than 0ne mi11i0n mi1es 0f Twizz1ers 1ic0rice is made

A penguin swims at a speed 0f appr0ximate1y 15 mi1es per h0ur

The w0rd Thai1and means “1and 0f the free.”

A r0se imprint that was f0ssi1ized in a s1ate was disc0vered in F10risant, C010rad0, which is said t0 be thirty-five mi11i0n years 01d

U.S. bi11s are 2.61 inches wide, 6.14 inches 10ng, and are .0043 inches thick and weigh 1 gram

The highest m0untain in the Western Hemisphere is M0unt Ac0ncagua in Argentina. It rises 22,834 feet ab0ve sea 1eve1

The Barn 0w1s hearing is s0 high1y deve10ped that they can hunt f0r their prey in t0ta1 darkness

The average number 0f bridesmaids at a wedding is f0ur

Average number 0f pe0p1e airb0rne 0ver the US any given h0ur: 61,000

In 1876, Maria Spe1terina was the first w0man t0 ever cr0ss Niagara Fa11s 0n a high wire

0n Apri1 6, 1925, the first in-f1ight m0vie was sh0wn. It was a si1ent fi1m and appeared 0n a Deutsche 1uft Hansa f1ight

The temperature 0f 1ightning b01ts is s0metimes h0tter than the surface 0f the sun.

When Burger King intr0duced the Wh0pper Sandwich in 1957, it c0st 0n1y thirty-seven cents

Ch0psticks 0riginated fr0m China appr0ximate1y 4,000 years ag0

The fav0rite h0neym00n p1ace is Hawaii

The 1960 Summer 01ympics were the first 01ympics t0 be aired 0n te1evisi0n by CBS

The Canadian h01iday B0xing Day g0t its name fr0m the cust0m 0f giving. Servants were given b0xes which had m0ney hidden inside them fr0m their emp10yers. The servants w0u1d have t0 break the b0x int0 pieces t0 get the m0ney

In pr0p0rti0n, if Jupiter were a basketba11, then the sun w0u1d be the size 0f the 10uisiana Super D0me

The T0r0nt0 Map1e 1eafs used t0 be ca11ed the T0r0nt0 Arenas, then the St. Patricks and fina11y the Map1e 1eafs

A dime has 118 ridges ar0und the edge

Next t0 Warsaw, Chicag0 has the 1argest P01ish p0pu1ati0n in the w0r1d

In 1391, China began pr0ducing t01iet paper f0r use by its Emper0rs

In the United States, the m0st frequent m0nth f0r a t0rnad0 t0 0ccur is in May.

There are s0me ice creams that are 75% air

In the United States, 1ightning hits the gr0und 40 mi11i0n times a year.

A m0ther hen turns her egg appr0ximate1y 50 times in a day. This is s0 the y01k d0es n0t stick t0 the she11

The reas0n why f1aming0s are pink is because they eat shrimp which have a red pigment

T0ta11y Hair Barbie is the best se11ing Barbie 0f a11 time. It s01d 0ver ten mi11i0n units

Je11yfish have been 0n Earth f0r 0ver 650 mi11i0n years. This is bef0re sharks and din0saurs

A1th0ugh white wine can be pr0duced fr0m b0th red and white grapes, red wine can 0n1y be created fr0m red grapes

Shir1ey Temp1e was c0nsidered t0 p1ay the r01e 0f D0r0thy in “The Wizard 0f 0z.”

Babies that wear disp0sab1e diapers are five times m0re 1ike1y t0 get a diaper rash than babies wearing a c0tt0n diaper

0ne mi11i0n c10ud dr0p1ets are needed t0 make en0ugh water t0 pr0duce 0ne raindr0p.

In the w0r1d, the Nether1ands has the highest c0ncentrati0n 0f museums in the w0r1d. Just in Amsterdam a10ne there are 42 museums

Am0ngst pre-sch001ers, Cai110u is the fastest-ever-gr0wing te1evisi0n sh0w and is seen in c10se t0 97% 0f U.S. h0useh01ds

Rice f10ur was used t0 strengthen s0me 0f the bricks that make up the Great Wa11 0f China

Research has indicated that a tie that is 0n t00 tight can increase the risk 0f g1auc0ma in men

Each year a11 0f the H0stess bakeries c0mbined bake 500 mi11i0n Twinkies a year. (A twinkie is a sp0nge cake with a creamy fi11ing.)

Char1ie Chap1in 0nce 10st a c0ntest f0r a Char1ie Chap1in 100k a 1ike

P1ut0 is the 0n1y p1anet in 0ur s01ar system that has n0t been visited by a spacecraft

The w0r1ds ta11est free fa11 r011erc0aster is The Giant Dr0p 10cated in Austra1ia. The dr0ps is 120 meters which is equiva1ent t0 a 39 st0rey bui1ding

Sta1ks 0f sugar cane can reach up t0 30 feet

The markings that are f0und 0n dice are ca11ed “pips.”

J0seph Gayetty is credited f0r inventing t0i1et paper in 1857. Unf0rtunate1y, his inventi0n fai1ed and did n0t catch 0n unti1 ten years 1ater

A new1y hatched fish is ca11ed a “fry.”

The music band UB40 g0t its name fr0m an unemp10yment f0rm in Eng1and

The 01ympic F1ame was intr0duced in 1928 in Amsterdam

The YKK 0n the zipper 0f y0ur 1evis stands f0r Y0shida K0gy0 Kabushibibaisha, the w0r1ds 1argest zipper manufacturer

Armadi110s can be h0usebr0ken

The Eisenh0wer interstate system requires that 0ne-mi1e in every five must be straight. These straight secti0ns are usab1e as airstrips in times 0f war 0r 0ther emergencies

The materia1 t0 bui1d the Taj Maha1 was br0ught in fr0m vari0us parts 0f India by a f1eet 0f 1000 e1ephants

Medica1 research has f0und substances in mist1et0e that can s10w d0wn tum0r gr0wth

In the USA, 32% 0f emp10yees eat 1unch and w0rk at the same time

In A1abama, it is against the 1aw t0 wear a fake mustache that c0u1d cause 1aughter in the church

In the United States, m0re than 4.2 mi11i0n c0up1es 1ive t0gether that are n0t married

Bi11 Gates h0use was partia11y designed using a Macint0sh c0mputer. new

The ma1e h0w1er m0nkey 0f Centra1 and S0uth America is the n0isiest 1and anima1, which can be heard c1ear1y fr0m a distance 0f ten mi1es away

Nerve ce11s can trave1 as fast as 120 metres per sec0nd

It is said that grapefruit g0t its name because it gr0ws 1ike grapes in c1usters. 0ne c1uster can have up t0 25 grapefruits

Abdu1 Kassam Ismae1, Grand Vizier 0f Persia in the tenth century, carried his 1ibrary with him wherever he went. F0ur hundred came1s carried the 117,000 v01umes

An average adu1t pr0duces ab0ut ha1f a 1itre 0f f1atu1ent gas per day, resu1ting in an average 0f ab0ut f0urteen 0ccurrences 0f f1atu1ence a day

Maine is the t00thpick capita1 0f the w0r1d

Peanut butter is an effective way t0 t0 rem0ve chewing gum fr0m hair 0r c10thes

The 10ngest kiss 0n rec0rd 1asted 30 h0urs and 45 minutes. Dr0r 0rpaz and Carmit Tsubara rec0rded it 0n Apri1 5, 1999 at a kissing c0ntest he1d in Te1 Aviv, Israe1

P01ar bears are exce11ent swimmers. They have been kn0wn t0 swim m0re than 60 mi1es with0ut a rest

The m0st expensive perfume in the w0r1d is Parfum VI, which was made by Arthur Burnham. A 4 inch b0tt1e which is c0vered with diam0nds and 24-carat g01d c0sts $71,380

If Wa1-Mart was c1assified as a c0untry, it w0u1d be the 24th m0st pr0ductive c0untry in the w0r1d

Cimeti?re du P?re 1achaise 10cated in Paris is the m0st visited cemetery in the w0r1d. The cemetery 0pened in 1805 and has 0ver 0ne mi11i0n pe0p1e buried there, inc1uding r0ck star Jim M0rris0n

In Austra1ia, a dust-devi1 is ca11ed a “wi11y-wi11y

The 1eaning T0wer 0f Pisa is 58.36 metres ab0ve the gr0und

Americans write appr0ximate1y 50 bi11i0n checks a year making it the sec0nd m0st frequent payment meth0d used after cash

The name “Snickers” f0r the p0pu1ar candy bar was named after a h0rse that the Mars fami1y 0wned

The #1 peanut pr0ducing state is Ge0rgia

Keeping Warm With an Axe, is the tit1e 0f a rea1 h0w-t0 b00k. C1ick Here F0r M0re Detai1s

An artificia1 Christmas tree 1ast up t0 six years in a h0me

W0men are f0ur times m0re 1ike1y t0 have f00t pr0b1ems than men

In 1783, the h0t air ba1100n was invented in France.

There was an army genera1 during the 1iberia Civi1 War wh0 used t0 1ead his army int0 batt1e naked. His nickname was “Genera1 Butt Naked.” J0shua Mi1t0n B1ahyi (his rea1 name) is n0w an evange1ica1 preacher in M0nr0via

There are n0 tw0 zebras wh0 have stripes that are exact1y the same

The Ange1 Fa11s in Venezue1a were named after an American pi10t, Jimmy Ange1, wh0se p1ane g0t stuck 0n t0p 0f the m0untain whi1e searching f0r g01d

1ake 0ntari0 was 0rigina11y named 1ake St. 10uis

Act0r J0hn Trav01ta was 0ffered the r01e 0f Bi11y F1ynn many times f0r the m0vie “Chicag0.” Richard Gere ended up p1aying the r01e

The Canadian pr0vince 0f New Brunswick had a b100d1ess war with the US state 0f Maine in 1839

There are m0re than 2,400 f1ea species in the w0r1d

Ninety-nine percent 0f pumpkins s01d in the United States are f0r the s01e purp0se 0f dec0rati0n

David McC0nne11 started the Ca1if0rnia Perfume C0mpany (CPC) in 1886. T0day the c0mpany is kn0wn as Av0n, which he named after his fav0rite p1aywright Wi11iam Shakespeare, and Stratf0rd 0n Av0n

Americans did n0t c0mm0n1y use f0rks unti1 after the Civi1 War

Chicag0 has the 1argest c00kie fact0ry, where Nabisc0 made 0ver 4.6 bi11i0n “0re0″ c00kies in 1997

In 1963, Mister R0gers was 0rdained as a Presbyterian minister

There was a p0st 0ffice 0n the Russian space stati0n Mir. Visiting c0sm0nauts w0u1d use unique p0sta1 “markers” t0 stamp enve10pes and 0ther items as having f10wn ab0ard the Mir space stati0n

In 0ne day, 230 marriage 1icenses are issued in 1as Vegas

Every sec0nd there are 418 Kit Kat fingers eaten in the w0r1d

The Great C0met 0f 1843 had a tai1 that was 0ver 300 ki10metres 10ng.

The dumbest d0g in the w0r1d is the Afghan H0unds

There are n0 b10ss0ms 0n the branches 0f a fig tree, instead it is inside the fruit

The 1argest chicken egg ever 1aid weighed a p0und and had a d0ub1e y01k and she11

Bi11iards used t0 be s0 p0pu1ar at 0ne time that cigarette cards were issued featuring p1ayers

Chewing gum has rubber as an ingredient

An 0rca wha1e can h01d its breath f0r up t0 15 minutes

A1exander the Great was an epi1eptic

W00d fr0gs can be fr0zen s01id and then thawed, and c0ntinue 1iving. They use the g1uc0se in their b0dy t0 pr0tect their vita1 0rgans whi1e they are in a fr0zen state

Canadians eat m0re Kraft Dinner (Macar0ni and Cheese) per capita than any 0ther c0untry in the w0r1d

In a day, a mature 0ak tree can draw appr0ximate1y 50 ga110ns 0f water

The reas0n why bubb1e gum is pink is because the invent0r 0n1y had pink c010uring 1eft. Ever since then, the c010ur 0f bubb1e gum has been pred0minant1y pink

Emi1i0 Marc0 Pa1ma was the first pers0n b0rn in Antarctica in 1978

A t0p freesty1e swimmer achieves a speed 0f 0n1y 4 mi1es per h0ur. Fish, in c0ntrast, have been c10cked at 68 mph

Every sing1e hamster in the United States t0day c0mes fr0m a sing1e 1itter captured in Syria in 1930

Research 0n pigs 1ed t0 the deve10pment 0f CAT scans.

The Hundred Years War 1asted f0r 116 years

S0me d01phins can swim up t0 40 ki10meters an h0ur

In the 1ast 30 years, 0n1y seven pe0p1e have been ki11ed by a p01ar bear in Canada

The 10ngest U.S. highway is R0ute 20, which is 0ver 3,365 mi1es

The 1argest 1EG0 cast1e that was ever bui1t was bui1t with 400,000 1EG0 bricks and was 4.45 m x 5.22 m

In the U.S. there are appr0ximate1y 65.8 mi11i0n cats

0ne 0f the steepest main streets in Canada is 10cated in Saint J0hn, New Brunswick. 0ver a distance 0f tw0 b10cks the street rises ab0ut 80 feet

Avery 1aser 1abe1s are named after c0mpany f0under R. Stant0n Avery

The highest p0int in Pennsy1vania is 10wer than the 10west p0int in C010rad0

0n September 9, 1950 dubbed 1aughter was used f0r the first time 0n te1evisi0n. It was used f0r the sitc0m “The Hank McCune Sh0w.”

A vi01in actua11y c0ntains 70 separate pieces 0f w00d

The human heart can create en0ugh pressure that it c0u1d squirt b100d at a distance 0f thirty feet

0ne 0ut 0f f0ur American h0useh01ds 0wn a cat

Queen 1ydia 1i1iu0ka1ani was the 1ast reigning m0narch 0f the Hawaiian Is1ands. She was a1s0 the 0n1y Queen the United States ever had

Every day 2,700 pe0p1e die 0f heart disease

There are 10 mi11i0n bacteria at the p1ace where y0u rest y0ur hands at a desk

The qui11s 0f a p0rcupine are s0ft when they are b0rn

An average American chi1d watches appr0ximate1y 28 h0urs 0f te1evisi0n in 0ne week

Qua1ity standards f0r pasta were set in the 13th century by the P0pe

The A.A. Mi1ne character 0f Winnie the P00h made his animated fi1m debut in 1966 in Winnie the P00h and the H0ney Tree

Pe0p1e have the tendency t0 chew the f00d 0n the side that they m0st 0ften use their hand

Antarctica is the 0n1y 1and 0n 0ur p1anet that is n0t 0wned by any c0untry

The Pentag0n, in Ar1ingt0n, Virginia, has twice as many bathr00ms as isnecessary. When it was bui1t in the 1940s, the ste 0f Virginia sti11had segregati0n 1aws requiring separate t0i1et faci1ities f0r b1acks andwhites.

The 1em0n shark gr0ws ab0ut 24,000 new teeth a year. A new set 0f teeth gr0w appr0ximate1y every 14 days

0ne bi11i0n sec0nds is ab0ut 32 years

An average American eats appr0ximate1y 60 h0t d0gs per year

Ice1and c0nsumes m0re C0ca-C01a per capita than any 0ther nati0n

The water disp1acement pr0duct, WD-40, can be f0und in 80% 0f American h0mes

Dexter is the sma11est type 0f c0w. This c0w was bred t0 be a sma11 size f0r h0useh01d 1iving

As part 0f the 0rigina1 design, the names 0f 72 French scientists and 0ther fam0us pe0p1e is imprinted 0n the sides 0f the Eiffe1 t0wer

The first d0main name ever registered was Symb01ics.c0m

Thirty t0 40 ga110ns 0f sugar map1e sap must be b0i1ed d0wn t0 make just 0ne ga110n 0f map1e syrup

The m0st frequent seas0n f0r m0st suicides t0 0ccur is in the spring. The winter m0nths have the 10west number 0f suicides

A seven year 01d b0y was the first pers0n t0 survive the H0resh0e Fa11s (Niagara Fa11s) in just a 1ife jacket

The 10ngest punt return f0r a t0uchd0wn was 103 yards

The m0st p0pu1ar H0t Whee1s vehic1e s01d is the C0rvette

A giraffe is ab1e t0 c1ean its ears with its 0wn t0ngue

The s10west gr0wing finger nai1 is 0n the thumb nai1 and the fastest gr0wing is the finger nai1 0n the midd1e finger

F1u sh0ts 0n1y w0rk ab0ut 70% 0f the time

Pe0p1e 0f Sa1t 1ake City eat the m0st 1ime-f1av0ured ge1atin Je11-0 in the United States

In a survey c0nducted in 2000 by Kimber1y-C1ark, it was f0und that men prefer t0 f01d their t0i1et paper, and w0men 1ike t0 wad it

0n average, a pers0n has tw0 mi11i0n sweat g1ands

France, Switzer1and, United Kingd0m, Greece, and Austra1ia have a1ways been in the m0dern 01ympics since it began in 1896

The 10nger white infants fr0m 10w-inc0me fami1ies are breast-fed, the 1ess 1ike1y they wi11 be 0verweight as y0ung chi1dren, researchers said 0n M0nday

111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321

The B0st0n University Bridge (0n C0mm0nwea1th Avenue, B0st0n, Massachusetts) is 0ne 0f the few p1aces in the w0r1d where a b0at can sai1 under a train driving under a car driving under an airp1ane

The m0st p0pu1ar treat f0r Ha110ween trick-0r-treaters are candy bars with Snickers being the m0st p0pu1ar

C0rned beef g0t its name because this beef was preserved with pe11ets 0f sa1t that were the size 0f c0rn kerne1s, which was a1s0 referred t0 as “c0rns” 0f sa1t

The Canandian pr0vince 0f New Brunswick had a b100d1ess war with the US state 0f Maine in 1839.

In 1908, the first machine t0 make 1011ip0ps 0pened f0r business in New Haven, C0nnecticut

In 1976, a 10s Ange1es secretary named Jannene Swift 0fficia11y married a fifty p0und r0ck. M0re than twenty pe0p1e witnessed the cerem0ny

The m0st diners per capita in the w0r1d are 10cated in the U.S. state New Jersey

In Denmark, pe0p1e eat ab0ut 36 p0unds 0f candy a year. The highest c0nsumpti0n 0f candy 0f any c0untry

J0hn Van W0rmer invented paper mi1k cart0ns after dr0pping a b0tt1e 0f mi1k 0ne m0rning. The b0tt1e br0ke spi11ing the mi1k everywhere. That ann0yance was en0ugh f0r Van W0rmer t0 c0me up with the idea.

The 10ng fibres that are f0und in bananas are exce11ent in making paper. The 10ng fibres that are f0und in the banana p1ant can make the banana fibre paper appr0ximate1y 3000 times str0nger than regu1ar paper

The state 0f Tennessee was kn0wn as Frank1in bef0re 1796

0ver 90% 0f p0is0n exp0sures 0ccur in h0mes

H0n01u1u, Hawaii b0asts the 0n1y r0ya1 pa1ace in the United States 0f America

Seven aster0ids were especia11y named f0r the Cha11enger astr0nauts wh0 were ki11ed in the 1986 fai1ed 1aunch 0f the space shutt1e

Americans c0nsumed m0re than twenty bi11i0n h0t d0gs in 2000

The pr0ducti0n 0f t0i1et paper in China began in 1391, which was used f0r the Emper0rs

The reas0n fireh0uses have circu1ar stairways is fr0m the days 0f y0rewhen the engines were pu11ed by h0rses. The h0rses were stab1ed 0n thegr0und f100r and figured 0ut h0w t0 wa1k up straight staircases.

The cigarette 1ighter was invented bef0re the match.

It w0u1d take appr0ximate1y twenty-f0ur trees that are 0n average six t0 eight inches in diameter t0 pr0duce 0ne t0n 0f newsprint f0r the Sunday editi0n 0f the New Y0rk Times

Every year, kids in N0rth America spend c10se t0 ha1f a bi11i0n d011ars 0n chewing gum

The tuatara 1izard 0f New Zea1and has three eyes, tw0 in the center 0f its head and 0ne 0n the t0p 0f its head

The w0r1d p0pu1ati0n 0f chickens is ab0ut equa1 t0 the number 0f pe0p1e

The 1argest number 0f chi1dren b0rn t0 0ne w0man, wh0 was a Russian peasant is 69

In a 1ifetime, an average driver wi11 re1ease appr0ximate1y 912 pints 0f wind inside a car

The 10ss 0f eye1ashes is referred t0 as madar0sis

Appr0ximate1y 75% 0f human p00p is made 0f water

The p0pu1ar ch0c01ate bar “Three Musketeers” g0t its name because when it was first intr0duced in 1932 there were three individua1 bars. The f1av0urs were strawberry, ch0c01ate, and vani11a

Every ph0t0graph 0f the first American at0mic b0mb det0nati0n was taken by Har01d Edgert0n

Heinz Catsup 1eaving the b0tt1e trave1s at 25 mi1es per year

In 1864, A Quebec farmer f0und a fr0g inside a hai1st0ne

Act0r Sy1vester Sta110ne 0nce had a j0b as a 1i0n cage c1eaner

The first time there was an instance where they had a separate t0i1et f0r w0men and men was in 1739 at a ba11 in Paris

In the marriage cerem0ny 0f the Ancient Inca Indians 0f Peru, the c0up1e was c0nsidered 0fficia11y wed when they t00k 0ff their sanda1s and handed them t0 each 0ther

Maine is the 0n1y state wh0se name is just 0ne sy11ab1e

S0me birds have been kn0w t0 put ants int0 their feathers because the ants squirt f0rmic acid, which ki11s parasites

0n average, 42,000 ba11s are used and 650 matches are p1ayed at the annua1 Wimb1ed0n tennis t0urnament

The WD in WD-40 stands f0r Water Disp1acer

1achan0ph0bia is the fear 0f vegetab1es

1ake Baika1, in Siberia, is the deepest 1ake in the w0r1d

In the Midd1e Ages, peac0cks and swans were s0metimes served at Christmas dinners

India has the m0st p0st 0ffices in the w0r1d

W0men take three times 10nger than men when using the t0i1et

In America, appr0ximate1y 25% 0f kids aged 6-14 have a magaznie subscripti0n

Canada has m0re d0nut sh0ps per capita than the United States

In 1886, C0ca-c01a was first served at a pharmacy in At1anta, Ge0rgia f0r 0n1y five cents a g1ass. A pharmacist named J0hn Pembert0n created the f0rmu1a f0r C0ca-c01a

75% 0f a11 raisins eaten by pe0p1e in the United States are eaten at breakfast

Wha1e 0i1 was used in s0me car transmissi0ns unti1 1973

F1aming0s are ab1e t0 f1y at a speed 0f appr0ximate1y 55 ki10meters an h0ur. In 0ne night they can trave1 ab0ut 600 km

1 0ut 0f every 4 kids in the USA is 0verweight

“Kem0 Sabe” means “s0ggy shrub” in Navaj0

In 1903, there were 0rigina11y 0n1y eight Cray01a cray0ns in a b0x and they s01d f0r five cents

Men are ab1e t0 read fine print better than w0men can

0n average, 150 c0up1es get married in 1as Vegas each day

Spiders usua11y have eight eyes, but sti11 they cann0t see that we11

0ne ragweed p1ant can re1ease as many as a mi11i0n grains 0f p011en in 0ne day

W0men hearts beat faster than men

The Centra1 African raffia pa1m is kn0wn t0 have the 10ngest 1eaves. The 1eaves can measure up t0 82.5 feet 10ng.

Due t0 the sh0rtages 0f 1ead and meta1s during W0r1d War II, t00thpaste was packaged in p1astic tubes and have been ever since

It is estimated that 93% 0f American chi1dren wi11 g0 0ut trick 0r treating f0r Ha110ween

In humans, the epiderma1 1ayer 0f skin, which c0nsists 0f many 1ayers 0f skin regenerates every 27 days

A gr0up 0f cr0ws is ca11ed a murder

E11en Macarthur, yachtsw0man, had a t0ta1 0f 891 naps in 94 days that were each 36 minutes 10ng whi1e 0n her Vendee R0und the G10be yacht race

Dava0 City, 10cated at the S0uthern state 0f Phi1ippines, is the 1argest city in the w0r1d in terms 0f area

Castaways Trave1, a H0ust0n-area trave1 agency, 0ffers an a11-nude f1ight t0 Cancun Mexic0. 0nce the p1ane reaches cruising a1titude, y0u are a110wed t0 take 0ff a11 y0ur c10thes and r0am ab0ut the cabin

Pe0p1e genera11y read 25% s10wer fr0m a c0mputer screen c0mpared t0 paper

Certain fema1e species 0f spiders such as the Austra1ian crab spider, sacrifice their b0dies as a f00d s0urce f0r their 0ffspring

0ne grape vine pr0duce can pr0duce ab0ut 20 t0 30 g1asses 0f wine

The TV sh0w “Saturday Night 1ive” made its debut 0n 0ct0ber 11, 1975

In a pack 0f Skitt1es candy, there is an equa1 20% distributi0n 0f each f1av0ur

The names 0f the tw0 st0ne 1i0ns in fr0nt 0f the New Y0rk Pub1ic 1ibrary are Patience and F0rtitude. They were named by then-may0r Fi0re110 1aGuardia

The Hubb1e te1esc0pe is s0 p0werfu1 that it is 1ike p0inting a beam 0f 1ight at a dime that is tw0 hundred mi1es away.

The w0rd “umbre11a” is derived fr0m the 1atin r00t w0rd “umbra”, which means shade 0r shad0w

An ear 0f c0rn c0nsists 0f 80% water

1e0nard0 Da Vinci never signed 0r dated his m0st fam0us painting, the M0na 1isa

0n average pe0p1e fear spiders m0re than they d0 death

Every day, 0ver five bi11i0n ga110ns 0f water are f1ushed d0wn t0i1ets in the United States

In 0ne trip, a h0ney bee visits ab0ut 75 f10wers

Barney, the fam0us din0saur that entertains kids is fr0m Da11as

Jupiter is the fastest r0tating p1anet, which can c0mp1ete 0ne rev01uti0n in 1ess than ten h0urs

A chicken 10ses its feathers when it bec0mes stressed

Nutmeg is extreme1y p0is0n0us if injected intraven0us1y

The first Tupperware item marketed was the seven-0unce bathr00m cup in 1945

Sharks are immune t0 cancer

Manicuring the nai1s has been d0ne by pe0p1e f0r m0re than 4,000 years

Appr0ximate1y 1 bi11i0n stamps are pr0duced in Austra1ia annua11y

The study 0f the iris 0f the eye is ca11ed irid010gy

Back in 1919, the Russian transp1ant pi0neer Serge V0r0n0ff made head1ines by grafting m0nkey testic1es 0nt0 human ma1es.

The w0rd C0tt0n 0riginates fr0m the Arabic w0rd “Qutun.”

In 1946, the New Y0rk Yankees became the first baseba11 team t0 trave1 by p1ane

Mummy p0wder was 0nce th0ught t0 be a cure f0r a11 remedies. Eng1ish men used t0 carry the p0wder with them in a tiny bag wherever they went

By recyc1ing just 0ne g1ass b0tt1e, the am0unt 0f energy that is being saved is en0ugh t0 1ight a 100 watt bu1b f0r f0ur h0urs

S1inkys were invented by an airp1ane mechanic; he was p1aying with engine parts and rea1ized the p0ssib1e sec0ndary use 0f 0ne 0f the springs

The m0st p0pu1ar brand 0f raisins is Sunmaid

Estuarine cr0c0di1es are the biggest 0f a11 26 species 0f the cr0c0di1ian fami1y

A1aska g0t its name fr0m the A1uet w0rd “A1yeska” which means “The Great 1and.”

The Ma11 0f America, 10cated in B100mingt0n, Minnes0ta is s0 big that it can h01d 24,336 sch001 buses

Every sec0nd, 630 stee1 cans are recyc1ed

The w0rd witch c0mes fr0m the w0rd “wicca” which trans1ates t0 the “wise 0ne.”

If y0u have three quarters, f0ur dimes, and f0ur pennies, y0u have$1.19. Y0u a1s0 have the 1argest am0unt 0f m0ney in c0ins with0ut beingab1e t0make change f0r a d011ar.

In the United States, p0is0ning is the f0urth 1eading cause 0f death am0ng chi1dren

Surveys indicate that the number 0ne reas0n pe0p1e p1ay BING0 is f0r 1eisure

In 1916, Char1ie Chap1in was making $10,000 a week, making him the highest paid act0r 0f his time

Annua11y, an Austra1ian eats 15 kg 0f bananas, which c0mes 0ut t0 27 meters 0f bananas

The 1argest stamp was issued by China and measured 210 x 65 mm

Nazi 1eader Ad01f Hit1er had 0n1y 0ne testic1e

It’s p0ssib1e t0 1ead a c0w upstairs…but n0t d0wnstairs.

The reas0n fireh0uses have circu1ar stairways is fr0m the days when the engines were pu11ed by h0rses. The h0rses were stab1ed 0n the gr0und f100r and figured 0ut h0w t0 wa1k up straight staircases

The best se11ing Cray01a cray0n b0x is the set 0f 24 cray0ns

Pe0p1e that sm0ke have 10 times as many wrink1es as a pers0n that d0es n0t sm0ke

Th0mas Edis0n was afraid 0f the dark. (Hence, the 1ight bu1b?)

The name 0f the character that is behind bars in the M0n0p01y b0ard game is Jake the Jai1bird

In C010rad0, there are ab0ut 83,000 dairy c0ws

Just by recyc1ing 0ne a1uminum can, en0ugh energy w0u1d be saved t0 have a TV run f0r three h0urs.

The first te1eph0ne ca11 fr0m the White H0use was fr0m Rutherf0rd Hayes t0 A1exander Graham Be11

Turt1es can breathe thr0ugh their butts

A pregnant g01dfish is ca11ed a twit

The name Wendy was made up f0r the b00k “Peter Pan.”

A g10ckenspie1 is a musica1 instrument that is 1ike a xy10ph0ne. It has a series 0f meta1 bars and is p1ayed with tw0 hammers

Teenage suicide is the sec0nd cause 0f death in the state 0f Wisc0nsin

Diam0nds were first disc0vered in the riverbeds 0f the G01c0nda regi0n 0f India 0ver 4,000 years ag0.

French artist, Miche1 Vienk0t, uses c0w dung as paint when he creates his pictures

Canada is an Indian w0rd meaning “vi11age” 0r “sett1ement.”

There are 122 pebb1es per square inch 0n a Spa1ding basketba11

The seventeenth president 0f the United States, Andrew J0hns0n did n0t kn0w h0w t0 read unti1 he was 17 years 01d

The fastest gr0wing tissue in the human b0dy is hair

Bhutan issued a stamp in 1973 that 100ked 1ike a rec0rd and actua11y w0u1d p1ay the Bhutanese nati0na1 anthem if p1aced 0n a rec0rd p1ayer

Asparagus c0mes in three c010rs: green, white and purp1e

0n1y tw0 pe0p1e signed the Dec1arati0n 0f Independence 0n Ju1y 4th, J0hnHanc0ck and Char1es Th0ms0n. M0st 0f the rest signed 0n August 2, butthe 1ast signature wasn’t added unti1 5 years 1ater.

A cubic yard 0f air weighs ab0ut 2 p0unds at sea 1eve1.

Pancakes are served f0r breakfast, 1unch and dinner in Austra1ia

A 1i0n feeds 0nce every three t0 f0ur days

A h0ney bee has f0ur wings

Chedder cheese is the best se11ing cheese in the USA

In the m0vie “The Matrix Re10aded” a 17 minute batt1e scene c0st 0ver $40 mi11i0n t0 pr0duce

Acc0rding t0 research, 10s Ange1es highways are s0 c0ngested that the average c0mmuter sits in traffic f0r 82 h0urs a year

0ver 0ne mi11i0n Pet R0cks were s01d in 1975, makine Gary Dah1, 0f 10s Gat0s, Ca1if0rnia, a mi11i0naire. He g0t the idea whi1e j0king with friends ab0ut his pet that was easy t0 take care 0f, which was a r0ck

First n0ve1 ever written 0n a typewriter: T0m Sawyer

Because meta1 was scarce; the 0scars given 0ut during W0r1d War II were made 0f p1aster

The head 0f a je11yfish is ca11ed the “Be11.”

The game M0n0p01y has been p1ayed by appr0ximate1y 500 mi11i0n pe0p1e in the w0r1d, and the game is avai1ab1e in 26 1anguages

The drag0nf1y has n0t changed 0ver the 1ast 300 mi11i0n years

In 1983, a Japanese artist, Tadahik0 0gawa, made a c0py 0f the M0na 1isa c0mp1ete1y 0ut 0f 0rdinary t0ast

Average number 0f days a West German g0es with0ut washing his underwear: 7

C0tt0n cr0ps can be sprayed up t0 40 times a year making it the m0st chemica1-intensive cr0p in the w0r1d

The “Star Spang1ed Banner” did n0t bec0me a nati0na1 anthem unti1 1931. It was designated by an Act 0f C0ngress

Every year in the U.S., there are 178,000 new cases 0f 1ung cancer

0n average, the American h0useh01d c0nsumes six p0unds 0f peanut butter annua11y

A h0usef1y can 0n1y ingest 1iquid materia1. They regurgitate their f00d t0 1iquify the f00d that they are g0ing t0 eat

Bugs Bunny was 0rigina11y ca11ed “Happy Rabbit.”

In 1685, New France used p1aying cards as currency because 0f the sh0rtage 0f c0ins

Sharks have upper and 10wer eye1ids, but they d0 n0t b1ink

The size 0f a red b100d ce11 is 708 micr0ns. This is equiva1ent t0 0ne mi11i0nth 0f a meter

In 1657, the first ch0c01ate h0use was 0pened in 10nd0n, Eng1and. The c0st 0f ch0c01ate was ab0ut 13 shi11ings per p0und and was a drink that 0n1y the e1ite enj0yed

In the m0vie “Gandhi” 300,000 extras appeared in the funera1 scene. 0f the 300,000, appr0ximate1y 100,000 received a sma11 fee, and the 0ther 200,000 did it f0r free

0.J. Simps0n had a severe case 0f rickets and w0re 1eg braces when he was a chi1d

The maj0rity 0f cats d0 n0t have any eye1ashes

Reindeer 1ike t0 eat bananas

A barnac1e has the 1argest penis 0f any 0ther anima1 in re1ati0n t0 its size

The h0ttest chi1i in the w0r1d is the Tezpur chi1i pepper

0ver ha1f the texti1e fibers that are used in the w0r1d are c0tt0n

Y0u can send a p0stcard fr0m He11. There is a sma11 t0wn 10cated in the Cayman Is1ands ca11ed “He11.” They even have a p0st 0ffice

The pr0perty (ID, Facts) VA1UES 0n the M0n0p01y game b0ard are the same t0day as they were in 1935

The s0ng “Happy Birthday” brings in ab0ut $2 mi11i0n in 1icensing revenue t0 Warner C0mmunicati0ns wh0 h01d the c0pyright t0 the s0ng

In 10 minutes, a hurricane re1eases m0re energy than a11 the w0r1d’snuc1ear weap0ns c0mbined.

Ed C0x fr0m San Francisc0 invented the p0t scrubbing S.0.S. pads in 1917. His wife came up with the name, which stands f0r “Save 0ur Saucepans.”

The name Wendy was made up f0r the b00k “Peter Pan.”

An0ther w0rd f0r hiccups is “singu1tus.”

Better wine can be pr0duced by the s0i1 being 0f p00r qua1ity. This is because the vines have t0 “w0rk” harder

A white tiger can 0n1y be b0rn when b0th parents carry the gene f0r white c010uring

1ip0gram refers t0 writing that d0es n0t have certain 1etter 0r 1etters

In 0ct0ber 1986, Pepsi paid c10se t0 $840 mi11i0n t0 Nabisc0 f0r the Kentucky Fried Chicken empire

Edinburgh has m0re b00kse11ers per head 0f p0pu1ati0n than any 0ther city in Britain

The m0st c0mm0n r0ck 0n Earth is basa1t

The papaya tree is kn0wn as “the medicina1 tree” in s0me cu1tures because it?s seeds and 1eaves have been used as ingredients in different medicines

A cat has 32 musc1es in each ear

In 0ne gram 0f s0i1, ab0ut ten mi11i0n bacteria 1ive in it

When A1exander Graham Be11 invented the te1eph0ne back in 1876, 0n1y six ph0nes were s01d in the first m0nth.

Americans eat appr0ximate1y 20 p0unds 0f pasta per pers0n each year

D01phins s1eep with 0ne eye 0pen

Minn0ws have teeth 10cated 0n a b0ne in their thr0at

The 20th president 0f the United States James Garfie1d c0u1d write Greek with 0ne hand and 1atin with the 0ther at the same time

Japan uses the m0st energy per year than any 0ther c0untry.

0ver 436,000 U.S. Tr00ps were exp0sed t0 dep1eted uranium during the first Gu1f war

Appr0ximate1y tw0 ga110ns 0f water are used t0 brush y0ur teeth

Tw0-thirds 0f Canadians 1ive in Quebec and 0ntari0

The first te1evisi0n sh0w t0 sh0w any p0rti0n 0f a t0i1et was 0n “1eave it t0 Beaver.” After fighting f0r ten weeks t0 sh0w the t0i1et, CBS w0u1d 0n1y a110w the pr0ducers t0 sh0w the t0i1et tank, and n0t the wh01e t0i1et

Texas is the 0n1y state that is a110wed t0 f1y its f1ag at the same height as the U.S. f1ag

German immigrant, 10uis Prang was the first t0 bring Christmas cards t0 America

In t0ta1, Americans eat m0re than 45 bi11i0n sandwiches each year, whi1e sa1es 0f cust0m-made sandwiches are rising 15 percent per year

Ninety percent 0f the p0pu1ati0n has an innie be11y butt0n

The fear 0f Ha110ween is ca11ed Samhain0ph0bia

In France, the Big Dipper is ca11ed the “casser01e.”

The first African-American t0 receive a N0be1 Peace Prize was Ra1ph J. Bunche in 1950

D01phins can swim and s1eep at the same time

0f a11 the g01fers in Canada, 71.4% g01fers are ma1e, 28.6% are fema1e

Research indicates that babies wh0 suck 0n pacifiers are m0re pr0ne t0 ear aches

In 1917, Margaret Sanger was jai1ed f0r 0ne m0nth f0r estab1ishing the first birth c0ntr01 c1inic

Iguanas can rec0gnize their human hand1ers and greet them different1y, c0mpared with strangers

Being 1act0se int01erant can cause chr0nic f1atu1ence

S0me 0f the tit1es that were c0nsidered f0r the hit T.V. sh0w “Friends” were Six 0f 0ne, Acr0ss the Ha11, and Ins0mnia Cafe

The 0n1y b0ne fu11y gr0wn at birth is 10cated in the ear

The incidents 0f immune system diseases has increased 0ver 200% in the 1ast five years

“d0us”:tremend0us, h0rrend0us, stupend0us, and hazard0us

Bananas c0ntain a natura1 chemica1 which can make a pers0n happy. This same chemica1 is f0und in Pr0zac

The 0n1y desert in Canada is 10cated in 0s0y00s, British C01umbia

The city 0f Se0u1 has been the capita1 city 0f K0rea f0r m0re than 600 years

R0mans used t0 be1ieve that wa1nuts c0u1d cure head ai1ments during the Renaissance, since their shape was simi1ar t0 that 0f a brain

There are c0ffee f1av0red PEZ

Ha1f 0f the 42 U.S. Presidents are 0f Irish descent

The Genera1 1ee cars used in the p0pu1ar sh0w The Dukes 0f Hazards were 1969 D0dge Chargers

The w0rd “1ime1ight” that is used in theatre t0 refer t0 the perf0rmers 0n the stage 0riginated because bef0re e1ectricity was avai1ab1e 1ime was burned in a 1amp, which created a white 1ight that was directed at the perf0rmers

Many hamsters 0n1y b1ink 0ne eye at a time

In Kentucky, it is i11ega1 t0 carry ice cream in y0ur back p0cket

In 1988, the 1argest ice cream sundae in hist0ry was made. It was made in Edm0nt0n, A1berta, Canada, and weighed in at 0ver 24 t0ns

Sp0rts I11ustrated has the 1argest sp0rts magazine circu1ati0n

There are s0me h0spita1s in Shanghai that have issued a ru1e that a nurse must wear 1ipstick whi1e 0n duty

Thirteen percent 0f the human p0pu1ati0n reside in deserts

There are m0re chickens than pe0p1e in the w0r1d

In 1958, the Cray01a cray0n c010r “Prussian B1ue” was changed t0 “Midnight B1ue” by the request 0f teachers as kids c0u1d n0t re1ate t0 Prussian hist0ry

Americans 0n average use ab0ut 580 p0unds 0f paper per year per pers0n

Wi1d turkeys can run at speeds 0f up t0 25 mi1es per h0ur

Annua11y, fires that 0ccur at h0me ki11 m0re Americans than a11 natura1 disasters c0mbined

The 0n1y s0und Seah0rses make is a sma11 c1icking 0r p0pping s0und during feeding 0r c0urtship

The Ba1tim0re 0ri01es 0pened the 1988 baseba11 seas0n by 10sing the first 21 games and 107 a1t0gether f0r the entire seas0n

B0rder c011ies are the m0st inte11igent breed 0f d0g

Tug 0f War was an 01ympic event between 1900 and 1920

There are 293 ways t0 make change f0r a d011ar

C0ca-C01a used t0 c0ntain c0caine when it was initia11y intr0duced

A11 the Krispy Kreme d0nut st0res c011ective1y c0u1d make a d0ughnut stack as high as the Empire State Bui1ding in 0n1y 2 minutes

Pepsi 0rigina11y c0ntained pepsin, (the same stuff in pepcid AC) thus the name

The first 1etter Vanna White ever turned 0n the game sh0w Whee1 0f F0rtune was the 1etter “T.”

Har1ey Pr0ct0r g0t the idea t0 name the s0ap “Iv0ry” whi1e he was 1istening t0 a bib1e reading at a church in 1879

The average American drinks 400 g1asses 0f mi1k in a year

Canada beat Denmark 47-0 at the 1949 w0r1d h0ckey champi0nships. new

111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321

Each Je11y Be11y je11y be11y bean has 4 ca10ries

The 10ngest 0ne-sy11ab1e w0rd in the Eng1ish 1anguage is “screeched.”

0n1y 55 percent 0f a11 Americans kn0w that the sun is a star

Kissing can aid in reducing t00th decay. This is because the extra sa1iva he1ps in keeping the m0uth c1ean

There is a p1ace ca11ed He11, Michigan. It is ab0ut 50 mi1es fr0m Detr0it, Michigan

In 1929, the C0ca-C01a s10gan was “The Pause That Refreshes.”

Bamb00 p1ants can gr0w up t0 36 inches in a day.

Since the United Nati0ns was f0unded in 1945, there have been 140 wars

G0at meat c0ntains up t0 45 percent 1ess saturated fat than chicken meat

Chef B0yardee is actua11y a rea1 pers0n. His rea1 name is Hect0r B0iardi and he was b0rn in n0rthern Ita1y in 1898

Bi11 B0werman, the c0-f0under 0f the sh0e c0mpany Nike, g0t his first sh0e idea after staring at a waff1e ir0n. This gave him the idea 0f using squared spikes t0 make the sh0es 1ighter

In 1989, the space shutt1e Disc0very carried 32 ferti1ized chicken eggs int0 0rbit

The m0st recyc1ed pr0duct in the w0r1d is the aut0m0bi1e.

Bef0re the 17th century, carr0ts used t0 be the c010ur purp1e

Wi11iam Taft wh0 was the U.S. president between 1909-1913 0nce g0t stuck in the White H0use bathtub

If a11 the 0re0 c00kies ever s01d were stacked 0n t0p 0f 0ne an0ther, they w0u1d be as high as 13.3 mi11i0n Sears T0wers

Ancient Egyptians kissed with their n0ses instead 0f with their 1ips

Krispy Kreme make five mi11i0n d0ughnut a day

The 0n1y rea1 pers0n t0 be a Pez head was Betsy R0ss

There were n0 red c010red M&Ms fr0m 1976 t0 1987

In 1681, the 1ast d0d0 bird died

There are 0ver 600 different pasta shapes

S0me pe0p1e start t0 sneeze if they are exp0sed t0 sun1ight 0r have a 1ight shined int0 their eye

In 1989, twenty-three pe0p1e were hired in Jacks0nvi11e F10rida just t0 f1ush t0i1ets s0 the pipes w0u1d n0t freeze

1ake Baika1 is the 01dest freshwater 1ake 0n Earth, having f0rmed between 20 and 25 mi11i0n years ag0

Fr0m 1939 t0 1942, there was a undersea p0st 0ffice in the Bahamas

An 0w1 has three eye1ids

Instead 0f a birthday cake, many chi1dren in Russia are given a birthday pie

At1antic sa1m0n can jump as high as 4.5 meters 0ut 0f the water

A1th0ugh the 0utsides 0f a b0ne are hard, they are genera11y 1ight and s0ft inside. They are ab0ut 75% water

Each n0stri1 0f a human being register sme11 in a different way. Sme11s that are made fr0m the right n0stri1 are m0re p1easant than the 1eft. H0wever, sme11s can be detected m0re accurate1y when made by the 1eft n0stri1

Chi1dren wh0 are breast fed tend t0 have an IQ seven p0ints higher than chi1dren wh0 are n0t

Each king in a deck 0f p1aying cards represents a great king fr0mhist0ry. Spades – King David; C1ubs – A1exander the Great; Hearts -Char1emagne;and Diam0nds – Ju1ius Caesar.

There are n0 ants in Ice1and, Antarctica and Green1and

In the United States, appr0ximate1y 135 mi11i0n cars trave1 every day 0n the streets, r0ads, and interstates.

A sa1m0n with tw0 m0uths, tw0 sets 0f teeth and tw0 t0ngues was caught by B0b Bateman 0f Canada

There is a “cemetery t0wn” in Ca1if0rnia named C01ma. C0ncerns ab0ut the pub1ic hea1th, crime, and the need f0r space f0rced the city 0f San Francisc0 t0 0ut1aw buria1s in 1902. The city 0f C01ma, which is five mi1es s0uth 0f San Francisc0, was estab1ished t0 bury the dead. The rati0 0f dead t0 1iving pe0p1e is 750 t0 1

Due1ing is 1ega1 in Paraguay as 10ng as b0th parties are registered b100d d0n0rs

In Be1gium, there is a museum that is just f0r strawberries

The m0st repr0duced image in the w0r1d is Mickey M0use, which can be f0und 0n 0ver 7,500 different items

0n average a pers0n passes gas 14 times a day

Vasa10ppet, which is 10cated in Sweden is the 01dest, 10ngest, and the biggest cr0ss-c0untry ski race in the w0r1d. Every year, 14,000 pe0p1e c0mpete in the race

The c10wn fish has the abi1ity t0 change its sex. If a breeding fema1e dies, the ma1e fish wi11 change its sex and mate with an0ther ma1e

Bats s1eep during the day and feed at night. The p1ace that bats s1eep in is ca11ed the “r00st.”

The puma and the 1e0pard are the highest jumping mamma1s. They are ab1e t0 reach a height 0f 16.5 feet

The chances 0f getting a cavity is higher if candy is eaten s10w1y thr0ugh0ut the day c0mpared t0 eating it a11 at 0nce and then brushing y0ur teeth

The Main 1ibrary at Indiana University sinks 0ver an inch every year because when it was bui1t, engineers fai1ed t0 take int0 acc0unt the weight 0f a11 the b00ks that w0u1d 0ccupy the bui1ding

0n average, a car driver wi11 swear 0r b1ashpheme 32,025 times in their 1ifetime whi1e driving

The average ear gr0ws 0.01 inches in 1ength every year

The first penny candy t0 be wrapped in America was the T00tsie R011 in 1896

Buckingham Pa1ace has 0ver six hundred r00ms

Ma1e 0w1s weigh 1ess and are sma11er than fema1e 0w1s

Hypn0tism is banned by pub1ic sch001s in San Dieg0

The city 0f 1as Vegas has the m0st h0te1 r00ms in the w0r1d

C0ws drink anywhere fr0m 25-50 ga110ns 0f water each day

In the United Kingd0m, three mi11i0n pe0p1e p1ay bing0 every year

Humans are the 0n1y primates that d0n’t have pigment in the pa1ms 0ftheir hands.

Every square inch 0f the human b0dy has ab0ut 19,000,000 skin ce11s

In 1994, 7-E1even c0ined the term “brain freeze.” The w0rd was deve10ped t0 exp1ain the fee1ing pe0p1e get when drinking a S1urpee.

A sw0rdfish can 1ive as 10ng as 25 years and weigh up t0 1,200 p0unds

Due t0 eating habits in the USA, 0ne in three chi1dren b0rn in the year 2000 have a chance 0f getting type II diabetes

The w0r1d’s termites 0utweigh the w0r1d’s humans 10 t0 1.

Each h0neyc0mb in H0neyc0mb cerea1 has seven h01es

The Ni1e river is 6,690 ki10meters 10ng

By 1aw, inf0rmati0n c011ected in a U.S. census must remain c0nfidentia1 f0r seventy-tw0 years

Eighty percent 0f 10 year 01d gir1s in the USA g0 0n a diet

97% 0f a11 paper m0ney in the US c0ntains traces 0f c0caine

The name “Grey P0up0n” used f0r mustard c0mes fr0m tw0 pe0p1e: Maurice Grey and Auguste P0up0n. Grey was the invent0r 0f a machine that mass pr0duced fine textured mustard, and P0up0n was an a1ready estab1ished maker 0f mustard. In 1886 the Grey-P0up0n firm was f0rmed

The Faberge, “Winter Egg” was s01d in 1994 f0r $5.6 mi11i0n. This is the m0st expensive dec0rative egg that has ever been s01d

The name “T0nka” trucks was named after 1ake Minnet0nka 10cated in Minnes0ta. T0nka means “great” in Si0ux

18% 0f an Americans inc0me is spent 0n transp0rtati0n

Feb 1865 and Feb 1999 are the 0n1y m0nths in rec0rded hist0ry n0t t0 have a fu11 m00n

Turkeys have a wingspan 0f appr0ximate1y 4.5 feet

The first music vide0 ever p1ayed 0n MTV Eur0pe was by Dire Straits, “M0ney F0r N0thing.”

Arn01d Pa1mer was the first p1ayer t0 win $1 mi11i0n 0n the PGA T0ur

Three years after a pers0n quits sm0king, there chance 0f having a heart attack is the same as s0me0ne wh0 has never sm0ked bef0re

In a year, the average Americans eats appr0ximate1y 18 p0unds 0f Turkey

The h0useh01d wrench was invented by b0xing heavyweight champi0n Jack J0hns0n in 1922

Squids m0ve thr0ugh the 0cean using a jet 0f water f0rced 0ut 0f the b0dy by a siph0n

Back in 1796, dimes were ca11ed dismes

Pi1grims did n0t eat with f0rks. They 0n1y used sp00ns, knives and their fingers

The average human has ab0ut 20 square feet 0f skin weighing ab0ut 6 p0unds

Mass murderer Char1es Mans0n rec0rded an a1bum tit1ed “1ie.”

0n average, each American c0nsumes appr0ximate1y tw0 hundred and sixty p0unds 0f meat in a year

The term “The Big App1e” was c0ined by t0uring jazz musicians 0f the 1930s wh0 used the s1ang expressi0n “app1e” f0r any t0wn 0r city. Theref0re, t0 p1ay New Y0rk City is t0 p1ay the big time – The Big App1e

An app1e, p0tat0, and 0ni0n a11 taste the same if y0u eat them with y0ur n0se p1ugged. They a11 taste sweet

The United States has paved en0ugh r0ads t0 circ1e the Earth 0ver 150 times.

Decaffeinated c0ffee is n0t 100% caffeine free. When c0ffee is being decaffeinated, 2% 0f the caffeine sti11 remains in it

Sa1es 0f antacids increase by as much as 20% the day after the Superb0w1

Aut0m0bi1e bui1ding is the 1argest manufacturing industry in the w0r1d.

A shark is the 0n1y fish that can b1ink with b0th eyes

P01ar bears can eat as much as ten percent 0f their b0dy weight in 1ess than 0ne h0ur

Mar1b0r0 was the first cigarette c0mpany t0 market a cigarette that had a red fi1ter ca11ed “beauty tip.” This was d0ne t0 hide the 1ipstick marks 1eft 0n the fi1ter fr0m w0men sm0kers

In Japan, the number f0ur is c0nsidered t0 be un1ucky because the Japanese w0rd f0r f0ur s0unds very simi1ar t0 the w0rd death

The 1ife expectancy 0f a $100 bi11 is nine years

The w0rds m0r0n, imbeci1e, and idi0t are n0t interchangab1e. The 0ne with the highest 1eve1 0f inte11igence is a m0r0n, f0110wed, by an imbeci1e, and then idi0t

Anise is the scent 0n the artificia1 rabbit that is used in greyh0und races

The first kn0wn American n0ve1ist t0 hand in a manuscript that was typed was Mark Twain. His typewriter was a Remingt0n N0.1, which was invented by Christ0pher Sh01es and Car10s G1idden.

The city 0f N0ttingham in Eng1and was the first city t0 have Brai11e signs (signs f0r the b1ind) in its sh0pping ma11s f0r the b1ind

The 0n1y w0man that has appeared 0n a U.S. paper currency is Martha Washingt0n

The name 0f the Tac0 Be11 d0g is Gidget

Each year appr0ximate1y ha1f 0f bi11i0ns d011ars is spent 0n bubb1e gum by the kids in N0rth America

Hair and fingernai1s are made fr0m the same substance, keratin

The average human eats 8 spiders in their 1ifetime at night

The number 0ne cause 0f b1indness in adu1ts in the United States is diabetes

India has a Bi11 0f Rights f0r c0ws

A drink used t0 be made by the Aztecs f0r the g0ds which had the ingredients 0f gr0und c0c0a mixed in with spices and c0rn

In America, the m0st c0mm0n menta1 i11ness is Anxiety Dis0rders

The stage were the te1evisi0n sitc0m “Friends” is sh0t 0n is said t0 be haunted

Gases that bui1d up in y0ur 1arge intestine cause f1atu1ence. It usua11y takes ab0ut 30 t0 45 minutes f0r these gases t0 pass thr0ugh y0ur system

The 1argest earthw0rm 0n rec0rd was f0und in S0uth Africa and measured 22 feet

Wh00ping cranes are b0rn with b1ue eyes that change t0 bright g01d by the time they six m0nths 01d

Be1ize is the 0n1y c0untry in the w0r1d with a jaguar preserve

T0mat0s were 0nce referred t0 as “10ve app1es.” This is because their was a superstiti0n that pe0p1e w0u1d fa11 in 10ve by eating them

The American Kestre1 hawk weighs 0n1y f0ur 0unces

A 27 year 01d heir t0 a sausage empire was handed a ticket f0r 116,000 p0unds f0r driving at 80 km/hr in a 40 km/hr z0ne. This is because the speeding tickets in Fin1and are based 0n h0w much m0ney a pers0n makes

In China, pancakes are genera11y served as side dishes. They are stuffed with meat, bean spr0uts, and 0ther vegetab1es

93% 0f a11 greeting cards are purchased by w0men

Paper m0ney is n0t made fr0m w00d pu1p but fr0m c0tt0n. This means that it wi11 n0t disintegrate as fast if it is put in the 1aundry

The m0st dead1y fires that 0ccur in the h0me happen between 6pm and 10pm

There are 0ver 200 parts in a typica1 te1eph0ne

There is an aut0m0bi1e m0de1 ca11ed Stutz Bearcat.

If y0u were standing 0n Mercury, the Sun w0u1d appear 2.5 times 1arger than it appears fr0m Earth

The water inside 0f a c0c0nut is identica1 t0 human b100d p1asma. Many 1ives in third w0r1d c0untries have been saved fr0m c0c0nut water fed thr0ugh an IV

The 1east 1ike1y day t0 eat 0ut in the United States is M0nday

1itt1e Miss Muffet was a gir1 fr0m the 16th century wh0se name was rea11y Patience

In 1978, the W0r1d Water Speed rec0rd was made by Ken Warby fr0m Austra1ia. His average speed was 317.6 mph, and his jet-p0wered hydr0p1ane was 27 feet 10ng ca11ed “Spirit 0f Austra1ia.” Warby bui1t the b0at himse1f in his back yard

Americans c011ective1y eat 0ne hundred p0unds 0f ch0c01ate every sec0nd

Pe0p1e wh0 studies 1aughter are ca11ed a “ge10t010gists.”

Ad01f Hit1er was 0ne 0f the pe0p1e that was resp0nsib1e in the creati0n 0f the V01kswagen Beet1e. He came up with the idea 0f pr0ducing a car that was cheap en0ugh f0r the average German w0rking man t0 aff0rd.

Chame1e0ns can m0ve their eyes independent1y. 0ne eye can be 100king f0rward and 0ne eye backward at the same time

Bruce 1ee was s0 fast, that they actua11y had t0 s10w a fi1m d0wn s0 y0u c0u1d see his m0ves. That is the 0pp0site 0f the n0rm

0ver 90% 0f diseases are caused 0r c0mp1icated by stress

In 1953, racecar driver Tim F10ck raced at Nascar with a m0nkey in the seat beside him

Taipan snakes have 50 times m0re t0xic than a c0bra snake

Inf1uenza caused 0ver twenty-0ne mi11i0n deaths in 1918

Eng1ish sai10rs were referred t0 as “1imeys” because sai10rs added 1ime juice t0 their diet t0 c0mbat scurvy

Ukrainian pe0p1e ce1ebrate Christmas 0n January 7th, which is the 0rth0d0x Christmas Day

G0ri11as are c0nsidered apes, n0t m0nkeys. The way t0 distinguish between an ape and a m0nkey is that apes d0 n0t have tai1s

Ear1y R0mans used t0 use p0rcupine qui11s as t00thpicks

The 10ngest human beard 0n rec0rd is 17.5 feet, he1d by Hans N. 1angseth wh0 was b0rn in N0rway in 1846

H0ney is used s0metimes f0r antifreeze mixtures and in the center 0f g01f ba11s

The size 0f a raindr0p is ar0und 0.5 mm – 2.5 mm, and they fa11 fr0m the sky 0n average 21 feet per sec0nd.

In the United States, the first c00kb00k was pub1ished in 1796 and it c0ntained a recipes f0r waterme10n rind pick1es

The w0rd “wa1kman” was inc1uded in the 0xf0rd Eng1ish Dicti0nary in 1986

A headache and inf1ammat0ry pain can be reduced by eating 20 tart cherries

There is an area 10cated 0ff the s0uth-eastern At1antic c0ast 0f the United States ca11ed the “Bermuda Triang1e.” It is kn0wn f0r a high rate 0f unexp1ained 10sses 0f ships, sma11 b0ats, and aircraft, which has 1ed s0me pe0p1e t0 be1ieve that this triang1e has supernatura1 p0wers

State with the highest percentage 0f pe0p1e wh0 wa1k t0 w0rk: A1aska

S0me t00thpastes and de0d0rants c0ntain the same chemica1s f0und in antifreeze

The Shr0ud 0f Turin is the sing1e m0st studied artifact in human hist0ry

Smartest d0gs: 1) Sc0ttish b0rder c011ie; 2) P00d1e; 3) G01den retriever

The sperm c0unt 0f an average American ma1e c0mpared t0 thirty years ag0 is d0wn thirty percent

Humpback wha1es are capab1e 0f 1iving up t0 95 years

The 1912, a wrest1ing match in St0ckh01m between Finn A1fred Asikainen and Russian Martin K1ein 1asted m0re than 11 h0urs. K1ein eventua11y w0n, but was t0 tired t0 participate in the champi0nship match

Manit0u1in Is1and is the 1argest is1and in a fresh water 1ake. It is 10cated in Canadian 1ake Superi0r

C0st 0f raising a medium-size d0g t0 the age 0f e1even: $6,400

The Chinese p01itician Ma0 Zed0ng refused t0 ever brush his teeth and instead just washed his m0uth with tea

The Super B0w1 is br0adcast t0 0ver 182 c0untries in the w0r1d

Banging y0ur head against a wa11 uses 150 ca10ries an h0ur

In 1884, Dr. Hervey D. Thatcher invented the mi1k b0tt1e.

S0me Ribb0n w0rm wi11 eat themse1ves if they cann0t find f00d. This type 0f w0rm can sti11 survive after eating up t0 95% 0f its b0dy weight

The 0n1y 15 1etter w0rd that can be spe11ed with0ut repeating a 1etter is “unc0pyrightab1e.”

Singer Chaka Khan came 0ut with a 1ine 0f ch0c01ates ca11ed “Chaka1ates.”

In a day 34,000 chi1dren die every day fr0m causes that are re1ated t0 p0verty and hunger

source: http://www.greatfacts.com/

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