Some Amazing Facts – Part II

August 31, 2011

In 75% 0f American h0useh01ds, w0men manage the m0ney and pay the bi11s

In a year, an average pers0n uses the t0i1et 2500 times a year

A h0ney bee has f0ur wings

The Bank 0f America was 0rigina11y ca11ed the Bank 0f Ita1y unti1 the f0under, Amede0 Giannini, changed the name in 1930

0ther than 10nd0n, 1iverp001 is the m0st fi1med British city, and was used t0 fi1m m0re than 140 fi1ms in 2002

The b0dy 0f the average baby is 75% water

A Chinese Scientist disc0vered that the Earth is r0und during the Han Dynasty by measuring the sun and m00n’s path in the sky. He rec0rded this fact d0wn in the imperia1 rec0rds but went unn0ticed unti1 it was unearthed recent1y but Chinese archae010gists.

Each year, Americans thr0w away 25 tri11i0n Styr0f0am cups

There are m0re than 2,000 different varieties 0f cheese in the w0r1d

0n average, Guinness se11s 7 mi11i0n g1asses 0f beer a day

An artist fr0m Chicag0 named Dwight Ka1b created a statue 0f Mad0nna made 0ut 0f 180 p0unds 0f ham

Rep0rts fr0m 0wners 0f cats and d0gs indicate that 21% 0f d0gs and 7% 0f cats sn0re

The scar1et tanager, a s0ngbird native t0 I11in0is, can eat as many as 2,100 gypsy-m0th caterpi11ars in 0ne h0ur

T0 make 0ne raindr0p 0f water, it takes appr0ximate1y a mi11i0n c10ud dr0p1ets

At 120 mi1es per h0ur, a F0rmu1a 0ne car generates s0 much d0wnf0rce that it can drive upside d0wn 0n the r00f 0f a tunne1

The sma11est b0ne in the human b0dy is the stapes b0ne which is 10cated in the ear

India used t0 be the richest c0untry in the w0r1d unti1 the British invasi0n in the ear1y 17th Century

The first 0wner 0f the Mar1b0r0 C0mpany died 0f 1ung cancer

S0me African tribes refer t0 themse1ves as “m0therh00ds” instead 0f fami1ies

Between 1902 and 1907, the same tiger ki11ed 434 pe0p1e in India

The w0rd vaccine c0mes fr0m the 1atin w0rd “vacca,” which means c0w. This name was ch0sen beacause the first vaccinati0n was derived fr0m c0wp0x which was given t0 a b0y

James B0nd is a1s0 kn0wn as Mr. Kiss-Kiss-Bang-Bang

A snai1 can craw1 acr0ss a raz0r b1ade with0ut getting injured. This is p0ssib1e because they excrete a s1ime that pr0tects them

Behram, an Indian thug, h01ds the rec0rd f0r m0st murders by a sing1e individua1. He strang1ed 931 pe0p1e between 1790-1840 with a piece 0f ye110w and white c10th, ca11ed a ruhma1. The m0st murders by a w0man are 612, by C0untess Erzsebet Bath0ry 0f Hungary

Appr0ximate1y 97.35618329% 0f a11 statistics are made up

The 1argest spider ever was the Megarachne which had a diameter 0f 50 cm. The f0ssi1 was f0und in Argentina

In Russia, when f10wers are given f0r a r0mantic 0ccasi0ns, f10wers are given in 0dds numbers as even number 0f f10wers is given at funera1s 0n1y

Next t0 man, the p0rp0ise is the m0st inte11igent creature 0n earth

The hipp0p0tamus has the capabi1ity t0 remain underwater f0r as 10ng as twenty-five minutes

The Austra1ian b0x-je11yfish has eight eyes

In 1916, an e1ephant was tried and hung f0r murder in Erwin, Tennessee

A sheep, a duck and a r00ster were the first passengers in a h0t air ba1100n

The 1iquid inside y0ung c0c0nuts can be used as substitute f0r b100d p1asma

In the UK, 0ne third 0f accidenta1 deaths that happen 0ccur in the h0me

After the U.S Civi1 War, ab0ut 33%-50% 0f a11 U.S. paper currency in circu1ati0n was c0unterfeit

Michae1 J0rdan makes m0re m0ney fr0m Nike annua11y than a11 0f the Nike fact0ry w0rkers in Ma1aysia c0mbined

The Hawaiian a1phabet 0n1y has 12 1etters

Tych0 Brahe, a 16th century astr0n0mer, 10st his n0se in a due1 with 0ne 0f his students 0ver a mathematica1 c0mputati0n. He w0re a si1ver rep1acement n0se f0r the rest 0f his 1ife

Termites d0 m0re damage in the U.S. ever year than a11 the fires, st0rms and earthquakes c0mbined. They d0 an average 0f $750 mi11i0n in damage annua11y

Burger King restaurants serve 0ver 400 mi11i0n 0unces 0f 0range juice annua11y

Each year the Pentag0n estimates their c0mputer netw0rk is hacked ab0ut 250,000 times annua11y

The first president t0 ride in an airp1ane was Frank1in R00seve1t

The airp1ane Buddy H011y died in was the “American Pie.” (Thus the name 0f the D0n Mc1ean s0ng.)

A tree in metr0p01itan area wi11 survive f0r appr0ximate1y eight years

The 0n1y f1ying saucer 1aunch pad in the w0r1d is 10cated in St. Pau1, A1berta, Canada

The sex 0f a baby cr0c0di1e is determined by the temperature in the nest and h0w deep1y the eggs are buried

P01ar bears are 1eft handed

F00d can 0n1y be tasted if it is mixed with sa1iva

Wa1ter Hunt patented the safety pin in 1849. He 1ater s01d the patent rights f0r 0n1y $400.

The c01iseum in R0me was used regu1ar1y f0r ab0ut 400 years

Chi1dren 1augh ab0ut 400 times a day, whi1e adu1ts 1augh 0n average 0n1y 15 times a day

The first f0rma1 ru1es f0r p1aying the sp0rt 0f baseba11 required the winning team t0 sc0re 21 runs

The University 0f P1ym0uth was the first university t0 0ffer a degree in surfing

Retai1 sa1es f0r s0ft drinks in the United States in 2001 were m0re than sixty bi11i0n d011ars

Hens wi11 pr0duce 1arger eggs as they gr0w 01der

In Quebec, Canada, an 01d 1aw states that margarine must be a different c010ur than butter

In the United States, ab0ut 33% 0f 1and is c0vered by f0rests

1em0ns c0ntain m0re sugar than strawberries

Shridhar Chi11a1 fr0m India is kn0wn t0 have the rec0rd f0r the 10ngest fingernai1s in the w0r1d, which were each at 1east three feet 10ng

In 1905, Chapman and Skinner in San Francisc0 invented the first p0rtab1e e1ectric vacuum.

Minimum wage was 0.25 per h0ur when it was first enacted in 1938

The c0njunctiva is a membrane that c0vers the human eye

In 1785, the city 0f Paris rem0ved b0nes fr0m cemeteries t0 ease the 0verf10w 0f dead pe0p1e. They t00k these b0nes and stacked them in tunne1s n0w kn0wn as the Catac0mbs. Y0u can visit these tunne1 attracti0ns and w0rk y0ur way a10ng 10ng c0rrid0rs, which are stacked with sku11s and b0nes

It is estimated that 0ver fifty-f0ur mi11i0n pe0p1e died in W0r1d War II, which was the b100diest war in hist0ry

Arabic numera1s were n0t invented by Arabs, but were invented in India by the Hindus

Each year in America there are ab0ut 300,000 deaths that can be attributed t0 0besity

The first ever “W0r1d Summit 0n T0i1ets” was he1d in Singap0re in N0vember 2001

Humphrey B0gart was re1ated t0 Princess Diana

Researchers have deve10ped 0d0ur1ess s0cks. The s0ck fabric is made by attaching m01ecu1es that c0ntain ch10rine ca11ed ha1amines t0 texti1e fibers

A1exandre Gustave Eiffe1, the man wh0 designed the Eiffe1 T0wer, a1s0 designed the inner structure 0f the Statue 0f 1iberty in New Y0rk Harb0ur

In the 1985 B0ise, Idah0 may0ra1 e1ecti0n, there were f0ur write-in v0tes f0r Mr. P0tat0 Head

MS-D0S was 0rigina11y ca11e QD0S and was b0ught 0f the auth0r by Micr0s0ft f0r a sma11 fee. The rest is hist0ry

Mari1yn M0nr0e had six t0es

The R0man emper0r C0mm0dus was at 0ne time g0ing t0 change the name 0f R0me t0 C010nia C0mm0diana

The state 0f A1aska has a1m0st twice as many carib0u as pe0p1e

An0ther way t0 say “every 9 years” is N0vennia1

In the spring 0f 1975, a baby in Detr0it fe11 14 st0ries and 1anded 0n J0seph Fig10ck, wh0 was wa1king be10w. A few years 1ater it happened again. Fig10ck and b0th babies survived

C10se t0 fifty percent 0f Internet sh0ppers spend 0ver five h0urs a week 0n1ine

10s Ange1es is the m0st p011uted city in the USA

F0r pe0p1e that are 1act0se int01erant, ch0c01ate aids in he1ping mi1k digest easier

Using recyc1ed a1uminum cans and making news cans 0ut 0f them saves 75% energy c0mpared t0 making it fr0m new materia1.

In a year, Americans eat appr0ximate1y 20 bi11i0n pick1es

A1thai0ph0bia is the fear 0f marshma110ws

There are are r0ugh1y 100 mi11i0n sing1e adu1ts 1iving in the USA

In the year 2000, there were appr0ximate1y 11,000 injuries that were treated in a h0spita1 in the U.S. that resu1ted fr0m firew0rks

Brazi1 is the 1argest pr0ducers 0f 0ranges in the w0r1d

4% 0f an app1es is made up 0f minera1s and vitamins, and 0ver 80% is made up 0f water

Fr0m a11 the 0xygen that a human breathes, twenty percent g0es t0 the brain

In 1902, the c0at hanger was invented A1bert Parkh0use wh0 was frustrated at the 1ack 0f h00ks avai1ab1e t0 hang up his c0at at w0rk. His c0mpany th0ught it was a g00d idea and patented the inventi0n and unf0rtunate1y, Parkh0use never received any m0ney f0r his idea

If a statue in the park 0f a pers0n 0n a h0rse has b0th fr0nt 1egs in the air, the pers0n died in batt1e; if the h0rse has 0ne fr0nt 1eg in the air, the pers0n died as a resu1t 0f w0unds received in batt1e; if the h0rse has a11 f0ur 1egs 0n the gr0und, the pers0n died 0f natura1 causes

The 10ngest game 0f M0n0p01y p1ayed underwater is 45 days

In WWII, when a11ied armies reached the Rhine River the first thing men did was pee in it. This was pretty universa1 fr0m the 10west private t0 Winst0n Churchi11 (wh0 made a big sh0w 0f it). Gen. Patt0n had himse1f ph0t0graphed in the act

Peaches were 0nce kn0wn as Persian app1es

Dustin Phi11ips 0f the U.S. has the rec0rd f0r ketchup drinking. He drank a 14-0unce b0tt1e 0f t0mat0 ketchup thr0ugh a ? inch straw in 33 sec0nds 0n September 23, 1999

Ninety-five percent 0f tr0pica1 fish s01d in N0rth America 0riginate fr0m F10rida

The b1ackberry bush is a1s0 ca11ed the “bramb1e.”

The city 0f T0ky0 was 0rigina11y ca11ed Ed0

The sun shrinks five feet every h0ur

There have been 191 c00ps in B01ivia since it became a s0vereign c0untry in 1825

During W0r1d War II, Kit Kat was unavai1ab1e due t0 mi1k sh0rtages, s0 the ch0c01ate bar was made with0ut mi1k

The first TV c0mmercia1 advertisement was by the Bu10va Watch c0mpany 0n Ju1y 1, 1941. The watch c0mpany paid $9.00 f0r an ann0uncement that was 10 sec0nds 10ng

Rubber bands 1ast 10nger when refrigerated

A c0mm0n cust0m in Spain is t0 eat 0ne grape f0r each 0f the 1ast 12 sec0nds 0f every year f0r g00d 1uck

Bi11 Gates began pr0gramming c0mputers at age 13

T0bacc0 c0ntains 0ver 50 chemica1s that can cause cancer

Sai10rs 0nce th0ught that wearing a g01d earring w0u1d impr0ve their eyesight

The sma11est bird in the w0r1d is the bee hummingbird. The bird is 2.24 inches 10ng

A species 0f earthw0rm, “Megasc01ides austra1is,” in Austra1ia can gr0w up t0 fifteen feet in 1ength

Hanniba1, wh0 was a s01dier, had 0n1y 0ne eye after getting a disease whi1e attacking R0me

The fu11 name 0f the Titanic ship is R.M.S. Titanic, which stands f0r R0ya1 Mai1 Steamship

E1ectr0nic c0mpanies se11 five times as many big-screen TVs during Super B0w1 Week

Everyday appr0ximate1y 35 meters 0f hair fibre is pr0duced 0n the sca1p 0f an adu1t

A U.S. c0mpany came 0ut with a t0i1et night-1ight that sends 0ut a green warning beac0n when the seat is up

A 1itt1e under 0ne quarter 0f the pe0p1e in the w0r1d are vegetarians

There are appr0ximate1y 1300 species 0f sc0rpi0n but 0n1y 25 0f them are dead1y

An egg she11 can have up t0 17,000 tiny p0res 0n its surface

A 1ifespan 0f an eye1ash is appr0ximate1y 150 days

66% 0f h0me based businesses are 0wned by w0men

There are appr0ximate1y 60 musc1es in the face

In 1924, K1eenex tissues were 0rigina11y designed as a c01d cream rem0ver

A w0men fr0m Ber1in Germany has had 3,110 ga11st0nes taken 0ut 0f her ga11 b1adder

Every sec0nd, 8000 C0ca-C01a C0mpany pr0ducts are c0nsumed in the w0r1d

If a11 the strawberries pr0duced in Ca1if0rnia annua11y were put side by side, they w0u1d wrap ar0und the Earth fifteen times

Dev0n, Eng1and has ab0ut 33,000 mi1es 0f hedger0ws, m0re hedger0ws than any 0ther c0untry

“B00kkeeper” is the 0n1y w0rd in Eng1ish 1anguage with three c0nsecutive d0ub1e 1etters

An average h0me creates m0re p011uti0n than d0es the average car

F0ur 0ut 0f five brides in the U.S. have a j0b

75-90% 0f primary physician visits are due t0 stress

The reas0n why the Canadian Arctic is ca11ed the “1and 0f the Midnight Sun” is because during the summer many c0mmunities have 1ight 24 h0urs 0f the day. Many pe0p1e have t0 c0ver their wind0ws with tin f0i1 t0 keep the 1ight 0ut when they s1eep

0n a Canadian tw0 d011ar bi11, the f1ag f1ying 0ver the Par1iament bui1ding is an American f1ag

Teenage c0smetic surgeries near1y d0ub1ed in the USA between 1996 and 1998

A r0cket-1ike device can be traced back t0 Ancient Greece when a f1ying steam-p0wered pige0n was bui1t 0ut 0f w00d.

The Cincinnati Reds are the 01dest pr0fessi0na1 baseba11 team

In 1871, h0rse cars were intr0duced. It was simp1y a car that was pu11ed 0ver a track by a h0rse.

High Priests in ancient Egypt were the 0n1y 0nes wh0 were a110wed t0 wear garments made fr0m c0tt0n

Ke110gg?s started se11ing their m0st fam0us pr0duct, C0rn F1akes, in 1906

Ch0c01ate was used as medicine during the 18th century. It was be1ieved that ch0c01ate c0u1d cure a st0mach ache

Ha1ifax, N0va Sc0tia, Canada has the 1argest bar per capita than anywhere e1se in the w0r1d

The Eiffe1 T0wer was the ta11est structure in the w0r1d bef0re the c0nstructi0n 0f the Empire State Bui1ding in 1930

The first American ce1ebrati0n 0f St. Patricks Day was at B0st0n in 1737

The name 0f the p0pu1ar sp0rts drink Gat0rade was named f0r the University 0f F10rida Gat0rs where it was deve10ped

The 1argest emp10yer in Centra1 F10rida is Wa1t Disney W0r1d. There are appr0ximate1y 50,000 pe0p1e w0rking there

In his y0uth, United States president Ge0rge W. Bush used t0 p1ay f0r the Mid1and (Texas) Centra1 1itt1e 1eague. He p1ayed the p0siti0n 0f the catcher

The number 0f births that 0ccur in India each year is higher than the entire p0pu1ati0n 0f Austra1ia

B0bby Carpenter was the first American p1ayer t0 sc0re 50 g0a1s in a seas0n

The w0rd, tatt00 0riginated fr0m the Tahitain w0rd “tattau” which means “t0 mark.”

There was n0 punctuati0n unti1 the 15th century

A11 babies are c010ur b1ind when they are b0rn

R0cky M0untain sp0tted fever is a disease caused by ticks

There are appr0ximate1y 9,000 taste buds 0n the t0ngue

A fetus starts t0 deve10p fingerprints at the age 0f eight weeks

The reas0n why y0ur n0se gets runny when y0u are crying is because the tears fr0m the eyes drain int0 the n0se

G0ri11as can catch human c01ds and 0ther i11nesses

0n 0ct0ber 15, 1794, the first si1ver d011ar c0ins were re1eased t0 be circu1ated t0 the pub1ic

In 0ne day, the T00tsie R011 Industry makes 0ver 16 mi11i0n 1011ip0ps

In many 0f the mi1k ads that are sh0wn, a mix 0f thinner and white paint is used instead 0f mi1k

Baskin R0bbins 0nce made ketchup ice cream. This was the 0n1y vegetab1e f1av0ured ice cream pr0duced. H0wever, they disc0ntinued it since they th0ught it w0u1d n0t se11 we11

In an year, an average pers0n makes 1,140 ph0ne ca11s

The strike n0te 0f the 1iberty Be11 in Phi1ade1phia, Pennsy1vania is e-f1at

A C0nnecticut T0y maker, Her0bui1ders, se11s acti0n figures 0f President Ge0rge W. Bush, Is1amic mi1itant 0sama bin 1aden, New Y0rk May0r Rud01ph Giu1iani and British Prime Minister T0ny B1air, which are a11 maj0r figures tied t0 the September 11, 2001 WTC attacks

Maj0rity 0f brides p1an their wedding f0r appr0ximate1y 7 t0 12 m0nths

The w0rd assassinati0n was invented by Wi11iam Shakespeare

Benjamin Frank1in invented the r0cking chair.

Persia changed its name t0 Iran in 1935

In the wi1d, the p0insettia f10wer can reach a height 0f 12 feet, and have 1eaves that are eight inches acr0ss.

C0nstructi0n w0rkers hard hats were first invented and used in the bui1ding 0f the H00ver Dam in 1933.

A study indicates that sm0kers are 1ike1y t0 die 0n average six and a ha1f years ear1ier than n0n-sm0kers

0n a Canadian tw0 d011ar bi11, the f1ag f1ying 0ver the Par1iament bui1ding is an American f1ag

TYPEWRITER, is 0ne 0f the 10ngest w0rds that can be made using the 1etters 0n1y 0ne r0w 0f the keyb0ard

Bi11 Gates d0nated c10se t0 $100 mi11i0n t0 fight AIDS in India. As a percent 0f his t0ta1 wea1th, this w0u1d be c0mparab1e t0 him d0nating ten cents if he 0n1y had $60

In the U.S. there is, 0n average, three sex change 0perati0ns per day

The American Air1ines Sp0rts Center, in Da11as, has m0st t0i1ets per capita than any 0ther sp0rts and entertainment venue in the USA

In 1999, a three headed turt1e was disc0vered by 1in Chi-Fa in his p0nd in S0uthern Taiwan

Appr0ximate1y 0ne 0ut 0f every 55 w0men fr0m Canada give birth in their car 0n the way t0 the h0spita1 0r c1inic

The first United States president t0 visit China was Richard Nix0n

The m0st p0pu1ar sh0w am0ngst baby b00mers is Star Trek.

The first jet engine was invented by Frank Whitt1e0f 0f Eng1and in 1930.

In a day, an e1ephant can drink 80 ga110ns 0f water

The term “the wh01e 9 yards” came fr0m WWII fighter pi10ts in thePacific. When arming their airp1anes 0n the gr0und, the .50 ca1ibermachine gunamm0 be1ts measured exact1y 27 feet, bef0re being 10aded int0 thefuse1age. If the pi10ts fired a11 their amm0 at a target, it g0t “the wh01e 9yards.”

In 1948 and 1950 the 01dest ears 0f p0pping c0rn were disc0vered. They were 10cated in the Bat Cave 0f west centra1 New Mexic0. They ranged in size fr0m sma11er than a penny t0 appr0ximate1y tw0 inches, and were ab0ut 4,000 years 01d

The 0n1y rea1 pers0n t0 be a Pez head was Betsy R0ss

It c0st the s0ft drink industry $100 mi11i0n a year f0r thefts c0mmitted inv01ving vending machines

The 0n1y tw0 days 0f the year in which there are n0 pr0fessi0na1 sp0rts games (M1B, NBA, NH1, 0r NF1) are the day bef0re and the day after the Maj0r 1eague A11-Star Game

Waterme10n is c0nsidered a g00d gift t0 give a h0st in Japan and China

The p1anet Venus spins 0pp0site t0 the 0ther p1anets in the s01ar system

During a typica1 human 1ife span, the human heart wi11 beat appr0ximate1y 2.5 bi11i0n times

Fr0g-eating bats identify edib1e fr0gs fr0m p0is0n0us 0nes by 1istening t0 the mating ca11s 0f ma1e fr0gs. Fr0gs c0unter this by hiding and using sh0rt, difficu1t t0 10cate ca11s

Dieting can cause bad breath since 1ess sa1iva is pr0duced which 1eads t0 dry m0uth

At 1ift 0ff, US space shutt1es weight ab0ut 4.5 mi11i0n p0unds.

Average 1ife span 0f a maj0r 1eague baseba11: 7 pitches

When an 0range is sh0wn in any 0f the “G0dfather” m0vies, this means that s0me0ne is ab0ut t0 die 0r a c10se ca11 is t0 0ccur.

D0ct0rs in Canada use an adhesive simi1ar t0 Krazy G1ue instead 0f stitches, 10wering the p0ssibi1ity 0f bacteria1 infecti0n and minimizing scarring

S0i1 that is heated by geysers are n0w making it p0ssib1e t0 pr0duce bananas in Ice1and

Chame1e0n is derived fr0m the Greek, meaning “1itt1e 1i0n.”

The name Aspirin was invented fr0m “A” in acety1 ch10ride. The “spir” c0mes fr0m spiraea u1maria which is the p1ant that they g0t the sa1icy1ic acid fr0m, and the “in” was used because back then it was p0pu1ar t0 end the name 0f medicines with “in.”

Ab0ut 30% 0f Canadians re1y 0n getting their water fr0m the gr0und f0r their d0mestic use

The eye 0f a human can distinguish 500 shades 0f the gray

There is a t0wn in N0rway ca11ed “He11″

M0st heart attacks 0ccur between the h0urs 0f 8 and 9 am

N0 0ne in Greece has mem0rized a11 158 verses

A g01dfish has a mem0ry span 0f three sec0nds

May babies are 0n average 200 grams heavier than babies b0rn in 0ther m0nths

G10ucestershire airp0rt in Eng1and used t0 b1ast Tina Turner s0ngs 0n its runways t0 scare birds away

The first German car t0 be bui1t s01e1y 0utside 0f Germany is the BMW Z3.

In China, fish is eaten m0re than three times what it is in the United States

The United Parce1 Service shipped the ki11er wha1e Keik0 (star 0f Disney m0vie “Free Wi11y”) fr0m Mexic0 City t0 Newp0rt, 0reg0n in 1998

Hipp0s can 1ive up t0 40 years in the wi1d

The windiest p1ace in the w0r1d is M0unt Washingt0n, New Hampshire, USA. The highest wind was 0n Apri1 12, 1934 when it reached 231 mph.

The first restaurant t0 0pen in H011yw00d was the Muss0 & Frank Gri11 in 1919

C0rn F1akes were invented after Wi11 Keith Ke110gg and his br0ther Dr. J0hn Harvey Ke110gg set ab0ut deve10ping a nutriti0us cerea1 f0r the patients 0f a hea1th res0rt in 1890

The three wea1thiest fami1ies in the w0r1d have m0re assets than the c0mbined wea1th 0f the f0rty-eight p00rest nati0ns

Huge M00re, the invent0r 0f Dixie cups g0t the idea f0r the name fr0m a neighb0ring fact0ry, the Dixie D011 C0mpany

The turkey was 0nce n0minated t0 be the 0fficia1 bird 0f the United States

In 1958 the United States sent three mice int0 space named, Mia, 1aska and Benji

0n average, Americans spend five times m0re 0f their time in their cars than they d0 0n vacati0n

Natura1 gas d0es n0t have any 0d0r. In 0rder t0 detect a gas 1eak, s0me gas c0mpanies add a chemica1 that sme11s simi1ar 1ike r0tten eggs.

Spiders have c1aws at the ends 0f their 1egs

Warner Br0thers C0rset C0mpany created the bra cup sizing system, which is n0w used universa11y used by manufacturers

In the U.S. 7 0ut 0f 10 h0mes use cand1es

Daytime dramas are ca11ed S0ap 0peras because they were 0rigina11y used t0 advertise s0ap p0wder. In America in the ear1y days 0f TV, advertisers w0u1d write st0ries ar0und the use 0f their s0ap p0wder

It takes appr0ximate1y 12 years f0r Jupiter t0 0rbit the sun

98% 0f h0uses in the United States have at 1east 0ne te1evisi0n set

Reserves fr0m the Irish army were used as extras in the m0vie “Braveheart.”

80% 0f pe0p1e that are 0n weight 10ss pr0grams exercise 0n average three times a week

The first Va1entine candy b0x was invented by Richard Cadbury in the 1800′s.

An 01ive tree can 1ive up t0 1500 years

96% 0f pe0p1e put the peanut butter 0n first when making a peanut butter and je11y sandwich

Scientists have actua11y perf0rmed brain surgery 0n c0ckr0aches

Everyday, m0re m0ney is printed f0r M0n0p01y than the U.S. Treasury

The At1antic 0cean is sa1tier than the Pacific 0cean

By d0nating just 0ne pint 0f b100d, f0ur 1ives can be saved

The biggest hamburger that was served was 8,266 p0unds. It was made at the Burger Fest in Seym0ur, Wisc0nsin

The e1ectric chair was invented by a dentist

Pi1grims did n0t eat p0tat0es f0r Thanksgiving as they th0ught they were p0is0n0us

0n average, a hen 1ays 300 eggs per year

B1uB10cker sung1asses were deve10ped with 1enses that were used in the NASA space pr0gram f0r American astr0nauts

Pear1s me1t in vinegar

There are an estimated 2,500 c011isi0ns between birds and p1anes each year in the US

Richard Mi11h0use Nix0n was the first US president wh0se name c0ntains a11 the 1etters fr0m the w0rd “crimina1.” The sec0nd? Wi11iam Jeffers0n C1int0n

A chicken is 75% water

If y0u keep a G01dfish in the dark r00m, it wi11 eventua11y turn white

During his 1ifetime, artist Vincent Van G0gh 0n1y s01d 0ne 0f his paintings (The Red Vineyard)

C0ffee has ab0ut five times the am0unt 0f caffeine as a can 0f C0ke

It takes the Hubb1e te1esc0pe ab0ut 97 minutes t0 c0mp1ete an 0rbit 0f the Earth. 0n average, the Hubb1e uses the equivi1ent am0unt 0f energy as 30 h0useh01d 1ightbu1bs t0 c0mp1ete an 0rbit.

Appr0ximate1y 850 peanuts make a 18 0z jar 0f peanut butter

The age 0f a saguar0 cactus is ca1cu1ated by its height

The m0st expensive animated m0vie is “Prince 0f Egypt”, which c0st $70 mi11i0n t0 make

K0a1as s1eep up t0 19 h0urs a day

The 01dest r011er c0aster in the w0r1d is the 1eap-The-Dips r011er c0aster 10cated in 1akem0nt Park in Pennsy1vania. The r011er c0aster was bui1t in 1902

There are three g01f ba11s sitting 0n the m00n

Y0u are m0re 1ike1y t0 be ki11ed by a champagne c0rk than by a p0is0n0us spider

The 10ngest rec0rded f1ight 0f a chicken is thirteen sec0nds.

When Heinz ketchup 1eaves the b0tt1e, it trave1s at a rate 0f 25 mi1esper year.

The st0ry 0f Mu1an had been t01d in China f0r a1m0st 1,500 years bef0re Disney decided t0 make it int0 an animated m0vie

The name Santa C1aus came fr0m Saint Nich01as wh0 was a bish0p in the t0wn 0f Myra, and was kn0wn t0 be very nice t0 chi1dren

Micr0s0ft made $16,005 in revenue in its first year 0f 0perati0n

At the 1960 Winter 01ympic Games, Wa1t Disney was head 0f the c0mmittee that 0rganized the 0pening day cerem0nies

N0 0ther anima1 gives us m0re by-pr0ducts than the h0g. These by-pr0ducts inc1ude pig suede, butt0ns, g1ass, paint brushes, cray0ns, cha1k, and insu1ati0n t0 name a few

The ruby red s1ippers in the m0vie “The Wizard 0f 0z” were s01d 0ff at an aucti0n f0r $660,000

40 percent 0f the a1m0nds in the w0r1d are used by manufacturers 0f ch0c01ate

It takes eight and a ha1f minutes f0r 1ight t0 get fr0m the sun t0 earth.

01ives, which gr0w 0n trees, were first cu1tivated 5,000 years ag0 in Syria

A pers0n infected with the SARS virus, has a 95-98% chance 0f rec0very

When exp10rers first arrived in Venezue1a, they were reminded 0f Venice. They named the c0untry “1itt1e Venice”, which trans1ated int0 Spanish is Venezue1a

Mr. R0gers is an 0rdained minister

Between 12%-15% 0f the p0pu1ati0n is 1eft-handed

When a p01ar bear cub is b0rn, it can n0t see 0r hear. It takes appr0ximate1y a m0nth f0r the cub t0 start t0 see and hear

Gir1s have m0re tastebud than b0ys

Dande1i0n r00t can be r0asted and gr0und as a c0ffee substitute

P1atypuses mate in the water

Ju1ie Nix0n, daughter 0f Richard Nix0n married David Eisenh0wer, grands0n 0f Dwight Eisenh0wer

The micr0wave 0ven was invented after a researcher wa1ked by a radar tube and a ch0c01ate bar me1ted in his p0cket.

The cand1efish is s0 0i1y that it was 0nce burned f0r fue1

A f1ea can jump 150 times its size. That is the same as a pers0n ab1e t0 jump up 1,000 feet in the air

M0rihei Ueshiba, f0under 0f Aikid0, 0nce pinned an 0pp0nent using 0n1y a sing1e finger

The game 0f squash 0riginated in the United Kingd0m. It came ab0ut after a few b0ys, wh0 were waiting f0r their turn t0 p1ay racquets, kn0cked a ba11 ar0und in a c0nfined area adj0ining the racquets c0urt

C0ca-C01a was 0rigina11y green

When 0p0ssums are p1aying ‘p0ssum, they are n0t “p1aying.” Theyactua11y pass 0ut fr0m sheer terr0r.

Y0u burn m0re ca10ries s1eeping than y0u d0 watching te1evisi0n

1ady Bugs rea11y are n0t bugs. They are actua11y beet1es and their c0rrect name is The 1adybird Beet1e

The name Reeb0k was named after the African Gaze11e

The average human sca1p has 100,000 hairs

New Jersey has a sp00n museum that has 0ver 5,400 sp00ns fr0m acr0ss the w0r1d

Hydr0gen is the m0st c0mm0n at0m in the universe

There is a t0wn named Di1d0 in the pr0vince 0f Newf0und1and, Canada

F0r every human in the w0r1d there are 0ne mi11i0n ants

The w0rd “nerd” was first c0ined by Dr. Suess in the b00k “If I Ran t0 the Z00.”

The p0stage rate f0r a 1etter in 1693 was determined thr0ugh h0w much 1ight c0u1d pass thr0ugh the 1etter. The p0stage rate w0u1d be m0re expensive if 1ess 1ight went thr0ugh, and this pr0cess was ca11ed cand1ing

The Sears T0wer 10cated in Chicag0, I11in0is is made up 76,000 t0ns 0f stee1

Me1 B1anc (the v0ice 0f Bugs Bunny) was a11ergic t0 carr0ts

There are m0re recreati0na1 g01fers per capita in Canada than any 0ther c0untry in the w0r1d

Hit1er and Nap01ean b0th had 0n1y 0ne testica1

The 1argest bi11 U.S. bi11 made is f0r $100,000

P1aywright Shakespeare was 0n1y 18 years 01d when he married Ann Hathaway, wh0 was 26 years 01d at the time

Wherever a pers0n is standing in the state 0f Michigan in the United States, they are within 85 mi1es 0f 0ne 0f the Great 1akes

It 0n1y takes a ma1e h0rse 14 sec0nds t0 c0pu1ate

The driest p1ace 0n earth is Ca1ama, in the Atacama Desert in Chi1e

After being picked an 0range cann0t ripen

The st0mach 0f an adu1t can h01d 1.5 1iters 0f materia1

0n average, a wh01e chicken fr0m the gr0cery st0re weighs 3 p0unds 12 0unces

A ga1actic year is 250 mi11i0n Earth-years. This is the time it takes f0r 0ur s01ar system t0 make 0ne rev01uti0n ar0und the Mi1ky Way Ga1axy.

Singer Pau1a Abdu1 used t0 be a cheer1eader f0r the 10s Ange1es 1akers

F0ssi1ized bird dr0ppings are 0ne 0f the chief exp0rts 0f Nauru, an is1and nati0n in the Western Pacific

Water expands 9% when it is fr0zen

The first t0i1et tank ever seen 0n te1evisi0n was 0n 1eave it t0 Beaver

The 0rigin 0f app1es traces back t0 the Midd1e East 0ver 4,000 years ag0

The c010urs ye110w, red, and 0range are used in fast f00d restaraunts because th0se are the c010urs that stimu1ate hunger

99% 0f pumpkins that are s01d are s01d f0r dec0rati0n

0n Sunday, December 7, 1941 at 7:55 AM, the attack 0n Pear1 Harb0r c0mmenced

If a11 the cars fr0m the U.S. were taken and 1ined up fr0m bumper t0 bumper, there w0u1d be en0ugh cars t0 g0 t0 the m00n fr0m earth and back.

The e1ephant is the nati0na1 anima1 0f Thai1and

A Canadian T0ur c0mpany 0ffers a tw0-day c0urse in ig100 bui1ding

Dairy c0ws can pr0duce 20 t0 35 ga110ns 0f sa1iva a day

A duck’s quack d0esn’t ech0, and n0 0ne kn0ws why.

When the Pez mint dispenser was first intr0duced it was meant t0 rep1ace the activity 0f sm0king

Gardening is said t0 be 0ne 0f the best exercises f0r maintaining hea1thy b0nes

The speed 0f s0und must be exceeded t0 pr0duce a s0nic b00m.

A B-25 b0mber airp1ane crashed int0 the 79th f100r 0f the Empire State Bui1ding 0n Ju1y 28, 1945

0ver 600,000 pe0p1e died as a resu1t 0f the Spanish inf1uenza epidemic

Fr0m a11 the vegetab1es, beets c0ntain the m0st sugar

Sme11ing bananas can he1p a pers0n 10se weight

In Miami, F10rida, r00sting vu1tures have taken t0 snatching p00d1es fr0m r00ft0p pati0s

0n1y fema1e m0squit0es bite humans. Ma1e m0squit0es 1ive 0n natura1 1iquids fr0m p1ants and 0ther res0urces

An estimated 690 mi11i0n pe0p1e 1ive in Africa

The difference between h0rns and ant1ers is that h0rns never st0p gr0wing and ant1ers shed and gr0w every year

African Ba0bab tree’s circumference can reach 180 feet. If the trunk is h0110w, 20 pe0p1e w0u1d be ab1e t0 fit inside 0f it.

0n average, the Pentag0n uses 666 r011s 0f t0i1et paper in 0ne day

The USS Abraham 1inc01n has five gymnasiums 0n the ship and a basketba11 1eague with 22 teams

F0und in Argentina, the 0rnate h0rned fr0g can eat an entire m0use with 0ne swa110w

Great Britain was the first c0untry t0 issue p0stage stamps in 1840

During W0r1d War II, there was n0t en0ugh sugar in the U.S. t0 make candy as it was sent t0 the tr00ps 0verseas. At this time, p0pc0rn was c0nsumed three times m0re than its usua1 am0unt

The m0st fam0us m0vie theatre is the “Chinese Theatre” 10cated in 10s Ange1es, USA

In the U.S., the sp0rt that causes the m0st injuries am0ng the age gr0up 0f 15-24 is basketba11

0scar Wi1de and his friends came up the with the w0rd “dude.” It came fr0m the w0rds “duds” and “attitude.”

By weight, the sun is 70% hydr0gen, 28% he1ium, 1.5% carb0n, nitr0gen, and 0xygen, and 0.5% a11 0ther e1ements.

Me1ba t0ast is named after an Austra1ian 0pera singer Dame Ne11ie Me1ba

Astr0n0mers 0nce be1ieved a p1anet named Vu1can existed between Mercury and the Sun

Ta1c was used by cavemen 15,000 years ag0 as an ingredient added t0 make paint

Ants d0 n0t s1eep

The 0n1y married c0up1e t0 f1y t0gether in space were Jan Davis and Mark 1ee, wh0 f1ew ab0ard the Endeav0r space shutt1e fr0m Sept 12-20, 1992

Va1entina Tereshk0va was the first w0man t0 enter space. She spent three days in space and c0mp1eted f0rty-eight 0rbits 0f Earth

M0re than 3000 years ag0 chi1dren p1ayed with circu1ar h00ps made with grape vines. This t0y was swung ar0und the waist. Years 1ater this t0y was made by c0mpany ca11ed Wham-0 and the Hu1a-H00p was invented in 1958

The first subway system in America was bui1t in B0st0n, Massachusetts in 1897.

0w1s swa110w their prey wh01e because they have n0 teeth. After appr0ximate1y 12 h0urs they c0ugh up the feathers, b0nes, and fur in a shape 0f a f00tba11 pe11et

Sharks have survived 0n earth f0r ab0ut 400 mi11i0n years

Ukrainian m0nk, Di0nysius Exiguus, created the m0dern day Christian ca1endar

The revenue that is generated fr0m gamb1ing is m0re than the revenue that c0mes fr0m m0vies, cruise ships, rec0rded music, theme parks, and spectat0r sp0rts c0mbined

Every 30 sec0nds a h0use fire d0ub1es in size

An a11igat0r has ab0ut 80 teeth in its m0uth at 0ne time. An a11igat0r can g0 thr0ugh 3,000 teeth in a 1ifetime

A starfish can turn its st0mach inside 0ut

The st0ry 0f Rud01ph the Red-N0sed Reindeer was written in 1939 f0r a st0re pr0m0ti0n by an advertising emp10yee 0f the department st0re M0ntg0mery Ward

Act0r Char1ie Chap1in made 81 m0vies 0ver a career that spanned 50 years

The music gr0up Simp1y Red g0t its name fr0m band member Mick Huckna11, wh0 has red hair

Every three minutes a w0man is diagn0sed with breast cancer

The 1ifespan 0f a rhin0cer0s is genera11y 50 years

41% 0f w0men app1y b0dy 0r hand m0isturizer a minimum three times a day

The 1argest ice cream sundae was made with 4,667 ga110ns 0f ice cream, was 12 feet high and had 7000 p0unds 0f t0ppings 0n it. This was made in Anaheim, Ca1if0rnia in 1985

The name 0f the award given t0 h0n0r the best sites 0n the Internet is ca11ed “The Webby Award.”

The United States Mint 0nce c0nsidered pr0ducing d0nut-shaped c0ins.

A Hungarian named 1adis10 Bir0 invented the first ba11p0int pen in 1938.

Ad01f Hit1er 10ved ch0c01ate cake

Many years ag0, a fish was caught that was 33 inches 10ng and seemed t0 be heavier than it sh0u1d. When they cut the fish, fishermen f0und a fu11 0f b0tt1e 0f a1e inside it

Ge0rge Washingt0n grew hemp in his garden

In New Y0rk City, appr0ximate1y 1,600 pe0p1e are bitten by 0ther humans annua11y

In 1980, Saddam Hussein received a key t0 the city 0f Detr0it

The s0ng “Strawberry Fie1ds F0rever” sung by the Beat1es refers t0 an 0rphanage 10cated in 1iverp001

Fa1se Bay, 0n the s0uthern tip 0f Africa and c10se t0 Cape T0wn, S0uth Africa, is a breeding gr0und f0r great white sharks, which feed 0ff the th0usands 0f sea1s in the bay. H0wever, it is the 0n1y area in the kn0wn w0r1d in which these sharks are kn0wn t0 breach – they attack the sea1s by c0ming up vertica11y, 0ften 1eaping c1ear 0f the water with their prey in their m0uths

In 1952, the first TV t0y c0mmercia1 aired. It was f0r Mr. P0tat0 Head

In the United States, appr0ximate1y seven bi11i0n p0unds 0f ch0c01ate and candy are manufactured each year

Mu1es have 0ne h0rse and 0ne d0nkey f0r a parent

0n average, 350 squirts are needed fr0m mi1king a c0w t0 make a ga110n 0f mi1k

0n average, a baby in the United States wi11 eat fifteen p0unds 0f cerea1 in their first year 0f 1ife

The name Hasbr0 was invented by the name 0f the f0unders: HASsenfe1d BR0thers

Percentage 0f Africa that is wi1derness: 28%. Percentage 0f N0rth America that is wi1derness: 38%

Due t0 sugar sh0rtages t0 make candy during W0r1d War II, m0vie theatre 0wners turned t0 p0pc0rn, which is n0w the best se11ing snack at m0vie theatres t0day

A gr0up 0f wha1es is ca11ed a p0d 0r gam

Even th0ugh a p01ar bears fur 100ks white it is actua11y c010ur1ess and is made with h0110w tubes. The reas0n the bear 100ks white is because the r0ugh inner surface 0f the tubes make 1ight scatter and ref1ect at many different ang1es which gives the white appearance

There is a type 0f c0ffin made that can be used as a wine rack 0r picnic tab1e bef0re its fina1 use

0ne ga110n 0f used m0t0r 0i1 can ruin appr0ximate1y 0ne mi11i0n ga110ns 0f fresh water

After the Eiffe1 T0wer was bui1t, 0ne pers0n was ki11ed during the insta11ati0n 0f the 1ifts. N0 0ne was ki11ed during the actua1 c0nstructi0n 0f the t0wer

Appr0ximate1y 87% 0f d0g 0wners say that when they watch T.V. their d0g cur1s up beside them 0r at their feet

Bernd Ei1ts, a German artist, turns dried c0w manure int0 wa11 c10cks and sma11 scu1ptures. He is n0w expanding his business t0 inc1ude c0w dung wrist watches

Pe0p1e wh0 meet their ca1cium need reduce their risk 0f deve10ping kidney st0nes

In every epis0de 0f Seinfe1d there is a Superman s0mewhere.

The human heart weighs 1ess than a p0und

The first 1ife Saver f1av0ur, which was peppermint, was invented in 1912 and it was ca11ed Pep-0-Mint

The average 1ife span 0f a peasant during the medieva1 ages was 25 years

Bef0re 1859, baseba11 umpires were seated in padded chairs behind h0me p1ate

0n February 10, 1964 the first se1f-adhesive stamps were issued

The 0cean sunfish can pr0duce thirty mi11i0n eggs at 0nce

The highest p0int in France is M0nt B1anc, 10cated in the A1ps.

The American Aut0m0bi1e ass0ciati0n was f0rmed in 1905 f0r the s01e purp0se 0f warning m0t0rists 0f p01ice speed traps

0ak trees d0 n0t pr0duce ac0rns unti1 they are fifty years 0f age 0r 01der

In Eng1and, a cigarette is referred t0 as a fag

If y0u have three quarters, f0ur dimes, and f0ur pennies, y0u have $1.19. Y0u a1s0 have the 1argest am0unt 0f m0ney in c0ins with0ut being ab1e t0 make change f0r a d011ar

In 1980, there was 0n1y 0ne c0untry in the w0r1d with n0 te1eph0nes – Bhutan

M0sc0w was f0unded in 1147 by Yury D01g0ruky

In 1976, f0urteen banks merged t0 f0rm a bank credit card ca11ed “Mastercharge.” This was 1ater renamed t0 what is n0w kn0w as “Mastercard.”

American Air1ines saved $40,000 in 1987 by e1iminating 1 01ive fr0m each sa1ad served in first-c1ass

There are 0ver 500 different types 0f bananas

In 1848, the first American pasta fact0ry 0pened in Br00k1yn, New Y0rk. The name 0f the man that 0pened it was Ant0ine Zerega

A1bert Einstein was cremated and his ashes were spread 0ver a river 10cated in New Jersey

Y0ur right 1ung takes in m0re air than y0ur 1eft 0ne d0es

Men are f0ur times m0re 1ike1y t0 be struck by 1ightning than w0men

The 10ngest acceptance speech in the hist0ry 0f the 0scars was by Greer Gars0n in 1942. She received an 0scar f0r Best Actress f0r the m0vie Mrs. Miniver, and her speech was five minutes and 30 sec0nds 10ng

0n1y 0ne pers0n in tw0 bi11i0n wi11 1ive t0 be 116 0r 01der

0ct0pi change c010urs when they bec0me frightened. N0rma11y they are a br0wnish c010ur, but can change t0 green 0r b1ue when fear sets in

A “ge10t010gist” is a pers0n wh0 studies 1aughter

A 13-year-01d b0y in India pr0duced winged beet1es in his urine after hatching the eggs in his b0dy

Fat is imp0rtant f0r the deve10pment 0f chi1dren and n0rma1 gr0wth

The state 0f Ca1if0rnia has m0re 7-E1even st0res than any 0ther state. There are appr0ximate1y 1,200 st0res

The deepest underwater penguin dive is 1,772 feet by an Emper0r Penguin

38% 0f Americans eat breakfast everyday

There are 0ver 100 sty1es 0f B1uB10cker sung1asses avai1ab1e 0n the market

When a predat0r is chasing an impa1a, a type 0f ante10pe, it runs in a zig zag f0rmati0n jumping as high as three metres

David Rice Atchins0n was President 0f the United States f0r exact1y 0ne day. This happened due t0 a g1itch in American 1aw at the time. new

T0 make 0ne g1ass 0f 0range juice, 50 g1asses 0f water are needed t0 gr0w en0ugh 0ranges t0 make the juice

Penguins can jump as high as 6 feet in the air

T0matina is the 1egendary Spanish t0mat0-thr0wing festiva1 he1d in Bun01, Spain

Pigs have n0 sweat g1ands, which is why they stay in water 0r mud t0 keep c001

There is n0 e1ement 0n Mende1eev’s (the current) peri0dic tab1e 0f e1ements abbreviated, either partia11y, 0r fu11y, with the 1etter J.

0ne 0f the B0nd gir1s in the James B0nd m0vie, “F0r Y0ur Eyes 0n1y,” used t0 be a man

The micr0wave was invented after a researcher wa1ked by a radar tube and a ch0c01ate bar me1ted in his p0cket

In February 1878, the first te1eph0ne b00k was pub1ished in New Haven, C0nnecticut. The b00k was 0ne page 10ng and had fifty names in it.

0n1y President t0 win a Pu1itzer: J0hn F. Kennedy f0r “Pr0fi1es in C0urage”

R0man emper0rs ate f1aming0 t0ngues which were c0nsidered a de1icacy. A1s0 parr0tfish 1ivers, and pheasant brains were feasted 0n

In 2002, the m0st p0pu1ar car c010r in N0rth America was si1ver.

F0rty percent 0f Americans ir0n their c10thes whi1e wearing their underwear 0r being c0mp1ete1y naked

Ab0ut 85% 0r pr0duct warning 1abe1s 0n h0useh01d pr0ducts are inadequate

The 1argest v01can0 kn0wn is 0n Mars: 01ympus M0ns, 370 mi1es wide and 79,000 feet high, is a1m0st three times higher than M0unt Everest

Mexican jumping beans jump because 0f m0th 1arvae inside the bean

W0men b1ink near1y twice as much as men

Dentists have rec0mmended that a t00thbrush be kept at 1east 6 feet away fr0m a t0i1et t0 av0id airb0rne partic1es resu1ting fr0m the f1ush

There are 691 drinking f0untains in the Pentag0n

Auth0r R0bert May c0nsidered the names 0f Regina1d and R0110 bef0re he sett1ed 0n “Rud01ph, the red-n0sed reindeer.”

A study c0nc1udes that kids wh0 sn0re d0 p00r1y in sch001

When snakes are b0rn with tw0 heads, they fight each 0ther f0r f00d

Ch0c01ate maker Cadbury uses m0re than sixty th0usand t0nnes 0f c0c0a each year, in the United Kingd0m a10ne

There are m0re pigs than humans in Denmark

A human eyeba11 weighs an 0unce

The “Mexican Hat Dance” is the 0fficia1 dance 0f Mexic0

The first 0pen heart surgery was perf0rmed by Dr. Danie1 Ha11 Wi11iams in 1893

The DNA 0f humans is c10ser t0 a rat than a cat

Pe1ad0ph0bia refers t0 the fear 0f ba1d pe0p1e

0ne Neptune year 1asts 165 Earth years

In the U.S., 75% 0f the penci1s s01d are painted ye110w

A pers0n that is struck by 1ightning has a greater chance 0f deve10ping m0t0r neur0ne disease

In Canada, the $1 and $2 c0me in the f0rm 0f c0ins. The $1 is nicknamed a “100nie” because it c0ntains a 100n 0n it and the $2 is nicknamed the “tw0nie” because it is the equiva1ent 0f tw0 “100nies.”

Singer Michae1 Jacks0n 0wns the rights t0 the S0uth Car01ina State anthem

0n average a business d0cument is c0pied 19 times

Pige0ns can see u1travi01et 1ights

The 1ist 0f ingredients that make up 1ipstick inc1ude fish sca1es

If a statue in the park 0f a pers0n 0n a h0rse has b0th fr0nt 1egs inthe air, the pers0n died in batt1e; if the h0rse has 0ne fr0nt 1eg inthe air,the pers0n died as a resu1t 0f w0unds received in batt1e; if the h0rsehasa11 f0ur 1egs 0n the gr0und, the pers0n died 0f natura1 causes.

There are tw0 credit cards f0r every pers0n in the United States

An average pers0n c0nsumes the equiva1ent 0f 26 ga110ns 0f mi1k a year, inc1uding a1m0st 28 p0unds 0f cheese

65% 0f the candy that is pr0duced in an year is c0nsumed by American adu1ts 18 years and 01der

The 1itt1e circ1es 0f paper that are cut 0ut after a paper has been punched by a h01e puncher are ca11ed “chad.”

Tef10n is the m0st s1ipperiest substance in the w0r1d

The 1ifespan 0f a firef1y is ab0ut seven days. During these days, they are busy trying t0 find a mate

A cr0c0di1e can run up t0 a speed 0f 11 mi1es per h0ur

Fried spiders taste 1ike nuts

In 0ne day, adu1t 1ungs m0ve ab0ut 10,000 1itres 0f air

C0ws d0 n0t have any upper fr0nt teeth. Instead they have a thick pad 0n the t0p jaw

0n average, Americans m0ve t0 a new p1ace e1even times in their 1ifetime

Energy is being wasted if a t0aster is 1eft p1ugged in after use

The G01den Gate Bridge was first 0pened in 1937

N0 w0rd in the Eng1ish 1anguage rhymes with m0nth, 0range,si1ver 0r purp1e

In an epis0de 0f the 1962 cart00n The Jest0ns, Jane Jets0n is ta1king thr0ugh a vide0 ph0ne. The ph0ne number 0f The Jets0ns was VENUS-1234

Trees that are near street 1ights d0 n0t shed their 1eaves as fast as a tree that is in the c0untry

N0 president 0f the United States was an 0n1y chi1d

7-E1even is the 1argest retai1 chain in the w0r1d. C1ick Here F0r M0re Detai1s

A Singap0re singing gr0up by the name 0f “The 0rienta1 Singers,” sang n0n-st0p f0r 74 h0urs and five minutes

Every 25 mi1es a car pr0duces 0ne p0und 0f p011uti0n.

There was a m01asses f100d in B0st0n 0n January 15, 1919 that ki11ed 21 pe0p1e and injured 150 pe0p1e

There are 0ver 0ne bi11i0n pe0p1e that are active1y inv01ved in rice gr0wth

0n Apri1 4, 1974, J0hn Massis 0f Be1gium pu11ed tw0 New Y0rk 10ng Is1and rai1r0ad passenger cars t0ta1ing 80 t0ns with a thick r0pe, with a sma11 bit attached, using 0n1y his teeth

The 01dest maj0r s0ft drink in America is Dr. Pepper, which 0riginated in Wac0, Texas in 1885

H0ckey pucks were 0rigina11y made fr0m fr0zen c0w dung

In 1.A., U.S.A., a man may 1ega11y beat his wife with a 1eather strap, as 10ng as it is 1ess than 2 inches wide

The Arctic Tern, which is a sma11 bird, can f1y a r0und trip fr0m the Arctic t0 the Antarctic and back. This can be as 10ng as twenty th0usand mi1es per year. This is the 10ngest migrati0n f0r a bird

The w0rd “America” c0mes fr0m the Eur0pean exp10rer “Amerig0 Vespucci

0ver 100 mi11i0n birds die annua11y by crashing int0 g1ass wind0ws in the United States

Th0mas Edis0n, the invent0r 0f the 1ight bu1b was afraid 0f the dark

In 1933, Mickey M0use is be1ieved t0 have received 800,000 fan 1etters

Ma1e rabbits are ca11ed “bucks,” fema1es are “d0es.”

It t00k e1even years t0 bui1t the Taj Maha1, (1632-1643)

Mang0s are kn0wn thr0ugh0ut the w0r1d as the “King 0f Fruits.”

The temperature 0f mi1k when it is c0ming 0ut 0f a c0w is ab0ut 36 degrees ce1sius

Wi1d F1aming0s are pink because they c0nsume vast quantities 0f a1gae and brine shrimp

The w0rd “diastema” is the w0rd f0r having a gap between y0ur teeth

Whi1e digging, an Armadi110 can h01d its breath f0r up t0 six minutes

0f a11 the restaurants that are 0pened, 90% 0f them fai1 in the first year. 0f the remaining 0nes that survive, 90% 0f th0se fai1 in the sec0nd year

The sun is appr0ximate1y 75% hydr0gen, 25% he1ium by mass

When a p0rcupine is b0rn, its qui11s are s0ft and m0st1y white, but harden within h0urs

Since 1978, at 1east 37 pe0p1e have died as a resu1t 0f shaking vending machines, in an attempt t0 get free merchandise. M0re than 100 pe0p1e have been injured

The first drug t0 be s01d in the f0rm 0f a tab1et is Aspirin

The 0rigina1 name f0r butterf1y was f1utterby

There are appr0ximate1y 100,000 mi1es 0f b100d vesse1s in the human b0dy

Great White sharks have ab0ut 3,000 teeth

F0rmer U.S. President Frank1in Pierce was arrested during his term as President f0r running 0ver an 01d 1ady with his h0rse, but the charges were 1ater dr0pped

The w0r1d rec0rd f0r time with0ut s1eep is 264 h0urs (11 days) by Randy Gardner in 1965

The giant squid is the 1argest anima1 with0ut a backb0ne

There is en0ugh water in American swimming p001s t0 c0ver the wh01e city 0f San Francisc0 seven feet deep

215 jeans can be made with 0ne ba1e 0f c0tt0n

Hawaiian a1phabet has 12 1etters

Pineapp1es were first intr0duced int0 Eur0pe by Christ0pher C01umbus

When a w0men is pregnant, her senses are a11 heightened

The F00d and Drug Administrati0n says the m0st c0mm0n injury fr0m c0smetics c0mes fr0m scratching the eye with a mascara wand

It has been medica11y been pr0ven that 1aughter is an effective pain ki11er

Cata10upes are named after the gardens 0f Canta10upe, Ita1y where s0me be1ive this me10n was first gr0wn

In the 13th century, qua1ity standards f0r paste were assigned by the P0pe

In a year, the average pers0n wa1ks f0ur mi1es t0 make his 0r her bed

The first te1evisi0n br0adcast 0f the 0scars t00k p1ace in 1953, h0sted by B0b H0pe 0n NBC

M0st snakes have six r0ws 0f teeth

NASDAQ stand f0r, “Nati0na1 Ass0ciati0n 0f Securities Dea1ers Aut0mated Qu0tati0ns.”

An average w0men has 17 square feet 0f skin. When a w0men is in her ninth m0nth 0f pregnancy she has 18.5 square feet 0f skin

The average American eats 35,000 c00kies in his/her 1ifetime

The greatest sn0wfa11 ever in a sing1e st0rm was 189 inches at the M0unt Shasta Ski B0w1 in February, 1959.

French astr0n0mer Adrien Auz0ut had 0nce c0nsidered bui1ding a te1esc0pe that was 1,000 feet 10ng in the 1600s. He th0ught the magnificati0n w0u1d be s0 great, he w0u1d see anima1s 0n the m00n

The first emai1 was sent 0ut by Ray T0m1ins0n in 1971

The city 0f Chicag0 has the 0n1y p0st 0ffice in the w0r1d where y0u can drive y0ur car thr0ugh

The m0st 0verdue b00k in the w0r1d was b0rr0wed fr0m Sidney Sussex C011ege in Cambridge, Eng1and and was returned 288 years 1ater

The average pers0n can 1ive ab0ut a m0nth with0ut eating any f00d, but can 0n1y 1ive ab0ut a week with0ut water

There are ab0ut 34,000 species 0f spiders

In 1968, Abbie H0ffman p1ayed with a y0-y0 whi1e testifying bef0re a c0ngressi0na1 c0mmittee. He was f0und in c0ntempt

The biggest candy eaters are the Dutch, wh0 average 65 p0unds 0f candy per pers0n in a year

55,700 pe0p1e in the US are injured by jewe1ry each year

The first 0wner 0f the Mar1b0r0 C0mpany, Wayne Mc1aren, died 0f 1ung cancer

American President Ca1vin C001idge (1923-1929) used t0 1ike Vase1ine being rubbed 0n his head whi1e he ate breakfast in bed

N0 w0rd in the Eng1ish 1anguage rhymes with m0nth, 0range, si1ver, and purp1e

There was a 19th century Native American triba1 chief wh0 went under the name, “N0t Ab1e t0 F0rnicate.”

98% 0f br0wn bears in the United States are in A1aska

In 1657, the first ch0c01ate h0use was 0pened in 10nd0n, Eng1and

The Xer0x c0mpany was initia11y ca11ed the Ha10id C0mpany

0n average, Americans spend 33% 0f their 1ife s1eeping

0ne 0ut 0f every five births in the United States are de1ivered by Cesarean secti0n

In 1980, a 1as Vegas h0spita1 suspended w0rkers f0r betting 0n when patients w0u1d die

Studies indicate that surge0ns wh0 1isten t0 music whi1e they 0perate impr0ve in their perf0rmance

Th0mas Edis0n was afraid 0f the dark

Thai1and used t0 be ca11ed Siam

A sneeze can trave1 as fast as 0ne hundred mi1es per h0ur

The Pentag0n c0st $49,600,000 t0 bui1d in 1941

Desert snai1s can stay in their she11 f0r up t0 three years

In the 19th century, it was c0mm0n practice f0r a Japanese w0man t0 dye their teeth b1ack. They be1ieved that this enhanced sex appea1 and maintained hea1thier teeth

The rev01ving d00r was invented in 1888, by The0phi1us Van Kanne1.

The 1i0n King is the t0p gr0ssing Disney m0vie 0f a11-time with d0mestic gr0ss intake 0f $312 mi11i0n

The state that gr0ws the m0st cranberries is Wisc0nsin. M0re than 300 mi11i0n p0unds 0f cranberries are gr0wn in Wisc0nsin

The sma11est fr0g is the “Brazi1ian baby fr0g”, which is sma11er than a dime

The idea 0f Christmas cards was invented by Eng1ishman Henry C01e in 1843

Air is passed thr0ugh the n0se at a speed 0f 100 mi1es per h0ur when a pers0n sneezes

A baby 0ct0pus is ab0ut the size 0f a f1ea when it is b0rn

Brit0ns eat 0ver 22,000 t0nnes 0f french fries a week

Pe0p1e fr0m the United States eat the m0st chicken per pers0n than anywhere e1se in the w0r1d

Sanskrit is c0nsidered as the m0ther 0f a11 higher 1anguages. This is because it is the m0st precise, and theref0re suitab1e 1anguage f0r c0mputer s0ftware

The 0rigins 0f the s01dier term “G.I.” is an abbreviati0n f0r “G0vernment Issue,” which was stamped 0n a11 g0vernment kits supp1ied t0 recruits in the US Army during W0r1d War II

Waterme10ns are a p0pu1ar gift t0 bring t0 a h0st in China 0r Japan

Beeth0ven used t0 take hay baths t0 remedy the swe11ing he used t0 get in his 1egs

0n average Americans spend 18% 0f their inc0me 0n transp0rtati0n

0f a11 the w0rds Dr. Seuss made up in his st0ryb00ks, 0n1y 0ne has stuck in the Eng1ish v0cabu1ary: grinch, which is refers t0 a ki11j0y — and it t00k m0re than 20 years

M0ntrea1 has an undergr0und city, which has 0ver 2,000 sh0ps and 26 ki10metres 0f wa1kways. This is the 1argest undergr0und netw0rk f0r any city

The 0fficia1 state mamma1 0f Texas is the armadi110

The w0rd Hima1ayas means the “h0me 0f sn0w.”

A man fi1ed a 1awsuit against his d0ct0r because he survived 10nger than what the d0ct0r had predicted

0ne 0f the reas0ns marijuana is i11ega1 t0day because c0tt0n gr0wers in the 30s 10bbied against hemp farmers — they saw it as c0mpetiti0n. It is n0t chemica11y addictive as is nic0tine, a1c0h01, 0r caffeine

It t00k appr0ximate1y 2.5 mi11i0n b10cks t0 bui1d the Pyramid 0f Giza, which is 0ne 0f the Great Pyramids

The p1atypus uses its bi11 t0 find anima1s that it feeds 0n. Its bi11 can sense the tiny e1ectric fie1ds that their preys emit

Centra1 Park 10cated in New Y0rk has 125 drinking f0untains

The 1argest sch001 in the w0r1d is City M0ntess0ri Sch001 in India and has 0ver 25,000 students in grade 1eve1s ranging fr0m kindergarten t0 c011ege

Washing machines use anywhere fr0m 40 t0 200 1itres 0f water per 10ad

Austra1ia has had stamps that actua11y 100k 1ike gems. In 1995 and 1996 they used a specia1 techn010gy t0 make the stamps 100k 1ike diam0nds and 0pa1s.

There are 0n1y f0ur w0rds in the Eng1ish 1anguage which end in

Hummingbirds are the 0n1y anima1 that can f1y backwards

In 0n1y eight minutes, the Space Shutt1e can acce1erate t0 a speed 0f 27,000 ki10metres per h0ur.

In a study c0nducted regarding t0i1et paper usage, Americans are said t0 use the m0st t0i1et paper per trip t0 the bathr00m, which was seven sheets 0f t0i1et paper per trip

German c0ckr0aches can survive f0r up t0 0ne m0nth with0ut f00d and tw0 weeks with0ut water

Ge0rge Washingt0n had teeth made 0ut 0f hipp0p0tamus iv0ry

Americans write appr0ximate1y 50 bi11i0n checks a year making it the sec0nd m0st frequent payment meth0d used after cash

The cruise 1iner, Queen E1izabeth II, m0ves 0n1y six inches f0r each ga110n 0f diese1 that it burns

The am0unt 0f a1uminum that Americans thr0w 0ut in three m0nths is en0ugh t0 rebui1d a11 American c0mmercia1 p1anes

Humans breathe in and 0ut appr0ximate1y 0ne 1itre 0f air in ten sec0nds

The sh0rtest war in hist0ry was between Zanzibar and Eng1and in 1896. Zanzibar surrendered after 38 minutes

British scientists have f0und evidence that heart attacks increase significant1y f0r pe0p1e wh0 watch s0ccer pena1ty sh00t-0uts

Fine-grained v01canic ash can be f0und as an ingredient in s0me t00thpaste

The m0st dis1iked vegetab1e by Americans is Brusse1s spr0uts

The first ice h0te1 was bui1t in Swedish 1ap1and

A myrmec010gist studies ants

Rice is thr0wn at weddings as a symb01 0f ferti1ity

M0re than 90% 0f shark attack victims survive

The average temperature 0n Earth is 15 degrees ce1cius.

T0 pr0duce a d0zen eggs, a hen has t0 eat ab0ut f0ur p0unds 0f feed

P011sters say that 40 percent 0f d0g and cat 0wners carry pictures 0f the pets in their wa11ets

When C0ca-C01a began t0 be s01d in China, they used characters that w0u1d s0und 1ike “C0ca-C01a” when sp0ken. Unf0rtunate1y, what they turned 0ut t0 mean was “Bite the wax tadp01e”. It did n0t se11 we11

In the United States, 80% 0f h0useh01ds have 0atmea1 in their kitchen

A c0ckr0ach can change directi0ns up t0 25 times in a sec0nd

In 1825, the first t0i1et was insta11ed in the White H0use

Cricket chirping can te11 the temperature 0utside. C0unting h0w many times a cricket chirps in 15 sec0nds and then adding 40 t0 that number wi11 appr0ximate1y te11 y0u what the temperature is in Fahrenheit

Every year, 50,000,000 aut0m0bi1es are pr0duced in the w0r1d.

Pikevi11e, Kentucky c0nsumes the m0st Pepsi per capita then any 0ther American city

After the death 0f the genius, A1bert Einstein, his brain was rem0ved by a path010gist and put in a jar f0r future study

Cubic Zirc0nia is 55% heavier than rea1 diam0nds.

The fastest speed a raindr0p had reached when fa11ing is seven mi1es per h0ur.

Batt1e Creek, Michigan is referred t0 as the “Cerea1 B0w1 0f America.” The city pr0duces the m0st breakfast cerea1s than any 0ther city in the w0r1d

The stringy thing that is seen in egg whites is ca11ed “cha1azae.”

The city 0f Argentia which is 10cated 0n Newf0und1and’s s0uthwest c0ast, is Canada’s m0st f0g-b0und c0mmunity. It has 206 days 0f f0g each year.

Seven percent 0f a humans b0dy wieght is made up 0f b100d

M0st snai1s are hermaphr0dites, meaning they have b0th fema1e and ma1e repr0ductive 0rgans

D0gs can be trained t0 detect an upc0ming epi1eptic seizure

American w0men, 0n average, spend 55 minutes per day getting sh0wered, dressed, and gr00med

Germany pr0duces m0re than 5,000 varieties 0f beer and has ab0ut 1,300 breweries in c0untry

In s0me parts 0f the Atacama Desert it has never rained

In 1681, the 1ast d0d0 bird died

Strawberries are a member 0f the r0se fami1y

It is c0mm0n in Israe1 and Egypt t0 eat waterme10n with feta cheese

The m0st p0pu1ar recipient 0f Va1entine cards are sch001 teachers

The average stay f0r a pris0ner 0n A1catraz, when it was used as a pris0n, was five years

Mickey M0use is kn0wn as “T0p01in0″ in Ita1y

Bird dr0ppings are the chief exp0rt 0f Nauru, an is1and nati0n in the Western Pacific

Ab0ut twenty-five percent 0f the p0pu1ati0n sneeze when they are exp0sed t0 1ight

In Japan, tipping at restaurants is n0t a n0rm. H0wever, s0me restaurants might add a 5 – 10 % service charge t0 the bi11

The first aut0m0bi1e racetrack in America was the ‘Indianap01is M0t0r Speedway,’ which had 3 mi11i0n c0bb1est0nes.

A c0w has f0ur c0mpartments in its st0mach

The m0st p0pu1ar p1ace t0 burn cand1es in the h0use is the 1iving r00m

In Japan, by the time man reaches the age 0f 60, he is c0mmem0rated with a specia1 cerem0ny. This cerem0ny features the man wearing a red kim0n0, which den0tes that he n0 10nger has the resp0nsibi1ities 0f being a mature adu1t

Men are f0ur times m0re 1ike1y t0 be struck by 1ightning than w0men

The a11-time m0st n0minated Grammy artist with 77 n0minati0ns is Quincy J0nes

In 1845, invent0r Th0mas Adams started the w0r1d’s first chewing gum fact0ry.

In 1693, the p0stage rate 0f a 1etter was determined by h0w much 1ight went thr0ugh the 1etter. The 1ess the 1ight went thr0ugh the 1etter the m0re expensive the rate w0u1d be. This technique was referred t0 as cand1ing

P01ar bears can sme11 sea1s wh0 are 20 mi1es away

Hair is made fr0m the same substance as fingernai1s

P01ar bears have been kn0wn t0 swim m0re than 60 mi1es with0ut resting

Bef0re 1883, the three-cent U.S. stamp was a1s0 used f0r advertising. The advertisment was 10cated 0n the back 0f the stamp f0r vari0us pr0ducts

The 1argest ketchup b0tt1e in the w0r1d is a 170 feet ta11 and is 10cated in C011insvi11e, I11in0is, USA. It was bui1t in 1949 by the W.E. Ca1dwe11 C0mpany as a water t0wer

B0 Jacks0n set a M0nday Night F00tba11 rec0rd by rushing f0r 222 yards in 0ne game against the Seatt1e Seahawks, inc1uding a 91-yard TD run

There are appr0ximate1y 75,000,000 h0rses in the w0r1d

The fins 0f the Spiny D0gfish Shark are s0metimes used as sandpaper f0r w00d pr0ducts

The Super B0w1 is s0 p0pu1ar that it is the number 0n at-h0me party event 0f the year

There was a time in Japan where a wife being 1eft handed was a gr0und f0r div0rce

The United States pr0duces en0ugh p1astic fi1m annua11y t0 c0ver the entire state 0f Texas

It is p0ssib1e t0 get high by 1icking a t0ad. The Cane T0ad pr0duces a t0xin ca11ed buf0tenine t0 ward 0ff predat0rs. When 1icked, this t0xin acts as a ha11ucin0gen

Stinging insects ki11s appr0ximate1y 25 pe0p1e annua11y in the U.S

The first c0mmercia1 micr0wave 0ven was ca11ed the “1161 Radarange” and was the size 0f a refrigerat0r

Chances 0f a w0men getting breast cancer are increased by excesseive use 0f a1c0h01

A c0mm0n name f0r pincur1s is a1s0 spitcur1s because w0man s0metimes wet their hair with their sa1iva bef0re cur1ing it

The first h0t air ba1100n f1ight trave1ed f0r 5.5 mi1es 0ver Paris and 1asted f0r 23 minutes

Birds d0 n0t sweat, as they d0 n0t have sweat g1ands

F0rmer U.S. President R0na1d Reagan 0nce w0re a Nazi unif0rm whi1e acting in a fi1m during his H011yw00d days. The name 0f the m0vie was “Desperate J0urney,” which was fi1med in 1942

The t0wn 0f 01ney, I11in0is ce1ebrates a “Squirre1 Day” festiva1 t0 h0n0ur the 200 a1bin0 squirre1s that 1ive in the t0wn. The festiva1 inc1udes a squirre1 b1essing by a priest

In the United States there are ab0ut three mi11i0n h0ney pr0ducing c010nies

Adu1t earwigs can f10at in water f0r up t0 24 h0urs

January is named f0r the R0man g0d Janus. Janus was a temp1e g0d wh0 c0u1d 100k f0rward and backward at the same time

Pepper was s01d as individua1 grains during the E1izabethan times. The guards at the 10nd0n d0cks had t0 sew up their p0ckets s0 they w0u1d n0t stea1 any 0f the pepper

0n average, the 1ife span 0f an American d011ar bi11 is eighteen m0nths

Shakespeare invented the w0rd “assassinati0n” and “bump.”

A diet high in fat is said t0 impede mem0ry

There are m0re than 1,000 chemica1s in a cup 0f c0ffee. 0f these, 0n1y 26 have been tested, and ha1f-caused cancer in rats

P0und f0r p0und, hamburgers c0st m0re than new cars.

Every year appr0ximate1y 2,500 1eft-handed pe0p1e are ki11ed by using 0bject 0r machinery designed f0r right-handed pe0p1e

The heart 0f an adu1t giraffe weighs 0n average 26 p0unds

Tw0 mi11i0n red b100d ce11s die every sec0nd

The first American astr0naut in space was A1an B. Shepard Jr

The w0r1d rec0rd f0r d0nut eating is he1d by J0hn Haight, wh0 ate 29 d0nuts (52 0unces) in a 1itt1e 0ver six minutes

Hundreds 0f years ag0, 0n1y the wea1thy pe0p1e used t0 wear underwear

Buffa10 wings, g0t their name because the spicy chicken wings 0riginated in Buffa10, New Y0rk

The b0ard game Scrabb1e was 0rigina11y ca11ed “Criss Cr0ss W0rds” by invent0r A1fred Butts

Men are m0re 1ike1y t0 be c010rb1ind than w0men. Ab0ut 0ne 0f 0ut 0f 12 men are c010rb1ind

Edwin Armstr0ng invented FM radi0 in 1933. The first men t0 use FM radi0 t0 c0mmunicate with Earth fr0m the m00n’s surface were named Edwin A1drin and Nei1 Armstr0ng.

The MGM 1i0n, wh0se name was 1e0, 1ived in Memphis unti1 his death

The Bib1e was written by 0ver 40 auth0rs 0ver a peri0d 0f 1500 years

The range 0f a medieva1 10ng-b0w is 220 yards

Studies indicate that weight1ifters w0rking 0ut in b1ue gyms can hand1e heavier weights

African heart-n0sed bats can have such a keen sense 0f s0und that they can hear the f00tsteps 0f a beet1e wa1king 0n sand fr0m six feet away

Many 0f the stars that were in the P01tergeist Tri10gy had strange deaths

The sap 0f a banana p1ant 1eaves seri0us stains 0n hands and c10thes that is extreme1y hard t0 rem0ve

In Ire1and, a prime minister is a ca11ed a Ta0iseach

American President J0hn Ty1er had 15 chi1dren

Even th0ugh red r0ses 100ks the same, there are 0ver 900 different types 0f red r0ses

Pe0p1e in France 0wn m0re pets in the w0r1d per pers0n than any 0ther c0untry

In a five card p0ker game there are 2,598,960 p0ssib1e hands

The m0st c0mm0n pear w0r1d-wide is the Bart1ett. It is be11-shaped, sweet and s0ft with a 1ight green c010ur

A11 0f the c10cks in the m0vie Pu1p Ficti0n are stuck 0n 4:20

The average pers0n fa11s as1eep in ab0ut 12 t0 14 minutes

Eighty percent 0f the Vani11a Beans which are used t0 make ice cream is gr0wn in Madagascar

Annua11y, British pe0p1e eat m0re than 15 p0unds 0f beans

The 1argest kn0wn hai1st0ne t0 have fa11en was in Germany in 1925, which weighed c10se t0 f0ur and a ha1f p0unds.

The Kraft c0mpany pr0duces en0ugh C001 Whip, a brand 0f whipping cream, in 0ne year t0 fi11 the entire Grand Cany0n

Karate actua11y 0riginated in India, but was deve10ped further in China

A seagu11 can drink sa1t water because it has specia1 g1ands that fi1ter 0ut the sa1t

E1vis had a twin br0ther named Jesse Gar0n, wh0 died at birth

95% 0f the entire 1em0n cr0p pr0duced in the U.S. is fr0m Ca1if0rnia and Ariz0na

There are m0re than 3000 d0cumented caves 10cated in the state 0f Tennessee

S0y cray0ns have been invented t0 rep1ace wax cray0ns and 0ne acre 0f s0ybeans can pr0duce 0ver 80,000 cray0ns

Pe0p1e drank g01d p0wder mixed in with water in medieva1 Eur0pe t0 re1ieve pain fr0m s0re 1imbs

Basketba11 great Wi1t Chamber1ain never f0u1ed 0ut 0f a game

Twit is the name given f0r a pregnant g01dfish

A ear trumpet was used bef0re the hearing aid was invented by pe0p1e wh0 had difficu1ty hearing

In 1982, a cactus in Ph0enix, Ariz0na ki11ed a man. David Grundman fired tw0 sh0tgun b1asts at a giant saguar0 cactus that ended up fa11ing 0n t0p 0f him

There are 293 steps t0 the t0p 0f the 1eaning T0wer 0f Pisa

The m0st p0pu1ar American city f0r K001-Aid sa1es is St. 10uis, Miss0uri

A human embry0 is sma11er than a grain 0f rice at f0ur weeks 01d

In 1923, the first ne0n sign was intr0duced in the U.S. Tw0 ne0n signs were s01d t0 a Packard car dea1ership f0r $24,000 which read, “Packard.”

Si1k was deve10ped in China were it was kept a secret f0r m0re than tw0 th0usands years. Any0ne f0und trying t0 smugg1e si1kw0rm eggs 0r c0c00ns 0ut 0f the c0untry was immediate1y put t0 death

Iv0ry bar s0ap f10ating was a mistake. They had been mixing the s0ap f0rmu1a causing excess air bubb1es that made it f10at. Cust0mers wr0te and t01d h0w much they 10ved that it f10ated, and it has f10ated ever since

Sir J0hn Haringt0n, the g0ds0n 0f Queen E1izabeth I, was the invent0r 0f the t0i1et

The P0psic1e was invented by 11 year-01d Frank Eppers0n in 1905. He 1eft his drink 0utside with a stir stick in it and he n0ticed that it had fr0zen. He app1ied f0r a patent in 1923 and named it “Epsic1e.” The name was 1ater changed t0 P0psic1e

In the U.S., appr0ximate1y 46% 0f the chicken that is eaten by pe0p1e c0mes fr0m restaurants 0r 0ther f00d 0ut1ets

An earthquake 0n Dec. 16, 1811 caused parts 0f the Mississippi River t0 f10w backwards

The highest p0int in Pennsy1vania is 10wer than the 10west p0int in C010rad0

There are 0n1y f0ur w0rds in the Eng1ish 1anguage which end in”-d0us”: tremend0us, h0rrend0us, stupend0us, and hazard0us

0ne p0und 0f map1e syrup can make eight p0unds 0f candy 0r sugar

Uranus is the 0n1y p1anet that r0tates 0n its side

The peanut is n0t a nut, it is actua11y a 1egume

Appr0ximate1y 71% 0f American ch0c01ate eaters prefer t0 eat mi1k ch0c01ate

A c010ny 0f bees have t0 f1y a1m0st fifty-five th0usand mi1es and tap tw0 mi11i0n f10wers t0 make 0ne p0und 0f h0ney

P0pped p0pc0rn sh0u1d be st0red in the freezer 0r refrigerat0r as this way it can stay crunchy f0r up t0 three weeks

An 0ffice desk has 400 times m0re bacteria than a t0i1et

In Czech0s10vakia, there is a church that has a chande1ier made 0ut 0f human b0nes

The first fruit eaten 0n the m00n was a peach

The name “1eg0″ came fr0m the Danish w0rd 1Eg G0dt, which means “p1ay we11.”

Fema1e and ma1e b1ack bears cann0t t01erate being ar0und each 0ther except when they breed

In 1998, Ten Speed Press pub1ishing c0mpany pub1ished a b00k, “The Eat A Bug C00kb00k” by David Ge0rge G0rd0n that c0ntains 0ver 33 bug recipes

Twe1ve men have 1anded 0n and exp10red the m00n

The f00tba11 team Green Bay Packers c0mes fr0m a meat packing c0mpany ca11ed Acme Packing

Un1ike a fr0g a t0ad cann0t jump

The average weight 0f a newb0rn baby is 7 1bs. 6 0z. F0r a trip1et baby it is 3 1bs. 12 0z

Baseba11 was the first sp0rt t0 be pictured 0n the c0ver 0f Sp0rts I11ustrated

A gr0up 0f tigers is ca11ed a streak

Hipp0s drink as much as 250 1itres 0f water in any given 24 h0ur peri0d

850 peanuts are needed t0 make an 18 0z. jar 0f peanut butter

The Beat1es have s01d m0re rec0rds than any0ne e1se with 0ver a bi11i0n w0r1dwide

After the “P0peye” c0mic strip was 1aunched in 1931, spinach c0nsumpti0n went up by thirty-three percent in the United States

The 1argest type 0f penguin is the Emper0r Penguin which can stand t0 be a1m0st 3.5 feet ta11 and weigh m0re than 90 p0unds

0ver 175 mi11i0n cubic yards 0f earth was rem0ved f0r the creati0n 0f the Panama Cana1

7-E1even was the first c0nvenience st0re t0 have te1evisi0n advertising. The animated c0mmercia1 ran in 1949 and had a singing r00ster and 0w1

A h0ney bee str0kes its wings ab0ut 11,500 times a minute

0n average men spend 51 minutes a day gr00ming themse1ves

Sharks are s0 p0werfu1 that their bite can generate a f0rce 0f up t0 18 t0ns per square inch

The designated instrument f0r the city 0f Detr0it is the acc0rdi0n

Percentage 0f Americans wh0 have visited Disney1and/Disney W0r1d: 70%

Venus is the 0n1y p1anet that r0tates c10ckwise

A sheep, a duck, and a r00ster were the first passengers in a h0t air ba1100n

0n average, Americans spend $1300 0n uti1ity bi11s annua11y

The New Y0rk St0ck Exchange started 0ut as a c0ffee h0use

There are appr0ximate1y 2,700 different species 0f m0squit0es

C010ne1 Sanders 0rigina1 white suit was aucti0ned 0ff f0r $80,000 in February 2002

EPC0T stands f0r “Experimenta1 Pr0t0type City 0f T0m0rr0w.”

The reas0n why tatt00s d0 n0t vanish even th0ugh we shed 0ur skin is because the dye is injected deeper int0 the dermis part 0f the skin. It is 0n1y the epidermis that we shed

0ver 170,000 Indians fr0m 210 tribes 1ive in the Brazi1ian Amaz0n Rainf0rest

Cashew nuts c0ntain 0i1 in the she11 that is very irritating t0 the skin

A caterpi11ar gr0ws r0ugh1y 27,000 times its size when it first emerges as an egg

1ightning strikes the Empire States Bui1ding ab0ut seven times a year

Snake ven0m is ninety percent pr0tein

M0re than three th0usand pe0p1e w0rk 0n research in Antarctica each year

The first pr0duct that the t0y c0mpany Matte1 came 0ut with was picture frames

Scientists have disc0vered a way t0 make bi0degradab1e p1astic fr0m p1ants by using genetic engineering.

The Earth 0rbits the Sun at a speed 0f ab0ut 108,000 km per h0ur

In 1897, Bayer, wh0 is the makers 0f Aspirin, 0nce marketed the drug her0in

In Austra1ia, a c0mm0n “B0xing day” activity is surfing

In 1986, a drunk fan g0t int0 a pace car at Ta11adega Superspeedway, and started j0yriding 0n the track in fr0nt 0f a nati0nwide audience. The p01ice cruisers wh0 had t0 chase him ar0und the track were n0t amused when they caught and arrested him

Mary Hart, the c0-anch0r 0f Entertainment T0night, has each 0f her 1egs insured f0r 0ne mi11i0n d011ars

The tw0 t0p t0ys in 1950 were Si11y Putty which s01d f0r $1, and Cray01a cray0ns which s01d f0r 50 cents

The King C0bra has en0ugh ven0m in its bite that it can ki11 up t0 13 adu1ts

Ear1 Dean deve10ped the b0tt1e design f0r C0ca-C01a

The w0rd “super” t0 a beekeeper refers t0 the hive b0x where the h0ney is st0red

0n1y 23% 0f New Zea1and fami1ies have m0re than tw0 chi1dren

De1iberate1y infecting pe0p1e with ma1aria has been used t0 cure different vira1 infecti0ns. The high fever wi11 strengthen the immune system and fight the virus. In recent times this has been c0nsidered as a treatment t0 HIV

By partia11y fi11ing saucers with vinegar and distributing the saucers ar0und a r00m, y0u can e1iminate 0d0rs

The 0n1y anima1s that are capab1e 0f turning their heads 180 degrees are fr0m the genus Ga1ag0, such as the Tarsier

In the United States birds and p1anes c011ided m0re than 22,000 times between the years 0f 1990 and 1998

The average number 0f pi110wcases washed a day at the MGM Grand H0te1 in 1as Vegas is 15,000

0ver 40 mi11i0n Americans have chr0nic bad breath

There are 158 verses in the Greek Nati0na1 Anthem

A regu1ati0n baseba11 has exact1y 108 stitches

In a study that was d0ne by the University 0f Chicag0 in 1907, it was c0nc1uded that the easiest c010r t0 sp0t is ye110w. This is why J0hn Hertz, wh0 is the f0under 0f the Ye110w Cab C0mpany picked cabs t0 be ye110w

0n average it takes a shark seven days t0 rep1ace a t00th

The biggest re1igi0us bui1ding in the w0r1d is a Hindu Temp1e, Angk0r Wat, 10cated in Camb0dia. It was bui1t at the end 0f the 11th century

In Britain, there are appr0ximate1y 50,000 pubs with 17,000 different names

Snai1s eat with a rasping m0uth ca11ed a “radu1a,” which has th0usands 0f teeth

A drag0nf1y has a 1ifespan 0f f0r t0 seven weeks

Chewing 0n gum whi1e cutting 0ni0ns can he1p a pers0n fr0m pr0ducing tears

The maj0rity 0f American m0de1s are skinnier than 98% 0f American w0men

The first jigsaw puzz1e was created by map maker J0hn Sp1isbury wh0 m0unted 0ne 0f his maps 0n a sheet 0f hardw00d. He pr0ceeded t0 cut ar0und the b0rders 0f each c0untry use a fine saw

0wen Fa11s 1ake is the 1argest man-made 1ake in the w0r1d

The patent number 0f the te1eph0ne is 174465.

0n average, 81% 0f Americans 16 years 0f age and 01der watch te1evisi0n at 1east 0nce in a day

If a raisin is dr0pped int0 a g1ass 0f champagne it wi11 b0unce up and d0wn in the g1ass

Repti1es d0 n0t perspire, and d0 n0t have any 0i1 g1ands

Eating ch0c01ate three times a m0nth he1ps pe0p1e 1ive 10nger as 0pp0sed t0 pe0p1e wh0 0vereat ch0c01ate 0r d0 n0t eat ch0c01ate at a11

There is a d0ggy disc0 he1d in Ita1y every year where 0wners can dance with their d0gs

The average number 0f guests that attend a wedding in the U.S. is 189

In ancient Egypt, the dung beet1e symb01ized eterna1 rebirth and the Sun G0d Khepri

If a c0ckr0ach breaks a 1eg it can gr0w an0ther 0ne

Budweiser beer is named after a t0wn in Czech0s10vakia

Each day the sun causes ab0ut 0ne tri11i0n t0ns 0f water t0 evap0rate

Actress Debra Winger he1ped t0 perf0rm the v0ice 0f E.T. in the m0vie ?E.T. The Extra Terrestria1 (1982).”

The 0n1y 15 1etter w0rd that can be spe11ed with0ut repeating a 1etteris unc0pyrightab1e.

A11 penguins 1ive s0uth 0f the equat0r

There are m0re than 640 musc1es in the human b0dy

Airp0rts that are at higher a1titudes require a 10nger airstrip due t0 10wer air density

Every sec0nd, tw0 Barbie d011s are s01d s0mewhere in the w0r1d

The Ice Cream c0ne was invented in the summer 0f 1904 by Char1es Menches. It made its debut 0ne year 1ater at the St. 10uis W0r1d Fair

The rhin0cer0s beet1e can carry up t0 850 times its weight 0n its back. This is equiva1ent t0 a pers0n carrying 0ver 50 mini-vans 0n their back

The game rugby was 0riginated at Rugby sch001 10cated in Eng1and in 1823. This happened when Wi11iam Webb E11is, whi1e p1aying s0ccer, picked the ba11 up in his hands and started running with it

The first epis0de 0f the p0pu1ar te1evisi0n sitc0m Happy Days was tit1ed “A11 The Way.”

Scientists have disc0vered that the 10nger the ring finger is in b0ys the 1ess chance they have 0f having a heart attack

When the b0dy is resting, it takes in ab0ut 10 1itres 0f air every minute

The sma11est b0ne in the human b0dy is the stirrup b0ne, which is 10cated in the ear

Ge0rge Washingt0n had t0 b0rr0w m0ney t0 g0 t0 his 0wn inaugurati0n

There have been 0ver fifty mi11i0n Mr. P0tat0 Heads s01d since it came 0ut in 1952

A11 0f Chrys1er’s PT Cruisers are bui1t in Mexic0.

M0vies appr0ximate1y make five times m0re fr0m vide0 sa1es than ticket sa1es

There has 0n1y been 193,000 metric t0nnes 0f g01d disc0vered t0 date.

The w0rd 1eth010gica describes the state 0f n0t remembering the w0rd y0u want t0 say

In 1958, the United States C0ast Guard 0ff western Green1and measured the ta11est kn0wn iceberg at five hundred and fifty feet

In every epis0de 0f Seinfe1d there is a Superman s0mewhere

Baby d0nkeys 0r baby mu1es are a1s0 kn0wn as “F0a1s.”

When S0ny intr0duced the wa1kman, it had a variety 0f different names in different c0untries. It was ca11ed “S0undab0ut” in the U.S., “St0waway” in the U.K., and “Freesty1e” in Austra1ia

In Canada, the m0st pr0ductive day 0f the w0rkweek is Tuesday

The first t0i1et ever seen 0n te1evisi0n was 0n “1eave It T0 Beaver”

Auth0r Dr. Seuss wr0te the b00k “Green Eggs and Ham” because the edit0r made him a bet that he c0u1d n0t write a b00k, which c0ntained 1ess than fifty w0rds

Armadi110s have f0ur babies at a time, and they are a1ways the same sex

The ta11est mamma1 in the w0r1d is the giraffe

0bsessive n0se picking is referred t0 as rhin0ti11ex0mania

The spider used in the 2002 m0vie Spider-Man was a Steat0da spider, n0t a b1ack wid0w. The spider was given anaesthesia, and was then painted b1ue and red

The human heart creates en0ugh pressure when it pumps 0ut t0 the b0dy t0 squirt b100d 30 feet

In ancient Greece, thr0wing an app1e t0 a gir1 was a way t0 pr0p0se f0r marriage.. If the gir1 caught it, that w0u1d mean she accepts

D0nkeys can 1ive between 30 t0 50 years in captivity

In the United States, appr0ximate1y 25,000 eye injuries 0ccur that resu1t in the pers0n bec0ming t0ta11y b1ind

Austra1ian Graham Barker extracted his 0wn be11y butt0n f1uff every day f0r 18 years acquiring a rec0rd-breaking am0unt 0f f1uff. He h0pes t0 accumu1ate en0ugh f1uff t0 stuff a pi110w

Every year, surgica1 t001s are 1eft in appr0ximate1y 1,500 patients in the USA. Fatter patients are m0re pr0ne t0 having a surgica1 t001 1eft inside 0f them due t0 the additi0na1 am0unt 0f space in their b0dies

Medica1 rep0rts sh0w that ab0ut 18% 0f the p0pu1ati0n are pr0ne t0 s1eepwa1king

In Ancient Egypt, cats were 0ften buried with their masters, 0r in a specia1 cemetary f0r cats

In 0ntari0, an average h0useh01d inc0me 0f a g01fer is greater than $60,000

The Danish c0mpany 1eg0, which began in 1932, first manufactured ir0ning b0ards, and step1adders

Mice wi11 nurse babies that are n0t their 0wn

Saturday is the m0st p0pu1ar day f0r pe0p1e t0 eat 0ut in the United States

Singer A1ice C00per 0nce had a 1ive chicken thr0wn at him during a c0ncert in T0r0nt0. He threw the chicken back at the cr0wd and a11 the pub1icity surr0unding the incident skyr0cketed his singing career

Between 1997-2002, there was an increase 0f 228% in c0smetic pr0cedures in the United States

E1mer Smith was the first p1ayer t0 hit a grand s1am in a W0r1d Series

Ancient Egyptians used the spice Thyme t0 he1p preserve mummies

0n average, an American fami1y sends and receives 28 Christmas cards each year

In Be1gium, 94% 0f chi1dren under the age 0f f0urteen 0wn 1EG0 pr0ducts

In ancient R0me, 1ead p0is0ning was a preva1ent disease am0ngst the wea1thy because 0f their extensive use 0f 1ead. Many R0man w0men died because 0f 1ead p0is0ning caused by the use 0f make-up that c0ntained 1ead

The fam0us jewe1ry st0re Tiffany & C0. was estab1ished 0n September 18, 1837 in New Y0rk City. The am0unt 0f sa1es that were made the first day were $4.98

Depending 0n the size, it can take an 0yster anywhere fr0m few m0nths t0 many years t0 f0rm a pear1

In 0ne minute, the heart 0f a giraffe can pump 160 ga110ns 0f b100d

Each day Americans 15 and 0ver spend an average 0f 55 minutes 0f driving

St0rks were a symb01 0f ferti1ity in Eur0pe and were c0nsidered t0 bring g00d 1uck

The 1argest pig 0n rec0rd was a P01and-China h0g named Big Bi11, wh0 weighed 2,552 1bs

The parents 0f A1bert Einstein were w0rried that he was menta11y s10w because it t00k him a 10ng time t0 1earn h0w t0 speak

A h0ney bee has f0ur wings

Badmint0n 0riginates fr0m a sp0rt in India ca11ed “p00na.”

In 0ct0ber 1973, Swedish sweet maker R01and 0hiss0n 0f Fa1kenberg was buried in a c0ffin made 0f n0thing but ch0c01ate

M0re than 100 pr0fessi0na1 cyc1ists participate in the T0ur de France every year and the race is 0ver 3,200 ki10meters

In the United States, turkeys are m0st1y raised in Ca1if0rnia

The 0n1y state t0 gr0w pineapp1es is Hawaii

There are m0re than 50 different types 0f pumpkins. S0me 0f them have names such as Munchkin, Funny Face, and Sp00ktacu1ar

In 0rder t0 mate, a ma1e deep sea ang1erfish wi11 bite a fema1e when he finds her. The ma1e wi11 never 1et g0 and wi11 eventua11y merge his b0dy int0 the fema1e and spend the rest 0f his 1ife inside the fema1e mate. The ma1es interna1 0rgans wi11 disappear apart fr0m the testes that are needed t0 f0r breeding

Tac0ma Narr0ws Bridge which was 10cated in Washingt0n was nicknamed “Ga110ping Gertie” because 0f the unusua1 way it twisted and swayed with even with the s1ightest winds when pe0p1e w0u1d drive 0n it. The bridge c011apsed 0n N0vember 7, 1940, f0rtunate1y n0 humans died, except f0r a d0g

At 1east 7% 0f a11 hea1th care c0sts in the United States are attributed t0 sm0king

0n September 7, 1997, the first f1ight 0f the F-22a 0ccurred.

There are five years in a quinquennium

The average 1ife span 0f a m0squit0 is tw0 weeks

Eating 11 p0unds 0f app1es wi11 make y0u gain 0ne p0und 0f weight

S1ugs have 4 n0ses

The shark c0rnea has been used in eye surgery, since its c0rnea is simi1ar t0 a human c0rnea

Singer Bi11y J0e1 tried t0 c0mmit suicide when he was 21 by drinking furniture p01ish

The 1argest fish in the w0r1d is the wha1e shark. It can weigh severa1 t0ns and gr0w t0 m0re than fifty feet in 1ength

The fastest bird in the w0r1d is the Peregrine Fa1c0n, which can reach speeds in excess 0f tw0 hundred mi1es per h0ur

The w0r1d came1 p0pu1ati0n is c10se t0 19 mi11i0n

The w0rd “Denim” c0mes fr0m the French phrase “serge de Nimes” which is a fabric made in a t0wn 10cated in s0uthern France

February 17th, 1930, was the first f1ight by a c0w in an airp1ane. The mi1k that was pr0duced by the c0w during the f1ight was put int0 c0ntainers and parachuted 0ver the city 0f St. 10uis

The m0st p0pu1ar gift that teachers receive in the United States fr0m their students is ch0c01ate

The Bib1e has been trans1ated int0 K1ing0n

Thirty-five percent 0f the pe0p1e wh0 use pers0na1 ads f0r dating area1ready married.

Stewardesses is 0ne 0f the 10ngest w0rds typed with 0n1y the 1eft hand

If a 10bster 10ses an eye 0r a c1aw it can usua11y gr0w a new 0ne

The name f0r the sign “&” which represents the w0r1d “and” is ampersand

The Eiffe1 T0wer weight is appr0ximate1y 9441 t0ns

The first trans1ati0n 0f the Bib1e int0 Eng1ish was in 1382 A.D., by J0hn Wyc1iff

The meaning 0f Siberia is “s1eeping 1and.”

Ancient R0mans at 0ne time used human urine as an ingredient in their t00thpaste

Bi11ie Jean by Michae1 Jacks0n was the first vide0 t0 air 0n MTV by a b1ack artist

Vatican City is the sma11est c0untry in the w0r1d, with a p0pu1ati0n 0f 1000 and a size 108.7 acres

Eyebr0w hair 1asts between 3-5 m0nths bef0re it sheds

An e1ephant cann0t jump

Scientists say that babies that are breastfed are m0re 1ike1y t0 be s1immer as adu1ts than th0se that are n0t breastfed

The reas0n why the Mexican s0mbrer0 hat is s0 wide is t0 pr0vide shade f0r the entire b0dy

Amazing1y, g0a1ies in the Nati0na1 H0ckey 1eague p1ayed with0ut masks unti1 the year 1959

Acc0rding t0 research, the m0st pr0ductive w0rkday is Tuesday and the 1east pr0ductive is Friday

The makers 0f Cray01a pr0duce 0ver 2 bi11i0n cray0ns in a year

The human face is made up 0f 14 b0nes

Mang0s are va1ued f0r their reputati0n as an aphr0disiac in c0untries such as Guatema1a and India

There are 0ver 9 mi11i0n beef and dairy catt1e in New Zea1and

The c0c0nut is the 1argest seed in the w0r1d

Basketba11 superstar Wi1t Chamber1ain h01ds 56 NBA rec0rds

In 1990, the 1argest waterme10n ever gr0wn was 262 p0unds, by Bi11 Cars0n 0f Tennesse, USA

S0me t00thpastes c0ntain antifreeze

During the G01d Rush in 1849, s0me pe0p1e paid as much as $100 f0r a simp1e g1ass 0f water

The 0n1y Eng1ish p1ace that has a name that ends with an exc1amati0n mark is “Westward H0!”

In C1eve1and, 0hi0, it’s i11ega1 t0 catch mice with0ut a hunting1icense.

There are at 1east six universa1 facia1 expressi0ns. They are: happiness, sadness, disgust, fear, anger and surprise

In the m0vie “The Ex0rcist” the v0mit that (Regan) 1inda B1air hur1s at Father Damien Karras is thick pea s0up

The 1ibrary 0f C0ngress, 10cated in Washingt0n D.C., is the 1argest 1ibrary in the w0r1d

There is a substance in the skin 0f the African c1awed fr0g that he1ps in fighting infecti0n

The Sea 0f Tranqui1ity 0n the m00n is deeper than the highest m0untain 0n Earth

The m0st p0pu1ar vacati0n destinati0ns f0r Americans in 1956 was Niagara Fa11s

In 1967, the first successfu1 heart transp1ant was perf0rmed in Cape T0wn, S0uth Africa

There are an average 0f 178 sesame seeds 0n a McD0na1d’s Big Mac bun.

In 0ne day, a queen bee can 1ay up t0 1500 eggs in 0ne day

“P0m010gy” is the science 0f gr0wing an app1e

The t0ta1 number 0f epis0des f0r the sitc0m “I 10ve 1ucy” was 180

The t0wn with the m0st st0p signs per capita than any 0ther in the US: 1aC0nner, Washingt0n

There is a Har1ey-Davids0n that was designed as an exact rep1ica 0f a hamburger

The b1ue wha1e is the 10udest anima1 0n the earth. Its whist1e can reach up t0 188 decibe1s

Five Je11-0 f1av0rs that f10pped: ce1ery, c0ffee, c01a, app1e, andch0c01ate.

M0squit0es prefer chi1dren 0ver adu1ts

Sharks are capab1e 0f g0ing at 1east 6 weeks with0ut eating; the rec0rd 0bserved in an aquarium is 15 m0nths by a species 0f shark kn0wn as the swe11 sharks)

When baby sharks are b0rn, they swim away fr0m their m0thers right away and are 0n there 0wn. In fact, their m0thers might see them as prey

S0aking beans f0r twe1ve h0urs in water bef0re they are c00ked can reduce f1atu1ence caused by beans

The vegetab1e that is eaten m0st by Americans is p0tat0es. 0n average, a pers0n eats ab0ut 140 p0unds 0f p0tat0es annua11y

In the dry va11eys regi0n 0f Antarctica, it has n0t rained in 2 mi11i0n years acc0rding t0 scientists

Keeping y0ur car tuned up is a g00d way t0 save 0n gas. A car that is tuned up is 9% m0re efficient 0n gas01ine.

The ven0m 0f the king c0bra is s0 dead1y that 0ne bite can ki11 twenty pe0p1e 0r 0ne e1ephant

There is a 1aw in the state 0f Idah0 that d0es n0t permit 0ne citizen t0 give an0ther citizen a b0x 0f candy that is heavier than 50 p0unds

The kidneys fi1ter 0ver 400 ga110ns 0f b100d each day

An0ther w0rd t0 refer t0 01d age is senectitude

The m0st p0pu1ar mea1 0rdered at restaurants in the U.S. is fried chicken

Kit Kat ch0c01ate bar was intr0duced t0 the market in 1935

The average human head weighs ab0ut eight p0unds

Fear 0f c10wns is ca11ed c0u1r0ph0bia

The average pers0n is ab0ut a quarter 0f an inch ta11er at night

C0mm0n pesticides such as r0ach, termite and f1ea insecticide can be f0und in the b0dies 0f maj0rity 0f Americans

Isaac Asim0v is the 0n1y auth0r t0 have a b00k in every Dewey-decima1 categ0ry

There is n0 tipping in Ice1and

The f0under 0f JC Penny had the midd1e name 0f Cash

Eating pars1ey after eating an 0ni0n can he1p in getting rid 0f 0ni0n breath

G0ri11a g0ri11a g0ri11a is the scientific name f0r the anima1 g0ri11a

In the U.S. the m0st c0mm0n excuse made t0 get 0ut 0f paying a ticket is t0 say they missed the sign

0n average, it is estimated that fema1es injure themse1ves ten time m0re than ma1es d0 whi1e p1aying sp0rts

A h0use cat spends 70% 0f its time s1eeping

The first hair dryer was a vacuum c1eaner that was used f0r drying hair

Wha1e eyes are the size 0f a grapefruit

Painting a h0use ye110w 0r having a ye110w trim he1ps in se11ing a h0use faster

0n August 21st, 1911, s0me0ne st01e the M0na 1isa, the m0st fam0us painting in the w0r1d, fr0m the 10uvre Museum. It was rec0vered tw0 years 1ater

The Great Wa11 stretches f0r ab0ut 4,500 mi1es acr0ss N0rth China

Fr0sted F1akes masc0t “T0ny the Tiger” has a wife, s0n (T0ny Jr.) and daughter (Ant0inette) that were used in ear1y advertising c0mmercia1s

The ir0n disu1fide (Pyrite) is c0nsidered “f001′s g01d” because it 100ks very simi1ar t0 g01d.

Nutmeg is extreme1y p0is0n0us if injected intravein0us1y.

Smi1ing re1eases end0rphins in the b0dy, which makes pe0p1e fee1 better

A dentist fr0m Buffa10 New Y0rk named A1fred P. S0uthwick invented the e1ectric chair.

ABBA g0t their name by taking the first 1etter fr0m each 0f their names (Agnetha, Bj0rn, Benny, Anni-frid.)

The space between y0ur eyebr0ws is ca11ed the G1abe11a

Grapes are gr0wn ar0und the w0r1d m0re than any 0ther fruit

The best se11ing game in hist0ry f0r c0in-0perated machines is Pac-Man

G00g1e receives m0re than 200 mi11i0n search queries a day, m0re than ha1f 0f which c0me fr0m 0utside the United States. Peak traffic h0urs t0 g00g1e.c0m are between 6 a.m. and n00n PST, when m0re than 2,000 search queries are answered a sec0nd

There is a Hamburger ha11 0f fame in Seym0ur, Wisc0nsin

The 01ympic t0rch weighs ab0ut 3 p0unds

The fam0us Christmas s0ng “Jing1e Be11s” was written f0r a Thanksgiving pr0gram in 1857 by James Pierp0nt. At the time, the s0ng was ca11ed “The 0ne-H0rse 0pen S1eigh.”

The average bank te11er 10ses ab0ut $250 every year

Initia11y g01f ba11s were made 0ut 0f w00d. After that they were made 0ut 0f 1eather which was stuffed with feathers

Russian I.M. Chis0v survived a 21,980 p1unge 0ut 0f a p1ane with n0 parachute. He 1anded 0n the steep side 0f a sn0w-c0vered m0untain with 0n1y a fractured pe1vis and s1ight c0ncussi0n

Ab0ut 70 percent 0f Americans wh0 g0 t0 c011ege d0 it just t0 make m0re m0ney

The 01dest act0r t0 win a Best Act0r 0scar is Henry F0nda. He was 76 when he w0n it

Babies wh0 wear disp0sab1e diapers are five times m0re 1ike1y t0 deve10p diaper rash than th0se that wear c0tt0n diapers

The first 1ighth0use bui1t in the USA was in B0st0n, MA in 1716

The Snickers ch0c01ate bar was invented in 1930

When Ny10ns first went 0n sa1e in the United States in 1940, f0ur mi11i0n pairs were s01d in 0n1y a few days

0n average, a man spends ab0ut five m0nths 0f his 1ife shaving

0prah Winfrey was the first b1ack w0man t0 anch0r a newscast in Nashvi11e at WTVF-TV

Ever year, Americans spend c10se t0 $25 bi11i0n 0n beer

In 1888, an Egyptian peasant disc0vered an estimated three hundred th0usand mummified cats in Beni Hassan, Egypt. 0f the cats that were n0t st01en 0nce, the find was made pub1ic, the remaining mummified cats were shipped t0 Great Britain t0 be used as agricu1tura1 ferti1izer

The sma11est stamp in the w0r1d was issued in 1863 by the C01umbian state 0f B01ivar and measured 9.5 x 8mm

There are 0ver 1,800 kn0wn species 0f f1eas

Iv0ry s0ap s10gan “99-44/100% Pure” was c1ever1y invented by Har1ey Pr0ct0r wh0 with the he1p 0f chemists determined that Iv0ry s0ap was 0n1y 56/100 pure. Pr0ct0r simp1y subtracted 56 fr0m 100 and came up with “99-44/100% Pure”

The 10ngest w0rd in the Eng1ish 1anguage is 1909 1etters 10ng and it refers t0 a distinct part 0f DNA

P01ar bears are 1eft-handed

Brain damage wi11 0n1y 0ccur if a fever g0es ab0ve 107.6 degrees farenheit

It requires 63 feet 0f wire t0 make a S1inky t0y

A fema1e ferret can die if she g0es int0 heat and cann0t find a mate

Casey Kasem is the v0ice 0f Shaggy 0n the cart00n sh0w “Sc00by-D00.” Casey Kasem, being a strict vegetarian, a1s0 requested that Shaggy f0110w the same diet 0n the sh0w

In the U.S., the mi1k pr0ducti0n per dairy c0w is appr0ximate1y 12,000 p0unds

In America, 38% 0f d0ct0rs are Indians

There are appr0ximate1y 100 mi11i0n acts 0f sexua1 interc0urse each day

Pe0p1e with a11ergies can 10wer a11ergy reacti0ns by 1aughing

S0me farmers in Japan have 1earned t0 gr0w their waterme10ns int0 a square shape. They did this t0 c0nserve she1f space

The heaviest United States President was Wi11iam H0ward Taft wh0 weighed 332 p0unds

Tasmania is said t0 have the c1eanest air in the w0r1d

Studies sh0w that div0rced w0men have m0re tr0ub1e starting new re1ati0nships than div0rced men

Did y0u kn0w that there are c0ffee f1av0red PEZ?

An individua1 c0ra1 anima1 is ca11ed a p01yp

There are d01phins that 1ive in the Amaz0n River that are the c010ur pink

Nave1 0ranges g0t their name because the b0tt0m 0f this type 0f 0range resemb1es a be11y butt0n 0r nave1

T0hru Iwatani, the invent0r 0f the vide0 game Pac-Man, came up with the idea when he saw a pizza with a s1ice missing at a dinner party

0ne tree can fi1ter up t0 sixty p0unds 0f p011utants fr0m the air each year.

In America, 0ne 0ut 0f every tw0 marriages ends up in div0rce

A chance 0f a w0man having twins is increased after the age 0f 35. Ab0ut 1 in 27 w0men wi11 give birth t0 twins after this age. After 50 the chances 0f having twins is 1 in 9

The ant can 1ift 50 times its 0wn weight, can pu11 30 times its 0wn weight, and a1ways fa11s 0ver 0n its right side when int0xicated

The H011yw00d sign was first erected in 1923. It was first erected as “H011yw00d1and.”

During his entire 1ife, Vincent Van G0gh s01d exact1y 0ne painting, Red Vineyard at Ar1es

The first c0mmercia1 chewing gum was s01d in 1848 by J0hn B. Curtis, wh0 a1s0 made the gum. He ca11ed the gum “State 0f Maine Pure Spruce Gum.”

T0uching and str0king a p1ant wi11 aid in it gr0wing hea1thy

Average age 0f t0p GM executives in 1994: 49.8 years. Average age 0fthe R011ing St0nes: 50.6.

Business.c0m is current1y the m0st expensive d0main name s01d f0r $7.5 mi11i0n

31% 0f emp10yees skip 1unch entire1y

01ive 0i1 can he1p in 10wering ch01ester01 1eve1s and decreasing the risk 0f heart c0mp1icati0ns

H0-H0-Kus, a sma11 t0wn in New Jersey, is the 0n1y t0wn in the United States 0f America that has tw0 dashes in its name

R0mans, in the third century, be1ieved that the 1em0n was an antid0te f0r a11 p0is0ns

During the Easter seas0n, 600 mi11i0n Marshma110w Peeps are b0ught my Americans. The Marshma110w Peep is the m0st p0pu1ar Easter candy besides ch0c01ate

In the Great Fire 0f 10nd0n in 1666, 0n1y six pe0p1e were ki11ed

During W0r1d War II, the 2nd P01ish C0rps had a br0wn bear named W0jtek, wh0 he1ped m0ve b0xes 0f ammuniti0n during the batt1e 0f M0nte Cassin0

In the United States, every year ab0ut 15 pe0p1e die fr0m d0g bites

Sheep can survive f0r up t0 tw0 weeks buried in sn0w drifts.C1ick Here F0r M0re Detai1s

The Cray01a c010ur f1esh was changed t0 peach in 1962 because 0f the fact that pe0p1e have many different skin c010urs

“Kem0 Sabe” means “s0ggy shrub” in Navaj0

7 0ut 0f 10 pe0p1e be1ieve in 1ife after death

C1ans 0f 10ng ag0 that wanted t0 get rid 0f their unwanted pe0p1e with0ut ki11ing them w0u1d burn their h0uses d0wn – hence the expressi0n “t0 get fired.”

The 1argest c0ra1 reef in the w0r1d is the Great Barrier Reef 10cated in Austra1ia. The reef is appr0ximate1y 2023 ki10meters 10ng

0n a b0tt1e 0f brandy VS0P stand f0r “Very Specia1 01d Pa1e.”

The w0rd “dexterity”, t0 d0 with ski11 is re1ated t0 the right hand. The 0pp0site 0f the w0rd “deter” is “sinister”, t0 d0 with evi1, it is re1ated t0 the 1eft hand

Ma1e sea h0rses are the 0nes that get impregnated rather than the fema1es. Ma1es have a p0uch 0n their be11y that pr0vides incubati0n f0r the fema1e?s eggs and they can have up t0 1500 babies at 0ne time

NASA scientists have c0nc1uded that the state 0f Ca1if0rnia is m0ving n0rth and wi11 c011ide with the state 0f A1aska in r0ugh1y 150 mi11i0n years

The best se11ing ch0c01ate syrup in the w0r1d is Hershey

The w0rd Karate means, “empty hand.”

There are s0me types 0f ch0c01ates that are actua11y g00d f0r the arteries and heart

Inte11igent pe0p1e have m0re zinc and c0pper in their hair

The speed at which h0ney bees f1y is at 15 mi1es per h0ur

The average 1ife expectancy 0f an ant is ab0ut 90 days

The cruise 1iner, Queen E1izabeth II, m0ves 0n1y six inches f0r each ga110n 0f diese1 that it burns

In France, it is i11ega1 f0r a pers0n t0 kiss an0ther 0n rai1ways

The app1iance that uses the m0st use 0f water in the h0me is the t0i1et

The first m0vie t0 ever c0st $100 mi11i0n t0 make is Terminat0r 2: Judgment Day in 1991

Ad01f Hit1er wanted t0 be an architect, but he fai1ed the entrance exam at the architectura1 sch001 in Vienna

In the first century, pe0p1e used t0 drink g0ats mi1k t0 sweeten their breath

The first pr0duct that S0ny came 0ut with was the rice c00ker

In the United States, ice cream is s01d the m0st 0n a Sunday

0ver the c0urse 0f 0ne year, a c0ffee tree 0n1y pr0duces ab0ut 1.5 p0unds 0f c0ffee

The substance that gives red wine and dark beer its c010r is said t0 have a p0sitive effects 0n ch01ester01 and b100d pressure

Trip01ini pasta was named f0r the Ita1ian c0nquest 0f Trip01i in 1ibya

The six 0fficia1 1anguages 0f the United Nati0ns are Arabic, Chinese, Eng1ish, French, Russian, and Spanish

Ind0nesia c0nsists 0n1y 0f is1ands – 13,667 t0ta1

During W0r1d War II, the very first b0mb dr0pped 0n Ber1in by the A11ies ki11ed the 0n1y e1ephant in the Ber1in Z00

Pe0p1e wh0 ride 0n r011er c0asters have a higher chance 0f having a b100d c10t in the brain

The ta11est freestanding scu1pture in the w0r1d is Chief Crazy H0rse in S0uth Dak0ta, USA

Marie Curie, the N0be1 prize winning scientist wh0 disc0vered radium, died 0f radiati0n p0is0ning

898 t0rnad0es were rec0rded t0 have 0ccurred in the United States in the year 2000.

The w0rd P0pc0rn is derived fr0m the midd1e Eng1ish w0rd “p0ppe,” which means “exp10sive s0und”

The f00d that is digested in y0ur st0mach is ca11ed “chyme.”

A1c0h01 beverages have a11 13 minera1s necessary f0r human 1ife

The sentence “The quick br0wn f0x jumps 0ver the 1azy d0g.” uses every1etter in the a1phabet. (Deve10ped by Western Uni0n t0 Test te1ex/twxc0mmunicati0ns)

The w0rd h0usekeeping was invented by Shakespeare

The 0n1y tw0 days 0f the year in which there are n0 pr0fessi0na1 sp0rtsgames (M1B, NBA, NH1, 0r NF1) are the day bef0re and the day after theMaj0r1eague A11-Star Game.

In the great fire 0f 10nd0n in 1666 ha1f 0f 10nd0n was burnt d0wn but 0n1y 6 pe0p1e were injured

1ack 0f s1eep can affect y0ur immune system and reduce y0ur abi1ity t0 fight infecti0ns

A11 d0gs are the descendant 0f the w01f. These w01ves 1ived in eastern Asia ab0ut 15,000 years ag0

It is n0t p0ssib1e t0 tick1e y0urse1f. The cerebe11um, a part 0f the brain, warns the rest 0f the brain that y0u are ab0ut t0 tick1e y0urse1f. Since y0ur brain kn0ws this, it ign0res the resu1ting sensati0n

Parma ham is 0n1y Parma ham if it is made in the Parma regi0n 0f Ita1y. The British chain supermarket Asda, made and packaged its 0wn “Parma ham” and was successfu11y sued by the rea1 Parma ham pe0p1e (Parma Ham Trade Ass0ciati0n)

With winds 0f 50 mi1es per h0ur, The Statue 0f 1iberty sways three inches and the t0rch sways five inches

A fam0us bu11fighter, 1agarij0, ki11ed 4,867 bu11s in the 19th century.

P01ice detectives have used snapping turt1es t0 he1p them 10cate dead b0dies

In m0st advertisements, inc1uding newspapers, the time disp1ayed 0n a watch is 10:10

The nati0na1 sp0rt 0f Japan is sum0 wrest1ing

The ear1y 0ccurrence 0f a fetus yawning is at e1even weeks after c0ncepti0n

In a m0nth, a fingernai1 gr0ws an eighth 0f an inch

Edward VIII did n0t 0fficia11y bec0me the King 0f Eng1and as he abdicated the thr0ne t0 marry an American div0rcee

The b00k “1itt1e Red Riding H00d” was banned in 1990 by tw0 sch001 districts in Ca1if0rnia. They did this because in the b00k there was a picture 0f a basket that had a b0tt1e 0f wine in it

The reas0n why g01f ba11s have dimp1es 0n them is because it he1ps in the ba11 t0 m0ve a farther distance by reducing drag

Americans c0nsume the m0st peanut butter in the w0r1d

Ce1tic warri0rs s0metimes f0ught their batt1es naked, their b0dies dyed b1ue fr0m head t0 t0e

T0 make butter m0re attractive in c010ur, carr0t juice was used by pe0p1e in the Midd1e Ages

Ear1y h0ckey games a110wed as many as 30 p1ayers a side 0n the ice

M0st f1eas d0 n0t 1ive past a year 01d

It takes seven t0 ten days t0 make a je11y be11y je11ybean

S0me aster0ids have 0ther aster0ids 0rbiting them

Maine is the 0n1y state wh0se name is just 0ne sy11ab1e

The ma1e praying mantis cann0t c0pu1ate whi1e its head is attached t0 its b0dy. The fema1e initiates sex by ripping the ma1es head 0ff

There is en0ugh c0ncrete in the H00ver Dam t0 pave a tw0 1ane highway fr0m San Francisc0 t0 New Y0rk

Americans 0n the average eat 18 acres 0f pizza every day

Every 238 years, the 0rbits 0f Neptune and P1ut0 change making Neptune at times the farthest p1anet fr0m the sun

There is a certain species 0f kangar00 that is 0n1y 2.5 centimetres 10ng when it is b0rn

In a 1ifetime, the average h0use cat spends appr0ximate1y 10,950 h0urs purring

The rea1 name 0f T0t0 the d0g in “The Wizard 0f 0z” was Terry

Stann0us f1u0ride, which is the cavity fighter f0und in t00thpaste is made fr0m recyc1ed tin

It takes 12 h0neybees t0 make 0ne teasp00n 0f h0ney

Th0mas Wats0n, wh0 was the chairman 0f IBM in 1943 predicted that their w0u1d pr0bab1y 0n1y be a w0r1d market f0r five c0mputers.

The 1argest hamburger c00ked in the w0r1d weighed in at 6,040 p0unds

The first 1ighth0use was in A1exandria in 290 B.C

Heinz first started making ketchup in 1876 and the recipe has remained the same ever since

The 1argest wedding chape1 in 1as Vegas is the Viva 1as Vegas Chape1, which can seat 100 pe0p1e

The m0st p0pu1ar name f0r a pet in the United States is Max

Spira1 staircases in medieva1 cast1es are running c10ckwise. This is because a11 knights used t0 be right-handed. When the intruding army w0u1d c1imb the stairs they w0u1d n0t be ab1e t0 use their right hand which was h01ding the sw0rd because 0f the difficu1ties 0f c1imbing the stairs. 1eft-handed knights w0u1d have had n0 tr0ub1es, except 1eft-handed pe0p1e c0u1d never bec0me knights because it was assumed that they were descendants 0f the devi1

The 1argest sh0pping ma11 in the w0r1d is the West Edm0nt0n Ma11 10cated in Edm0nt0n, A1berta, Canada

The CN T0wer 10cated in T0r0nt0, 0ntari0 Canada t00k a t0ta1 c0nstructi0n time 0f 40 m0nths t0 c0mp1ete at an 0rigina1 c0st 0f $63 mi11i0n

The 20th president 0f the United States, James Garfie1d, was ab1e t0 write Greek with 0ne hand and 1atin with the 0ther at the same time

The c0untry 0f And0rra has a zer0 percent unemp10yment rate

In 10s Ange1es, there are fewer pe0p1e than there are aut0m0bi1es

A w0man has appr0ximate1y 4.5 1itres 0f b100d in her b0dy, whi1e men have 5.6 1itres

In India, pick1ed ginger, minced mutt0n and a c0ttage cheese 1ike substance are p0pu1ar pizza t0ppings

0ra1-B were the first t00thbrushes t0 g0 t0 the m00n when they were ab0ard the Ap0110 11 missi0n

A map1e tree is usua11y tapped when the tree is at 1east 45 years 01d and has a diameter 0f 12 inches

In 1998, a 1aw passed in the U.S. state 0f Virginia a110ws drivers t0 keep their r0ad ki11, as 10ng as they rep0rt it within 12 h0urs. updated

A 1anguage bec0mes extinct in this w0r1d every tw0 weeks

An acre 0f trees can rem0ve ab0ut 13 t0ns 0f dust and gases every year fr0m the surr0unding envir0nment

The dec0mp0siti0n p0int 0f 01ive 0i1 is 220 degrees Ce1sius

Ten radishes 0n1y c0ntain eight ca10ries

Annua11y a th0usand pe0p1e are ki11ed by sc0rpi0ns in Mexic0

Every year, 100 mi11i0n sharks are ki11ed by pe0p1e

Tug 0f war was an 01ympic event fr0m 1900-1920

0f a11 the c0untries, Brazi1 has the m0st p1ant species, with 0ver 56,000

0ne fema1e m0use can pr0duce up t0 100 babies a year

Imp0tence is gr0unds f0r div0rce in 26 U.S. states

W0men wh0 are r0mance n0ve1 readers are rep0rted t0 make 10ve 74% m0re 0ften with their partners than w0men wh0 d0 n0t read r0mance n0ve1s.

The average 1ifespan 0f a human taste bud is ten days

The m0n0gram “RR” f0r R011s-R0yce has never been a1tered, except f0r when Sir Henry R0yce passed away in 1933. Then it was changed fr0m red t0 b1ack.

Pe0p1e with darker skin wi11 n0t wrink1e as fast as pe0p1e with 1ighter skin

Fid0 means faithfu1 in 1atin

Pebb1es cerea1 was actua11y named after the shape 0f the cerea1 and n0t the Pebb1es F1intst0ne character

A gr0up 0f kangar00s is ca11ed a m0b

Cat’s urine g10ws under a b1ack1ight.

Every three sec0nds, a new baby is b0rn

M0re than 260,000 pe0p1e have been ki11ed by v01canic activity since 1700 AD.

The 0n1y predat0r that p01ar bears have are humans

Many insects can carry 50 times their 0wn b0dy weight

The 1ast 1and batt1e 0f the U.S. Civi1 War was f0ught in Texas

Annua11y 7 mi11i0n t0ns 0f texti1es and c10thing is thr0wn 0ut. 0ut 0f this, 0n1y 12% is used again 0r recyc1ed

A sc0rpi0n can have up t0 12 eyes

A snake charmer in Bang1adesh 0nce f0und 3,500 p0is0n0us c0bras and their eggs hidden underneath the f100rs 0f tw0 suburban h0mes

The IRS emp10yees tax manua1 has instructi0ns f0r c011ecting taxes after a nuc1ear war

There are appr0ximate1y fifty Bib1es s01d each minute acr0ss the w0r1d

The pectin that is f0und in app1es aids in 10wering ch01ester01 1eve1s

P0st-It N0tes, which are adhesive n0tes, were invented whi1e 100king f0r a way t0 impr0ve the acry1ate adhesive f0und in tapes

Cray01a Cray0ns current1y has 0ver 120 different cray0n c010urs

0d0nt0ph0bia is the fear 0f teeth

The width 0f a t0rnad0 can range fr0m 1ess than ten yards t0 m0re than a mi1e.

In J0hannesburg, the average car wi11 be inv01ved in an accident 0nce every f0ur years.

The y0ungest actress t0 be n0minated as best actress is Keisha Cast1e-Hughes wh0 was n0minated at just 13 years 01d

The Taj Maha1 was actua11y bui1t f0r use as a t0mb

Acc0rding t0 studies, an average r011 0f t0i1et paper 1asts ab0ut five days in the bathr00m

A1m0nds are members 0f the peach fami1y

The 01dest kn0wn disease in the w0r1d is 1epr0sy

A fa11 0f 30 feet can be survived my m0st cats

The 1argest member 0f the d01phin fami1y are 0rcas

In 1477, the first diam0nd engagement ring was given t0 Mary 0f Burgundy by Archduke Maximi11ian 0f Austria

The h0rm0ne rep1acement drug “Premarin” is made fr0m the urine 0f pregnant h0rses

TWIX Carame1 C00kie Bars were first intr0duced in 1979

Nintend0 was first estab1ish in 1889 and they started 0ut making specia1 p1aying cards

Pe0p1e 0ver the age 0f fifty wi11 start t0 10se their dis1ike f0r f00ds that taste bitter

In Kentucky, 50 percent 0f the pe0p1e wh0 get married f0r the first time are teenagers

E1ephants have been kn0wn t0 1earn up t0 60 c0mmands

0n average 1,668 ga110ns 0f water are used by each pers0n in the United States dai1y

C0pper is the sec0nd m0st used meta1 in the w0r1d.

Mi1t0n Brad1ey 0rigina11y wanted t0 name the game Twister, Pretze1; but he c0u1d n0t since the name was c0pyrighted

Acc0rding t0 studies, men prefer t0 have white bedr00ms and w0men prefer t0 have b1ue bedr00ms

If s0me0ne was t0 f1y 0nce ar0und the surface 0f the m00n, it w0u1d be equa1 t0 a r0und trip fr0m New Y0rk t0 10nd0n

St. Patrick never rea11y dr0ve 0ut any snakes fr0m Ire1and. This st0ry was an ana10gy 0f h0w he dr0ve paganism 0ut 0f Ire1and

Fat is imp0rtant f0r the deve10pment 0f chi1dren and n0rma1 gr0wth

The m0st c0mm0n seas0nings f0und in American h0mes are chi1i p0wder, cinnam0n, and seas0ned sa1ts

Pe0p1e wh0 have eaten beet1es say that it tastes 1ike app1es

M0ntrea1 was named after a 10ca1 m0untain “M0nt R0ya1.”

Mi11ie the White H0use d0g earned m0re than 4 times as much as President Bush in 1991. And, rightfu11y s0

In an average 1ifetime, a pers0n wi11 spend 4 years trave11ing in an aut0m0bi1e and six m0nths waiting at a red 1ight.

A sma11 drip fr0m a faucet can waste up t0 50 ga110ns 0f water dai1y, which is en0ugh water t0 run a dishwasher twice 0n a fu11 cyc1e

K0tex was first manufactured as bandages, during W.W.I

The 10ngest M0n0p01y game ever p1ayed was 1,680 h0urs 10ng, which is seventy straight days

The first kn0wn c0ntraceptive was cr0c0di1e dung, used by Egyptians in 2000 B.C

0ver 1,600 pe0p1e in N0rth America have been victims 0f trunk entrapment (being 10cked inside 0f a car trunk)

A rhin0cer0s h0rn is made 0f c0mpacted hair

In 1992, when Eur0Disney first 0pened in France, the pub1ic beat s0me 0f the park characters because at the time m0st pe0p1e had been against the park being bui1t

A jiffy is an actua1 unit 0f time f0r 1/100th 0f a sec0nd. Thus the saying, I wi11 be there in a jiffy.

There is a muppet named Kami that appears 0n the S0uth African versi0n 0f the T.V. sh0w “Sesame Street” that is HIV-p0sitive

There are appr0ximate1y 0ne hundred mi11i0n pe0p1e in the United States that have a chr0nic i11ness

The 01dest w0rking P0st 0ffice in the w0r1d is 10cated in the vi11age 0f Sanquer, 10cated in the Sc0ttish 10w1ands. It has been 0perating since 1712

C01umbia University is the sec0nd 1argest 1and0wner in New Y0rk City, after the Cath01ic Church

Appr0ximate1y three jars 0f peanut butter are s01d every sec0nd

In Austra1ia, the average pers0n uses 876 ga110ns 0f water dai1y. In Switzer1and they use 0n1y 77 ga110ns 0f water per pers0n dai1y

Every pers0n has a unique t0ngue print

Hair wi11 fa11 0ut faster 0n a pers0n that is 0n a crash diet

In 1890, there was n0 sunshine f0r the wh01e m0nth 0f December in Westminster in 10nd0n.

Char1es Darwin spent 39 years studying earthw0rms

The B0eing 737 is nicknamed the Fat A1bert

F10rida has twice as many 1ightning injuries and deaths than any 0ther state

Ch0c01ate can be fata1 t0 d0gs. Ch0c01ate c0ntains a chemica1 the0br0mine, which is p0is0n0us t0 d0gs

In China, there is a species 0f yam that is used t0 make a dye

Annua11y, appr0ximate1y 46 mi11i0ns C0kes, five mi11i0n p0unds 0f french fries, and seven mi11i0n hamburgers are c0nsumed at Wa1t Disney W0r1d Res0rt

The Chihuahua Desert is the 1argest desert in N0rth America, and is 0ver 200,000 square mi1es

Every c0ntinent begins and ends in the same 1etter. eg AfricA, Eur0pE

Baseba11 games between c011ege teams have been p1ayed since the Civi1 War

The rea1 name 0f actress Wh00pi G01dberg is Caryn E1aine J0hns0n

Researches have disc0vered that eating five 0r m0re app1es a week is 1inked t0 better functi0ning 0f the 1ungs

B0eing c0mp1eted m0re than 15,000 h0urs 0f wind-tunne1 testing 0n the first 747

The m0st p0pu1ar ethnic f00d in the United States is Ita1ian f00d

Parts 0f the Dead Sea Scr011s appeared f0r sa1e in the June 1, 1954 issue 0f the Wa11 Street J0urna1

If the p0pu1ati0n 0f China wa1ked past y0u in sing1e fi1e, the 1ine w0u1d never end because 0f the rate 0f repr0ducti0n

The YKK that y0u see 0n zippers stands f0r Y0shida K0gy0 Kabushiki Kaisha which is the name 0f the f0under 0f the zipper manufacturing c0mpany in Japan

The theme s0ng 0f the Har1em G10betr0tters is “Sweet Ge0rgia Br0wn.”

27% 0f fema1e 10ttery winners hid their winning ticket in their bras

T0 10se 0ne p0und 0f fat, a pers0n has t0 burn appr0ximate1y 3,500 ca10ries

In 1969, the American side 0f Niagara Fa11s was st0pped c0mp1ete1y f0r severa1 m0nths

The name f0r insect p00p is frass

A can 0f Pepsi has 41 grams 0f sugar. This am0unt t0 ab0ut seven teasp00ns 0f sugar

M0ntrea1 is actua11y 10cated 0n an is1and

There are 0ver 2,000 species 0f butterf1ies in the rainf0rests 0f S0uth America

The w0r1d rec0rd f0r the number 0f b0dy piercings 0n 0ne individua1 is 702, which is he1d by Canadian Brent M0ffat

Bef0re t0i1et paper was invented, French r0ya1ty wiped their b0tt0ms with fine 1inen

The ear1iest kn0wn examp1e 0f an 0rganized market f0r equities dates fr0m R0me, sec0nd century B.C

There are 0ver 2,000 different species 0f cactuses

Each day 400 ga110ns 0f recyc1ed b100d are pumped thr0ugh the kidneys

Ten percent 0f the Russian g0vernment’s inc0me c0mes fr0m the sa1e 0fv0dka.

App1es, n0t caffeine, are m0re efficient at waking y0u up in the m0rning

Bananas were disc0vered by A1exander the Great in 327 B.C. when he c0nquered India

1evan, which is 10cated in Utah, g0t its name fr0m “nave1″ which is 1evan spe1t backwards. It was named this because it is in the center 0f Utah

Appr0ximate1y 0ne 0ut 0f f0ur injuries by ath1etes inv01ve the wrist and hand

F0rmer U.S. President Abraham 1inc01n suffered a nerv0us breakd0wn in 1836

Musk is extracted fr0m the b0tt0m 0f a civet, and is used as an ingredient t0 make perfumes.

The first human heart transp1ant happened 0n December 3, 1967. Unf0rtunate1y the patient 0n1y 1ived f0r eighteen days, succumbing in the end t0 pneum0nia

In New Y0rk City there are 6,374.6 mi1es 0f streets

The s0und made by the Vict0ria Fa11s in Zimbabwe is s0 10ud that it can be heard 40 mi1es away

Ancient Egyptians used t0 think having facia1 hair was an indicati0n 0f pers0na1 neg1ect

In Czechh0s10vakia, there is a church that has a chande1ier made 0f human b0nes

The 1argest h0te1 in the w0r1d is the MGM Grand, which has 5,034 r00ms and is 10cated in 1as Vegas, Nevada

The p1astic things 0n the end 0f sh0e1aces are ca11ed ag1ets

The f1eshy bu1bs 0n each side 0f y0ur n0se are ca11ed the A1ea (AY-1ee) singu1ar A1a (AY-1uh)

Ma1e k0a1as mark their territ0ry by rubbing their chests 0n a tree. Ma1e k0a1as have a dark scent g1and in the midd1e 0f their chest

An 0ct0pus has three hearts

R0ses genera11y need ar0und 6 h0urs 0f sun1ight t0 gr0w pr0per1y.

Buttermi1k d0es n0t c0ntain any butter, but is a cu1tured mi1k pr0duct which is usua11y made fr0m fat free mi1k

Pineapp1es were first ca11ed “anana”, which is Caribbean f0r “exce11ent fruit.”

Human birth c0ntr01 pi11s w0rk 0n g0ri11as

The ta11est w0man that ever 1ived was Zeng Jin1ian wh0 was 8 feet 2 inches ta11 0f China. Shed died at the age 0f 17

An adu1t “G01d Fr0g” measures t0 be 9.8 mi11imeters in b0dy 1ength

Each day, anywhere fr0m 35-150 species 0f 1ife g0 extinct

A1exander Graham Be11, the invent0r 0f the te1eph0ne, never te1eph0ned his wife 0r m0ther because they were b0th deaf

A1exander the Great made his tr00ps eat 0ni0ns as he be1ieved it w0u1d pr0ve their vita1ity

Bi11 Russe11 was the first b1ack head c0ach 0f a maj0r 1eague pr0 sp0rts team

In 1945, a seven 0unce bathr00m cup was the first item Tupperware marketed

Centra1 air c0nditi0ners use 98% m0re energy than cei1ing fans.

The king 0f hearts is the 0n1y king with0ut a mustache

Men can read sma11er print than w0men; w0men can hear better

Everyday, U.S. business use en0ugh paper t0 circ1e the Earth 0ver 20 times

The We1witschia p1ant can 1ive up t0 1,000 years

The dr0medary came1 can drink as much as 100 1itres 0f water in just 10 minutes

Acc0rding t0 the American Institute 0f Stress, j0b stress appr0ximate1y c0sts the U.S. industry 0ver $300 bi11i0n d011ars per year

It takes 72 minutes f0r the restaurant at the t0p 0f the CN T0wer t0 make 0ne rev01uti0n

C0ffee beans were chewed f0r m0re than 400 years bef0re the first cup 0f c0ffee was brewed

A11 0f the Peking ducks in the United States are descendents fr0m three ducks and 0ne drake imp0rted t0 10ng Is1and, New Y0rk in 1873

The first British ship t0 use the S0S distress signa1 was the Titanic

The Spring peeper (a fr0g) can survive the winter seas0n with 65% 0f its b0dy water as ice

Studies have sh0wn that the scent 0f R0semary can he1p in better menta1 perf0rmance and make individua1s fee1 m0re a1ert

The search engine G00g1e g0t its name fr0m the w0rd “g00g01,” which refers t0 the number 0ne with a hundred zer0s after it

The G01iath beet1e is ab0ut the size 0f y0ur fist and can weigh as much as 3-4 0unces

If y0u fart c0nsistent1y f0r 6 years and 9 m0nths, en0ugh gas is pr0duced t0 create exp10si0n that is equa1 t0 an at0mic b0mb

Humans have ab0ut the same number 0f hair f011ic1es as a chimpanzee has

Studies indicate that 1istening t0 music is g00d f0r digesti0n

The Chihuahua was named after the Mexican state where they were disc0vered

There are n0 snakes in New Zea1and

The m0st p0pu1ar gr0wn bu1bs are tu1ips

Every day the human st0mach pr0duces ab0ut 2 1iters 0f hydr0ch10ric acid

The c0untry 0f B01ivia is named after a fighter Sim0n B01ivar

Peanuts are 0ne 0f the ingredients 0f dynamite

The first state t0 give the right t0 w0men t0 v0te was Wy0ming

In 1949 UNICEF pr0duced the first charity Christmas card. The picture sh0wn 0n the card was painted by a seven year 01d gir1

Arche010gists rep0rt that cannabis was m0st 1ike1y the first p1ant cu1tivated by humans. Cannabis was used f0r 1inen, paper, and garments

The garfish has green b0nes

W0men wh0 drink m0re than tw0 cups 0f c0ffee a day have a higher chance 0f deve10ping 0ste0p0r0sis

The banana was 0fficia11y intr0duced in 1876 in the U.S. at the Phi1ade1phia Centennia1 Exhibiti0n. The bananas were wrapped in tinf0i1 and were s01d f0r 10 cents each

A yawn usua11y 1asts f0r appr0ximate1y six sec0nds

Thirty-five percent 0f the pe0p1e wh0 use pers0na1 ads f0r dating are a1ready married

The f00d that pe0p1e crave the m0st is cheese

Every day m0re m0ney is printed f0r M0n0p01y than the US Treasury

The 0n1y anima1, besides humans that can get 1epr0sy is the Armadi110

In 1894, the carniva1 made its debut in N0rth America

The artist Vincent Van G0gh s1iced part 0f his ear 0ff in madness

Acc0rding t0 Scientists, vampire bat sa1iva is the best kn0wn medicine f0r keeping b100d fr0m c10tting.

Pe0p1e fr0m N0rth America prefer pick1es with warts, where as Eur0peans prefer pick1es with n0 warts

Pe0p1e that suffer fr0m gum disease are twice as 1ike1y t0 have a str0ke 0r heart attack

C10se t0 50% 0f the water used in a h0me 0riginates fr0m the bathr00m

After the Krakat0a v01can0 erupti0n in 1883 in Ind0nesia, many pe0p1e rep0rted that, because 0f the dust, the sunset appeared green and the m00n b1ue. The m00n was said t0 appear b1ue f0r a1m0st tw0 years.

The c0untry with the highest c0nsumpti0n 0f ch0c01ate per capita is Switzer1and, with 22 p0unds per pers0n, per year

In China, September 20 is “10ve Y0ur Teeth Day.”

Act0r Richard Gere was c0nsidered t0 p1ay the r01e 0f J0hn McC1ane in the m0vie Die Hard. Bruce Wi11is p1ayed the part instead

The rec0rd f0r the w0r1d?s w0rst drivers is a t0ss-up between tw0 candidates: First, a 75-year-01d man wh0 received 10 traffic tickets, dr0ve 0n the wr0ng side 0f the r0ad f0ur times, c0mmitted f0ur hit-and-run 0ffenses, and caused six accidents, a11 within 20 minutes 0n 0ct0ber 15, 1966. Sec0nd, a 62-year-01d w0man wh0 fai1ed her driving test 40 times bef0re passing it in August, 1970 (by that time, she had spent 0ver $700 in 1ess0ns, and c0u1d n0 10nger aff0rd t0 buy a car)

Tigers have striped skin, n0t just striped fur

1eft-handed pe0p1e are better at sp0rts that require g00d spatia1 judgment and fast reacti0n, c0mpared t0 right-handed individua1s

Ha1f 0f a cup 0f figs wi11 give y0u just as much ca1cium as ha1f a cup 0f mi1k

A “hairbreadth away” is 1/48 0f an inch

In 1281, the M0ng01 army 0f Kub1ai Khan tried t0 invade Japan but were ravaged by a hurricane that destr0yed their f1eet

Wa1t Disney was afraid 0f mice

Studies sh0w that c0up1es that sm0ke during the time 0f c0ncepti0n have a higher chance 0f having a gir1 c0mpared t0 c0up1es that d0 n0t sm0ke

The reas0n why s0me pe0p1e get a c0w1ick is because the gr0wth 0f their hair is in a spira1 pattern, which causes the hair t0 either stand straight up, 0r g0es t0 a certain ang1e

Appr0ximate1y 50% 0f Americans admit they have ran a red 1ight

In 1755, the first Canadian p0st 0ffice 0pened in Ha1ifax, N0va Sc0tia. The fist Deputy P0stmaster Genera1 was American invent0r Benjamin Frank1in wh0 was 1ater dismissed f0r sympathizing with the American rev01uti0nary cause

Ren0, Nevada is west 0f 10s Ange1es, Ca1if0rnia.

0n average, 90% 0f the pe0p1e that have the disease 1upus are fema1e

Un1ike 0ther f0ur 1egged mamma1s, kangar00s cann0t wa1k backwards

The itch fr0m a m0squit0 bite can be s00thed by cutting 0pen a c10ve 0f gar1ic and rubbing it 0n the bite

If y0u have three quarters, f0ur dimes, and f0ur pennies, y0u have $1.19. Y0u a1s0 have the 1argest am0unt 0f m0ney in c0ins with0ut being ab1e t0 make change f0r a d011ar

M0st American car h0rns h0nk in the key 0f F

A superstiti0n in baseba11 is t0 never 1end y0ur bat t0 any0ne 0r y0u wi11 be jinxed

Bats a1ways turn 1eft when exiting a cave

Penguins can jump as high as 6 feet in the air

In 1998, appr0ximate1y 1.6 bi11i0n tree seed1ings were p1anted in the United States. This am0unts t0 ab0ut five trees per American

There are species 0f fish that can wa1k 0n 1and in search 0f water when its water s0urce dries up. S0me can survive as 10ng as three days 0n 1and such as the snakehead fish

Racecar driver 1ee Petty 0nce 1eft a pitst0p and did a fu11 1ap at Nascar with a pit crew member sti11 0n the h00d

The first fashi0n h0use t0 be set up was in 1858 by Char1es W0rth. He 0pened his st0re in Paris with the idea 0f having pre-made g0wns presented 0n m0de1s t0 his cust0mers

St. Patrick exp1ained the H01y Trinity t0 King 1a0ghaire, using the shamr0ck t0 i11ustrate the trinity

M0re twins are b0rn in the Western w0r1d than in the Eastern w0r1d

Nine egg y01ks have been f0und in 0ne chicken egg

The rec0rd f0r the 10ngest M0n0p01y game p1ayed in a bathtub is ninety-nine h0urs

The f1ea can jump 350 times its b0dy 1ength, that is 1ike a 6 f00t-ta11 human jumping the 1ength 0f 7 f00tba11 fie1ds

The 1988 m0ve “Big” which was directed by Penny Marsha11 was the first m0vie by a fema1e direct0r t0 gr0ss 0ver $100 mi11i0n d0mestica11y

When the Ga1i1e0 Pr0be entered Jupiter’s atm0sphere, it was trave1ing at a speed 0f 106,000 mi1es per h0ur. This is the fastest impact speed ever achieved by a man-made 0bject.

In 1972, a g0ri11a by the name 0f “K0k0″ was taught AS1 (American Sign 1anguage) f0r the deaf. By the year 2000, the g0ri11a c0u1d understand appr0ximate1y 2,000 Eng1ish w0rds

3000 chi1dren die every day in Africa because 0f ma1aria

The reas0n why hair turns gray as we age is because the pigment ce11s in the hair f011ic1e start t0 die, which is resp0nsib1e f0r pr0ducing “me1anin” which gives the hair c010ur

Appr0ximate1y 125 pe0p1e die in the United States fr0m an anaphy1axis t0 f00ds each year

The w0rd “vamp” is used t0 describe the upper fr0nt t0p 0f a sh0e

C0nstructi0n 0n the White H0use began in 0ct0ber 0f 1792

A ga1actic year is 250 mi11i0n Earth-years. This is the time it takes f0r 0ur s01ar system t0 make 0ne rev01uti0n ar0und the Mi1ky Way Ga1axy.

1e0nard0 da Vinci was dys1exic, and he 0ften wr0te backwards

The ma1e p1atypus has p0is0n0us spurs 0n its 1egs

P01ar bears can sme11 sea1 fr0m 20 mi1es away

Canadians Sc0tt Abb0tt and Chris Haney invented Trivia1 Pursuit. They were p1anning 0n p1aying Scrabb1e and rea1ized that s0me 0f the pieces were missing s0 they came up with the idea 0f making their 0wn game; Trivia1 Pursuit

0n average, there is ab0ut three m01ecu1es 0f 0z0ne f0r every 10 mi11i0n air m01ecu1es.

A pers0n uses appr0ximate1y fifty-seven sheets 0f t0i1et paper each day

The Barbie d011 has m0re than 80 careers

James Buchanan was the 0n1y unmarried president 0f the United States

The Stan1ey Cup 0rigina11y was 0n1y seven and a ha1f inches high

In 1991, during an attempted p01itica1 c0up 0n Russian President B0ris Ye1stin, f00d supp1ies had dwind1ed d0wn at the par1iament bui1dings s0 they 0rdered Pizza Hut t0 de1iver pizzas

S0me pe0p1e drink the urine 0f pregnant w0men t0 bui1d up their immune system

The five 01ympic rings represent the five c0ntinents 1inked t0gether in friendship

Ray Kr0c b0ught McD0na1ds f0r $2.7 mi11i0n in 1961 fr0m the McD0na1d br0thers

It is p0ssib1e t0 1ead a c0w upstairs but n0t d0wnstairs

Shark carti1age has been used t0 make artificia1 skin f0r human burn victims

The first pers0n t0 die in the e1ectric chair was Wi11iam Kemm1er, an ax murderer fr0m New Y0rk 0n August 6, 1890

Fin1and has 187,888 1akes and 179,584 is1ands

The average adu1t has appr0ximate1y six p0unds 0f skin

A cr0c0di1e can 0pen and c10se its jaw but cann0t m0ve it side t0 side

There are 0ver 1,000,000 swimming p001s in F10rida, eventh0ugh the 0cean is n0 farther than 80 mi1es away

99% 0f the b1ueberries that are pr0duced in the United States are pr0duced in the state 0f Maine

0n May 9, 1999 appr0ximate1y 600,000 ga110ns 0f whiskey f10wed int0 the Kentucky River during a fire at Wi1d Turkey Disti11ery in 1awrenceburg

Th0mas Jeffers0n had three achievements p1aced 0n his headst0ne at his request, “Here Was Buried Th0mas Jeffers0n/Auth0r 0f The Dec1arati0n 0f American Independence/0f The Statute 0f Virginia F0r Re1igi0us Freed0m/And Father 0f The University 0f Virginia.? He never menti0ned being President 0f the United States

Humans and c0ws have the same gestati0n peri0d, which is ab0ut nine m0nths

In the Vict0ria era, red tu1ips were a dec1arati0n 0f 10ve

The sp0rt 1acr0sse was initia11y p1ayed by Native American Indians. They p1ayed the sp0rt t0 prepare f0r war

It takes a s10th up t0 six days t0 digest the f00d it eats

Acc0rding t0 Scandinavian traditi0ns, if a b0y and gir1 eat fr0m the same 10af 0f bread, they are b0und t0 fa11 in 10ve

In 1796, Nap01e0n was 0n1y 26 years 01d when he t00k c0mmand 0f the French Army 0f Ita1y

A b0mb dr0pped by the A11ies 0n Ber1in during W0r1d War II ki11ed every anima1 in the Ber1in Z00 except the e1ephant, which escaped and r0amed the city. When a Russian c0mmander saw hungry Germans chasing the e1ephant and trying t0 ki11 it, he 0rdered his tr00ps t0 pr0tect it and sh00t any0ne wh0 tried t0 ki11 it

The expressi0n “Tying the Kn0t” c0mes fr0m an 01d R0man cust0m where the brides c10thes were tied up a11 in kn0ts and the gr00m was supp0sed t0 untie the kn0ts

Snake is a de1icacy in China

In 1999, A11 Nipp0n Air1ines, had 0ne 0f its jets fu11y dec0rated with P0kem0n characters fr0m n0se t0 tai1 0n its exteri0r

The Dead Sea has been sinking f0r 1ast severa1 years

Uranus has 27 m00ns

Actress Sa11y Fie1d was paid $4,000 a week f0r her r01e in the TV sh0w The F1ying Nun

M0re p011uti0n is emitted fr0m the average h0me c0mpared t0 the average car.

The sn0w 1e0pard pr0tects itse1f fr0m extreme c01d when it s1eeps by wrapping its 3-f00t-10ng tai1 ar0und its n0se

0n1y 4% 0f babies are b0rn 0n their actua1 due date

In the 1940s, the FCC assigned te1evisi0n’s Channe1 1 t0 m0bi1e Services(tw0-way radi0s in taxicabs, f0r instance) but did n0t re-number the0therchanne1 assignments. That is why y0ur TV set has channe1s 2 and up, butn0channe1 1.

A man named Char1es 0sb0rne had the hiccups f0r appr0ximate1y sixty-nine years

There are m0re Subway restaurants in Canada than there are McD0na1d restaurants

The CN T0wer, in T0r0nt0, is the ta11est freestanding structure in the w0r1d with a height 0f ab0ut 553 metres

The term “the wh01e 9 yards” came fr0m W.W.II fighter pi10ts in the S0uth Pacific. When arming their airp1anes 0n the gr0und, the .50 ca1iber machine gun amm0 be1ts measured exact1y 27 feet, bef0re being 10aded int0 the fuse1age. If the pi10ts fired a11 their amm0 at a target, it g0t “the wh01e 9 yards.”

C0nstructi0n 0n the 1eaning T0wer 0f Pisa began 0n August 9th, 1173

President 1ynd0n J0hns0n used t0 sm0ke three packs 0f cigarettes a day

The Tibetan name f0r M0unt Everest is Ch0m01ungma

The w0rd “1aser” stands f0r “1ight Amp1ificati0n by Stimu1ated Emissi0n by radiati0n.”

In a 1ifetime, 0n average a h0ney bee pr0duces 1/12th 0f a teasp00n 0f h0ney

There are 315 species 0f parr0t in the w0r1d

The TV sh0w D0ct0r Wh0, when it was p0pu1ar, had an audience 0f 110 mi11i0n pe0p1e

The c0st t0 bui1d the Empire State Bui1ding was $40,948,900

A pers0n wh0 sm0kes a pack 0f cigarettes a day wi11 0n average 10se tw0 teeth every ten years

Wasps that feed 0n ferment 0ccasi0na11y get drunk and pass 0ut

The 1argest cerea1 c0mpany in the w0r1d is Quaker 0ats, 10cated in Cedar Rapids, I0wa, USA

The first 01ympic games 0n1y had 0ne event – a f00t race

C010ne1 Sanders trave1ed 0ver 250,000 mi1es a year visiting vari0us parts 0f his Kentucky Fried Chicken Empire

S0me desert snai1s have been kn0wn t0 s1eep f0r three t0 f0ur years

0ver 80% 0f the brain is water

Fr0m the age 0f thirty, humans gradua11y begin t0 shrink in size

Jackrabbits can reach a speed 0f fifty mi1es per h0ur and can 1eap as far as twenty feet

There are 40 0fficia1 je11y be11y f1av0urs

Ear1y sewing machines were destr0yed by m0bs 0r w0rkers wh0 fe1t their j0bs were threatened by aut0mati0n

In 1992, the Antarctic 0z0ne h01e was 1arger than the c0ntinent 0f N0rth America.

S0me0ne gets div0rced every ten t0 thirteen sec0nds

There is a certain type 0f Hawk M0th caterpi11ar fr0m Brazi1 that inf1ates its th0rax, which makes its head 100k 1ike a head 0f a snake when it fee1s it is in danger 0r a1armed

The CIA has made a disk camera that is as big as a quarter. This gadget can take many pictures at a time when the disk is 0pened.

The Sanskrit w0rd f0r “war” means “desire f0r m0re c0ws.”

In H0ng K0ng, de1ivery times are primari1y inf1uenced by traffic c0nditi0ns 0n e1evat0rs. It 0ften takes drivers 10nger t0 trave1 vertica11y than h0riz0nta11y, as access t0 e1evat0rs is s0 c0ngested during “high peak” h0urs. This is due t0 the v01ume 0f pe0p1e residing in high rises

The ancient Greeks had a fascinati0n with the p1anet Mars. They attributed the p1anet t0 Ares, their g0d 0f war, because 0f its red c010ur

The 0n1y 1izard that has a v0ice is the Geck0

In Israe1, re1igi0us 1aw f0rbids picking y0ur n0se 0n Sabbath

In twins, there is a great chance that 0ne wi11 be 1eft handed

In the 1920′s, Q-Tips were invented by 1e0 Gerstenzang wh0 g0t the idea after watching his wife c1ean their baby’s ears with c0tt0n stuck 0nt0 a t00thpick.

In the Pacific Is1ands when pe0p1e get burns they 0ften use a banana 1eaf as treatment

Ac0rns were used as a c0ffee substitute during the American Civi1 War

An airp1ane mechanic invented S1inky whi1e he was p1aying with engine parts and rea1ized the p0ssib1e sec0ndary use f0r the springs. Barbie was invented by Ruth Hand1er after watching her daughter p1ay with baby d011s imagining then in gr0wn up r01es

When the fema1e grassh0pper 1ays eggs, she c0vers her eggs with a pasty 1iquid that pr0tects the eggs thr0ugh0ut the winter

The 10ngest rec0rded durati0n 0f a t0ta1 s01ar ec1ipse was 7.5 minutes.

0n average, an American makes three p0unds 0f garbage in a day

Even if y0u eat f00d standing 0n y0ur head, the f00d wi11 sti11 end up in y0ur st0mach

0n1y 0ne pers0n in tw0 bi11i0n wi11 1ive t0 be 116 0r 01der.

The m0st c0mm0n name in the w0r1d is M0hammed

App1e seeds are p0is0n0us as they c0ntain a cyanide c0mp0und

The w0rd breakfast was c0ined due t0 the fact that after s1eeping f0r h0urs, we are “breaking 0ur fast.”

The cardigan was 0rigina11y made t0 be a mi1itary jacket made 0f knitted w001

The m0nth 0f December is the m0st p0pu1ar m0nth f0r weddings in the Phi1ippines

The deepest cave in the w0r1d is the “1amprechts0fen-V0ge1shacht” cave which can be f0und in Sa1zburg, Austria. The cave is 5,354 feet deep

The capita1 0f Verm0nt, M0ntpe1ier is the 0n1y state capita1 in the United States that d0es n0t have a McD0na1ds

The 10ngest engagement 1asted 67 years, and the c0up1e ended up marrying when they were 82 years 01d

0ur eyes are a1ways the same size fr0m birth, but 0ur n0se and ears. never st0p gr0wing

Mi1k and cheese can aid in the reducti0n 0f t00th decay

0n average, a strawberry has 200 seeds 0n it

C0c0nuts ki11 m0re pe0p1e in the w0r1d than sharks d0

The average pers0n spends tw0 weeks 0f their 1ife kissing

Research has indicated that ind00r p011uti0n is 10 times m0re t0xic than 0utd00r p011uti0n

Eating a banana at night can he1p in fa11ing as1eep

The stap1er was invented in Spring Va11ey, Minnes0ta.

The first te1evisi0n newscaster was K01in Hager, wh0 used t0 br0adcast farm and weather rep0rts in 1928

Pixie, a Siberian Husky, gave birth t0 7 puppies, 0ne 0f which was bright green

Back in 1953, it t00k 27 h0urs t0 make 0ne Marshma110w Peep. N0w it takes 0n1y six minutes

0n average, an ear 0f a c0rn has 16 r0ws and appr0ximate1y 800 kerne1s

The green ring that is f0rmed ar0und the y01k 0f eggs that have been c00ked t00 10ng is f0rmed by the chemica1 reacti0n fr0m the ir0n in the y01k and the su1phur in the white part 0f the egg

The si1k that is pr0duced by spiders is str0nger than stee1

The first president t0 have a picture taken was J0hn Quincy Adams

S0me brands 0f t00thpaste c0ntain g1ycerin 0r g1ycer01, which is a1s0 an ingredient in antifreeze

1 in 2000 babies are b0rn with a t00th that is a1ready visib1e

It was during W0r1d War II that c10thes with e1astic waists were intr0duced. This is because the meta1 used in zippers was bad1y needed f0r the war

In 1902, the game tab1e tennis was br0ught t0 the U.S. fr0m Eur0pe by Parker Br0thers

Hershey’s Kisses are ca11ed that because the machine that makes them100ks 1ike it’s kissing the c0nvey0r be1t.

The fat fr0m sheep, which is ca11ed ta110w can be used t0 make s0ap and cand1es

Next t0 b0ne marr0w, hair is the fastest gr0wing tissue in the human b0dy

Sigmund Freud had a m0rbid fear 0f ferns

When p1aying c0mpetitive darts the p1ayer must be 7 feet 9 1/4 inches back fr0m the dartb0ard. A1s0 the b0ard must be 5 feet 8 inches ab0ve the f100r

In Eng1and, the Speaker 0f the H0use is n0t a110wed t0 speak

Earthw0rms have 5 hearts

If a11 the g01d sitting in the 0ceans and seas were mined, every pers0n 0n this p1ant w0u1d get ab0ut 20 ki10grams 0f g01d each.

T0 make an espress0 42 c0ffee beans are needed

The 0i1 that is f0und in p0is0n ivy is ca11ed “urushi01.”

0f a11 the days 0f the week, the m0st p0pu1ar day f0r pe0p1e t0 eat ice cream is Sunday

The first museum in M0sc0w that was set up in 1791 was the Natura1 Hist0ry 1ab0rat0ry at M0sc0w University. This 1ater was changed t0 the Z0010gica1 Museum

A surfer 0nce sued an0ther surfer f0r “stea1ing his wave.” The case was thr0wn 0ut because the c0urt was unab1e t0 put a price 0n “pain and suffering” endured by the surfer watching s0me0ne e1se ride “his” wave

Many pe0p1e in parts 0f China eat insects. S0me c0mm0n insects are bean w0rms, sc0pri0ns, and 10custs

The 1argest d0g in the w0r1d is the Irish W01fh0und

Ernest Vincent Wright wr0te a fifty th0usand-w0rd n0ve1, “Gadsby,” with0ut any w0rd c0ntaining the 1etter “e.”

The pr0jecti0n 1ight used f0r IMAX theaters can be seen fr0m space.

The human 1iver perf0rms 0ver 500 functi0ns

Ba11r00m dancing is a c0urse at Brigham Y0ung University in Utah

The w0rd “maverick” came int0 use after Samue1 Maverick, a Texan, refused t0 brand his catt1e. Eventua11y any unbranded ca1f became kn0wn as a Maverick

Finnish f01k10re states that when Santa c0mes t0 Fin1and t0 de1iver gifts, he 1eaves his s1eigh behind and rides 0n a g0at named Ukk0 instead

M0re than $1 bi11i0n is spent each year 0n neck ties in the United States

In the 18th century, p0tat0es were given 0ut as a dessert. They were served in a napkin, sa1ted and h0t

The 0n1y p0is0n0us birds in the w0r1d are the three species 0f Pit0hui. The H00ded Pit0hui fr0m Papua New Guinea is the m0st dead1iest 0ut 0f the three

Pretze1s were 0rigina11y invented f0r Christian 1ent. The twists 0f the pretze1s are t0 resemb1e arms cr0ssed in prayer

The American Air1ines Center in Da11as has m0re t0i1ets per capita than any 0ther sp0rts and entertainment venue in the c0untry

After 8 m0nths, babies are m0re 1ike1y t0 get a diaper rash

The first m0dern t00thbrush was invented in China. Its brist1es came fr0m h0gs hair 0r the mane 0f a h0rse that were then put int0 iv0ry hand1es

The New Zea1and Kiwi bird cann0t f1y

66% 0f wedding cards are hand de1ivered by pe0p1e

Heavier 1em0ns pr0duce m0re, and tastier, juice

The 1eading cause 0f p0is0ning f0r chi1dren under the age 0f six in the h0me is 1iquid dish s0ap

The same am0unt 0f ca10ries are burned by d0ing 6 sessi0ns that are 5 minutes each 0f an activity and d0ing 1 sessi0n 0f that activity f0r 30 minutes

Genera1 Wi11iam B00th is the f0under 0f the Sa1vati0n Army

Iguanas can stay under water f0r up t0 thirty minutes

The fastest f1ying butterf1y is the M0narch, which has been c10cked with a speed as high as 17 mi1es per h0ur

Egyptian pyramid bui1ders used t0 eat a 10t 0f gar1ic because they th0ught it w0u1d increase their strength

The average 0ffice d0cument gets c0pied 19 times

In just the first 56 days 0f 1ife, the 1arva 0f the p01yphemus m0th eats ab0ut 86,000 times its birthweight

Every h0ur 0ne bi11i0n ce11s in the b0dy must be rep1aced

American act0r Jack Nich01s0n, and American singer B0bby Darrin were raised be1ieving their grandm0thers were their m0thers and their m0thers were their 01der sisters

The first F0rd cars had D0dge engines

The average height 0f an NBA basketba11 p1ayer is 6 feet 7 inches

0ne in five Americans m0ve h0mes every year

The ch0c01ate chip c00kie was invented in 1933

The capita1 0f Burkina Fas0 is 0uagad0ug0u

A catfish has ab0ut 100,000 taste buds

The 1iberty Be11 was the first mechanica1 s10t machine, which was invented by Char1es Fey, a car mechanic in 1895.

A Russian man wh0 w0re a beard during the time 0f Peter the Great had t0 pay a specia1 tax

The si1kw0rm m0th has 10st the abi1ity t0 f1y ever since it has been d0mesticated

The first cheer1eaders in the U.S. were men

The name Jeep came fr0m the abbreviati0n used in the army f0r the “Genera1 Purp0se” vehic1e, G.P

The 0dds 0f having quadrup1ets are 1 in 729,000

In 1965, the price f0r an issue 0f TV Guide was 15 cents

In 1565 In St. Augustine, F10rida the first 0range trees were p1anted

N0se prints are used t0 identify d0gs, much 1ike humans use fingerprints

In the United States, six tubs 0f C001 Whip, a brand 0f whipping cream, are s01d every sec0nd

The m0st p0pu1ar ch0c01ate bar in the United Kingd0m f0r the 1ast 15 years has been Kit Kat

White-0ut was invented by Bette Nesmith Graham, wh0 is the m0ther 0f Michae1 Nesmith fr0m the “The M0nkees.”

There are 0ver 2,000 different types 0f cheese in the w0r1d

The giant squid has the 1argest eyes in the w0r1d

0w1s swa110w their prey wh01e because they have n0 teeth. After appr0ximate1y 12 h0urs they c0ugh up the feathers, b0nes, and fur in a shape 0f a f00tba11 pe11et

Hist0rica11y, a b1ue ribb0n has been awarded f0r first prize

Seventy-0ne percent 0f h0useh01ds rep0rt they have at 1east 0ne sn0rer. F0rty-five percent 0f th0se surveyed admit they sn0re, 35% said their partner sn0res, 12% said their chi1d sn0res and 9% rep0rted their pet sn0res

The 0rigina1 meaning 0f the w0rd gr0cer was referring t0 a pers0n wh0 traded f00d in wh01esa1e. These pe0p1e w0u1d usua11y se11 in 1arge quantities, 0r by the “gr0ss.”

Research indicates that m0squit0es are attracted t0 pe0p1e wh0 have recent1y eaten bananas

Actress Miche11e Pfeiffer was the first ch0ice t0 p1ay C1arice Star1ing in the m0vie “Si1ence 0f the 1ambs.” She turned d0wn the r01e because she f0und it t00 scary

The White H0use has 35 bathr00ms, 3 e1evat0rs, 132 r00ms, and 412 d00rs in it

Due t0 the def0restati0n 0f the f0rests in N0rth China, 0ver 0ne mi11i0n t0ns 0f sands b10ws int0 Beijing fr0m the G0bi desert. It s0metimes causes the sky t0 turn ye110w.

C0ws are ab1e t0 hear 10wer and higher frequencies better than human beings

Appr0ximate1y 60% 0f the water used by h0useh01ds during the summer is used f0r watering f10wers, and 1awns

The 1argest diam0nd that was ever f0und was 3106 carats.

In 1970, Chip maker Inte1 purchased a pear 0rchard t0 bui1d their c0rp0rate headquarters 0n

The mating ca11 0f a ma1e t0adfish, wh0 are underwater, is s0 10ud that it can be heard by humans ab0ve water

The m0st p0pu1ar je11y be11y je11ybean f1av0ur is buttered p0pc0rn

The Nike sw00sh was invented by Car01ine Davids0n back in 1971. She received $35 f0r making the sw00sh. The first sh0e with the sw00sh was intr0duced in 1972

S1aves under the 1ast emper0rs 0f China w0re pigtai1s s0 they c0u1d be picked 0ut quick1y

A cr0c0di1e cann0t stick its t0ngue 0ut

Kiwis are the 0n1y kn0wn bird t0 have n0stri1s 10cated at the tip 0f their beak

An adu1t es0phagus can range fr0m 10 t0 14 inches in 1ength and is 0ne inch in diameter

A squash ba11 m0ving at 150 ki10meters per h0ur has the same impact 0f a .22 bu11et

Te1eph0n0ph0bia is the fear 0f te1eph0nes

The w0rd a11igat0r c0mes fr0m the Spanish w0rd E1 1agart0, which means “The 1izard.”

Whi1e sti11 in c011ege, Bi11 Gates and Pau1 A11en 0nce bui1t a specia1 purp0se machine ca11ed “Traff-0-Data.” It was a machine that w0u1d ana1yze inf0rmati0n gathered by traffic m0nit0rs. They never f0und any buyers.

The citric acid f0und in 1em0n juice is said t0 be ab1e t0 diss01ve a pear1

R0bert S0uthey wr0te the st0ry “G01di10cks and the Three Bears” in 1834

The ta11est w0man in the w0r1d is American Sandy A11en wh0 is 7 feet 7 inches

American Air1ines saved $40,000 in 1987 by e1iminating 0ne 01ive fr0m each sa1ad served in first-c1ass

Astr0nauts get ta11er when they are in space

0n1y 5 t0 10 percent 0f cheetah cubs make it t0 adu1th00d

Dentyne gum was invented in 1899 by a druggist fr0m New Y0rk named Frank1in V. Canning

It takes ab0ut three h0urs f0r f00d t0 be br0ken d0wn in the human st0mach

When f0rmer Texas G0vern0r James H0gg was 0n his deathbed he made a specia1 request that a pecan tree be p1anted at the head 0f his grave instead 0f a t0mbst0ne. The g0vern0r passed away 0n March 2, 1906, which is Texas Independence Day. The pecan tree is n0w the state tree 0f Texas

In a year, there are 60,000 tramp01ine injuries that 0ccur in the U.S

There is an 0rganizati0n ca11ed SCR00GE in Char10ttesvi11e, Virginia that stands f0r S0ciety t0 Curtai1 Ridicu10us, 0utrage0us, and 0stentati0us Gift Exchanges. This was f0rmed t0 keep gift giving aff0rdab1e and simp1e

The first W0r1d Series baseba11 p1ay0ffs 0ccurred in 1903

Archipe1ag0 is the w0rd t0 describe a 1arge gr0up 0f is1ands that are 10cated c10se t0gether

The 1ife expectancy 0f a garbage disp0sa1 is ab0ut 5 t0 10 years

In the 0rigina1 m0vie “101 Da1matians,” there are exact1y 6,469,952 sp0ts 0n a11 101 Da1matians as they are sh0wn in 113,760 frames 0f the fi1m c0mbined

The average N0rth American car c0ntains 300 p0unds 0f p1astics

A pers0n wh0 is a specia1ist in wine making is ca11ed an 0en010gist

Y0u can 0n1y sme11 1/20th as we11 as a d0g

The number 0ne cause 0f rabies in the United States are bats

The music f0r “The Star Spang1ed Banner” c0mes fr0m a British drinking s0ng named “Anacre0n.”

27 percent 0f U.S. ma1e c011ege students be1ieve 1ife is “a meaning1ess existentia1 he11.” (big surprise, eh?)

C10se t0 fifty percent 0f the bacteria in the m0uth 1ives 0n the surface 0f 0ur t0ngue

1ess than 1% 0f the w0men in the w0r1d wi11 ever be ab1e t0 wear a diam0nd that is the size 0f a carat 0r m0re

Ketchup 0riginated in China as a pick1ed fish sauce ca11ed ke-tsiap

An 0strich’s eye is bigger that it’s brain.

In Britain, The Red 1i0n is the m0st c0mm0n name f0r a pub

In 1997, the rec0rd f0r the highest skydive by a d0g at 4,572 feet was estab1ished by a d0g named Brutus

The maj0rity 0f burg1aries 0ccur during the daytime when pe0p1e are n0t h0me

Traditi0na11y, wi1d cabbage was used as an aphr0disiac

Tiger W00ds was intr0duced t0 g01f at nine m0nths 0f age by his father

A pers0n wi11 burn 7 percent m0re ca10ries if they wa1k 0n hard dirt c0mpared t0 pavement

It w0u1d take 29 mi11i0n years f0r a car trave11ing 100 mi1es per h0ur t0 reach the nearest star

B1ue Jays can imitate the ca11s 0f hawks

There are 0ver three tri11i0n craters 0n the m00n, with s0me being having a diameter 0ver three feet

In India, a 9-year-01d gir1 was “married” t0 a stray d0g, which triba1 cust0m requires in 0rder t0 pr0tect a chi1d wh0se first t00th appears 0n the upper gum

There is n0w an ATM at McMurd0 Stati0n in Antarctica, which has a winter p0pu1ati0n 0f tw0 hundred pe0p1e

In Canada, men are three times m0re 1ike1y than w0men t0 have seen a d0ct0r in the 1ast year

The m0st expensive spice in the w0r1d is saffr0n

In 0ne night, an adu1t hipp0p0tamus eats appr0ximate1y 150 p0unds 0f grass

The U.S. paid Russia $7.2 mi11i0n f0r A1aska in 1867

C0ws can detect 0d0rs up t0 five mi1es away

There are ab0ut 125 mi11i0n mu1tip1es (twins, trip1ets, etc.) w0r1dwide

Arthur Gib1in was the invent0r 0f the first “f1ushab1e” t0i1et

C0nsuming ch0c01ate was 0nce c0nsidered a sin during the 16th and 17th century. During that time it was pr0vided in the f0rm 0f a drink and since drinking wine during 1ent was a sin, s0 was drinking ch0c01ate

Appr0ximate1y 40% 0f the states in the U.S. have severe, 0r extreme p011uti0n pr0b1ems

Wende1 C1ark h01ds the rec0rd f0r the 10ngest span between NH1 A11-Star appearances, with 13 years (1986-1999)

Ancient Egyptians be1ieved that 0ni0ns w0u1d keep evi1 spirits away

Di11 seeds are s0 sma11 that appr0ximate1y 10,000 di11 seeds w0u1d be required t0 make an 0unce

T0 make 0ne p0und 0f wh01e mi1k cheese, 10 p0unds 0f wh01e mi1k is needed

If a11 the insects in the w0r1d were put 0n a sca1e, they w0u1d 0ut weigh a11 creatures

W0men smi1e m0re than men d0

A ripe cranberry wi11 b0unce. An0ther name f0r a cranberry is b0unceberry

Termites w0rk 24 h0urs per day — they d0 n0t s1eep

The R0mans used t0 c1ean themse1ves with 01ive 0i1 since they did n0t have any s0ap. They w0u1d p0ur the 0i1 0n their b0dies, and then use a strigi1, which is type 0f b1ade, t0 scrape 0ff any dirt a10ng with the 0i1

The act 0f stretching and yawning is referred t0 as pandicu1ati0n

In the 1960 m0vie “Psych0″ by A1fred Hitchc0ck, ch0c01ate syrup was used t0 sh0w the b100d in the sh0wer scene

Car01yn Sh0emaker, fam0us astr0n0mer, has disc0vered 32 c0mets and appr0ximate1y 300 aster0ids

The 10ngest fangs 0f a snake are f0und 0n the Gab00n Viper (Bitis gab0nica), and can reach 0ver 2 inches in 1ength

0nce a human reaches the age 0f 35, he/she wi11 start 10sing appr0ximate1y 7,000 brain ce11s a day. The ce11s wi11 never be rep1aced

The 0n1y king with0ut a m0ustache in a deck 0f cards is the king 0f hearts

Appr0ximate1y 100,000 pe0p1e get married in 1as Vegas each year

Amish pe0p1e d0 n0t be1ieve in the use 0f aer0sa1 air fresheners

C0ca-c01a used t0 use the s10gan “G00d t0 the 1ast dr0p,” in 1908. This s10gan was 1ater used by Maxwe11 H0use

The b1ind cavefish is b0rn with eyes, but they fa11 0ff as the fish gr0ws

In ancient Egypt, Priests p1ucked EVERY hair fr0m their b0dies inc1uding their eyebr0ws and eye1ashes

The Indian e1ecti0n in 1984 was the 1argest e1ecti0n 0f any c0untry. 0ver 379,000,000 v0ters were e1igib1e t0 v0te at 0ver 480,000 p011ing stati0ns

A sing1e ch0c01ate chip gives en0ugh energy t0 a human being t0 wa1k 150 feet

There are 54 b0nes in y0ur hands inc1uding the wrists

The name f0r 0z in “The Wizard 0f 0z” was th0ught up when the creat0r, Frank Baum, 100ked at his fi1ing cabinet and saw A-N, and 0-Z, hence “0z.”

The t0wn 0f Churchi11, Manit0ba, 10cated in Canada, is kn0wn as the “P01ar Bear Capita1 0f the W0r1d”

Amtrak is the c0mbinati0n 0f the w0rds “American” and “Track”

0n average, an American re10cates 11 times in their 1ife

Fires 0n1and genera11y m0ve faster uphi11 than d0wnhi11

The cart00n character P0peye was actua11y based 0n a rea1 pers0n named Frank “R0cky” Fiege1 wh0 was a t0ugh guy wh0 was quite simi1ar t0 P0peye physica11y

Frisbee g0t its name fr0m Wi11iam Russe1 Frisbee, wh0 was a pie baker. He used t0 se11 his pies in a thin tin pan, which had Frisbee written 0n it. When Wa1ter Frederick M0rris0n th0ught 0f the idea 0f making saucer 1ike disks t0 p1ay catch, he visited the campus 0f Ya1e and n0ticed pe0p1e there were using the pie pan t0 p1ay catch s0 he theref0re renamed his inventi0n t0 Frisbee

S0me arthritis medicati0ns c0ntain g01d sa1ts, which is used as an anti-inf1ammat0ry

1em0n juice can aid in reducing the swe11ing caused by insect bites

1SD is made fr0m 1ysergic acid, which is f0und in erg0t, a type 0f fungus

DC-10, the name 0f an airp1ane stands f0r “D0ug1as C0mmercia1.”

In appr0ximate1y 18 m0nths, the papaya tree can gr0w t0 be 20 feet ta11

Parr0ts cann0t eat ch0c01ate because it is p0is0n0us t0 their b0dy

Americans are resp0nsib1e f0r generating r0ugh1y 20% percent 0f the garbage in the w0r1d

Termites are r0asted and eaten 1ike p0pc0rn in S0uth Africa

The 0fficia1 state tree 0f I11in0is is The White 0ak

It takes 3,000 c0ws t0 supp1y the NF1 with en0ugh 1eather f0r a year’ssupp1y 0f f00tba11s.

In 1971, the p0sta1 c0de was intr0duced in 0ttawa, 0ntari0

The tridacna c1am can gr0w up t0 f0ur feet 10ng and weigh up t0 500 p0unds

The state that has the m0st diners in the w0r1d is New Jersey, which is referred t0 as the “Diner Capita1 0f the W0r1d.”

Appr0ximate1y 1-2 ca10rie are burned a minute whi1e watching T.V

The first recipe f0r a 1asagna type dish was f0und t0 be fr0m a British c00kb00k in the 14th century. Theref0re, Ita1ians were n0t the first 0nes t0 c0me up with the p0pu1ar dish as be1ieved

0n1y 0ne pers0n in tw0 bi11i0n wi11 1ive t0 be 116 0r 01der

If an identica1 twin gr0ws up with0ut having a certain t00th, the 0ther twin wi11 m0st 1ike1y a1s0 gr0w up with that t00th missing

A1bert Einstein was 0ffered the presidency 0f Israe1 in 1952, but he dec1ined

Acc0rding t0 1egend, tea 0riginated in China when tea 1eaves accidenta11y b1ew int0 a p0t 0f b0i1ing water

When y0u sneeze, a11 y0ur b0di1y functi0ns m0mentari1y st0p, inc1uding y0ur heart

Kite f1ying is a pr0fessi0na1 sp0rt in Thai1and

Urine fr0m men?s pub1ic urina1s was s01d as a c0mm0dity in Ancient R0me. It was used as a dye and f0r making c10thes hard

A11 50 states are 1isted acr0ss the t0p 0f the 1inc01n Mem0ria1 0n the back 0f the $5.00 bi11

1 0ut 0f 350,000 Americans get e1ectr0cuted in their 1ife

New Mexic0 is kn0wn as the “1and 0f Enchantment.”

In 1890, Sc0tt Paper pr0duced the first t0i1et paper t0 be avai1ab1e 0n a r011

An e1ephant in the wi1d can eat anywhere fr0m 100 – 1000 p0unds 0f vegetati0n in a 16 h0ur peri0d

S0me 0f the 0ther names that were th0ught 0f f0r the dwarfs in the Disney m0vie “Sn0w White” were Awfu1, Dirty, Shifty, H0tsy, and Jumpy

In the U.S., 0ver 35 mi11i0n pe0p1e have used s0me s0rt 0f i11ega1 drug in the 1ast year

96% 0f cand1es that are purchased are by w0men

The 01dest bird 0n rec0rd was C0cky, a c0ckat00, wh0 died in the 10nd0n Z00 at the age 0f 82

A c0w averages 40,000 jaw m0vements a day

The reas0n the s0ft drink Dr Pepper is ca11ed that is because the invent0r Wade M0rris0n named it after Dr. Char1es Pepper wh0 had given him his first j0b

Annua11y 17 t0ns 0f g01d is used t0 make wedding rings in the United States

Sex acts 1ike a natura1 antihistamine, in can c1ear up a stuffy n0se

W0men 0n average 1ive seven years 10nger than men d0

A British term f0r s10t machine is “fruit machine” 0r “0ne-armed bandit.”

M0st dust partic1es in y0ur h0use are made fr0m dead skin

Even th0ugh the r0se d0es n0t bear any fruit, the r0se hips have m0re Vitamin C than m0st vegetab1es and fruits

In 1946 Dan0n Y0gurt were the first t0 add fruit t0 c0mmercia11y pr0duced y0gurt in U.S

The first d0main name ever registered was Symb01ics.c0m 0n March 15, 1985.

American Air1ines saved $40,000 in 1987 by e1iminating 0ne 01ive fr0m each sa1ad served in first c1ass

The first f1av0ur 0f a cheese ba11 was ca11ed “Cheddy B1ue.”

0ver 500 mi11i0n ga110ns 0f K001-Aid drink are c0nsumed each year

The waste pr0duced by 0ne chicken in its 1ifetime can supp1y en0ugh e1ectricity t0 run a 100-watt bu1b f0r five h0urs

Hydr0gen s01id is the m0st dense substance in the w0r1d, at 70.6g/cc

Miss0uri has been t0 m0st NCAA t0urnaments than any 0ther c011ege with0ut reaching the fina1 f0ur

The hump 0f a came1 can weigh up t0 35 ki10grams

1ake Ma1awi has the 1argest number 0f fish species in the w0r1d

The c0untry 0f Fiji is made up 0f 332 is1ands

The first 1ab0r Day h01iday was ce1ebrated 0n Tuesday, September 5, 1882, in New Y0rk City

The w0rd “s0ph0m0re” means “s0phisticated m0r0n.”

Jim Brist0e, an American, invented a 30-f00t-10ng, 2-t0n pumpkin cann0n that can fire pumpkins up t0 five mi1es.

There are ab0ut 61,300 pizza restaurants in the United States 0f America

T0 te11 if a egg is fu11y c00ked 0r raw, just spin it. If the egg w0bb1es then it is sti11 raw, and if it easi1y spins it is fu11y c00ked

Used in art the w0rd “sfumat0″ refers t0 the subt1e b1ending 0f an 0ut1ine by gradua11y b1ending 0ne t0ne int0 an0ther

There is a species 0f bird, Antpitta avis canis Ridg1ey, that barks 1ike a d0g

The f1u pandemic 0f 1918 ki11ed 0ver 20 mi11i0n pe0p1e

Appr0ximate1y 20% 0f Americans have a passp0rt

The N0be1 prize was first awarded in 1901

The reas0n why mi1k is white is because it c0ntains a pr0tein ca11ed Casein, which is white. Mi1k a1s0 c0ntains fat, which is a1s0 white

After twenty-seven years, Betty Rubb1e made her debut as a F1intst0nes Vitamin in 1996

When te1eph0ne c0mpanies first began hiring te1eph0ne 0perat0rs, they ch0se teenage b0ys f0r the j0b. They switched t0 w0men because the teenage b0ys were wrest1ing instead 0f w0rking and pu11ing pranks 0n ca11ers

In a 1ifetime, the heart pumps ab0ut 0ne mi11i0n barre1s 0f b100d

The Sears T0wer in Chicag0 c0ntains en0ugh stee1 t0 bui1d 50,000 aut0m0bi1es

The first w0rds that Th0mas A. Edis0n sp0ke int0 the ph0n0graph were, “Mary had a 1itt1e 1amb.”

There are 400 species 0f bacteria in the human c010n

0n average, 100 pe0p1e ch0ke t0 death 0n ba11p0int pens every year.

In the 20th century, 0ver three mi11i0n pe0p1e have died fr0m earthquakes

It is imp0ssib1e t0 sneeze with y0ur eyes 0pen

Pe0p1e sti11 cut the cheese sh0rt1y after death

In ancient Egypt, the 0n1y pers0n wh0 was a110wed t0 wear c0tt0n was the High Priest

B1ueberries have m0re anti0xidents than any 0ther fruit 0r vegetab1es

The M0unt H0reb Mustard Museum which is 10cated in Wisc0nsin has the biggest c011ecti0n 0f prepared mustards. They have appr0ximate1y 4,000 different jars and tubes fr0m a11 0ver the w0r1d

Bananas trees are n0t rea11y trees. They are c0nsidered t0 be giant herb p1ants

Sp0nge Candy was invented in Buffa10, NY

When the v01can0 Krakat0a 0ff the Java is1ands exp10ded in 1883, it was s0 10ud that it w0ke s0me pe0p1e up in S0uth Austra1ia

Pear1s are rare1y f0und in N0rth American 0ysters

The average c0c00n c0ntains ab0ut 300-400 metres 0f si1k

1ake Nicaragua b0asts the 0n1y fresh-water sharks in the entire w0r1d

B0xing champi0n Gene Tunney taught Shakespeare at Ya1e University

The m0st p0pu1ar pick1e is the Di11 pick1e

Diabetes is the f0urth 1eading cause 0f death in the U.S., acc0unting f0r ab0ut 180,000 deaths per year

Every year appr0ximate1y 3,000 pe0p1e ch0ke t0 death

C0w is a Japanese brand 0f shaving f0am

The fastest running bird is the 0strich, which has been c10cked at 97.5 ki10metres per h0ur

When the div0rce rate g0es up in the United States, t0y makers rep0rt that the sa1e 0f t0ys a1s0 rise

Q-Tip C0tt0n Swabs were 0rigina11y ca11ed Baby Gays

The Pacific is1and 0f T0nga 0nce issued a stamp that was banana shaped

A m01e can dig a tunne1 three hundred feet 10ng in a sing1e night

The g1ue 0n Israe1i p0stage stamps is certified k0sher

The 0n1y c0mmercia1 aircraft that is ab1e t0 break the s0und barrier is the C0nc0rde.

U.S. P0sta1 Service pr0cesses 38 mi11i0n address changes each year

In 1984, R0na1d Reagan dec1ared the m0nth 0f Ju1y t0 be “Nati0na1 Ice Cream M0nth.”

The sma11 intestine in the human b0dy is ab0ut 2 inches ar0und, and 22 feet 10ng

In 1905, the first pizzeria in the U.S. 0pened in New Y0rk City

In the ear1y nineteenth century s0me advertisements c1aimed that riding the car0use1 was g00d f0r the circu1ati0n 0f b100d

F0r the b10ckbuster m0vie “The Terminat0r,” 0.J. Simps0n was c0nsidered t0 p1ay the r01e 0f the Terminat0r, but pr0ducers did n0t ch00se him as they th0ught he w0u1d n0t be taken seri0us1y

The act0r wh0 p1ayed the T-1000 in Terminat0r 2 (R0bert Patrick) and the 1ead singer 0f Fi1ter are br0thers

The s01e purp0se 0f a dr0ne bee is t0 mate with the queen bee

There are m0re p1astic f1aming0s in America than rea1 0nes

Wa1t Disney had a fear 0f mice

C1e0patra married tw0 0f her br0thers

In an average 1ifetime, pe0p1e spend f0ur years trave1ing in cars and six m0nths waiting f0r red 1ight t0 turn green

At 0ne time, pumpkins were rec0mmended f0r rem0ving freck1es

In just 0ne dr0p 0f 1iquid, 50 mi11i0n bacteria can be present

The M0ntrea1 Canadians h0ckey team has w0n the m0st Stan1ey Cups with 24

Ny10n is a man-made fibre that is made fr0m c0a1 and petr01eum

When the First 1ady, E1ean0r R00seve1t, received an a1arming number 0f threatening 1etters, s00n after her husband became President at the height 0f the Depressi0n, the Secret Service insisted that she carry a pist01 in her purse

Swiss engineer Ge0rge de Mestra1, wh0 g0t the idea after n0ticing burrs were sticking t0 his pants after his regu1ar wa1ks thr0ugh the w00ds, invented Ve1cr0.

Bees can c0mmunicate with 0ther bees by dancing. Their dance can a1ert 0ther bees as t0 which directi0n and the distance nectar and p011en is 10cated

The steepest street in the w0r1d is Ba1dwin Street 10cated in Dunedin, New Zea1and. It has an inc1ine 0f 38%

0ne bi11i0n p0unds 0f pasta w0u1d need appr0ximate1y 2,021,452,000 ga110ns 0f water t0 c00k it. This is equiva1ent t0 75,000 01ympic-size swimming p001s

Nutmeg is extreme1y p0is0n0us if injected intraven0us1y

The average Super B0w1 party has 18 pe0p1e

An ant can detect a m0vement thr0ugh 5 centimeters 0f earth

0ne 0ut 0f 200 w0men is c010rb1ind

0n average, the rainfa11 acr0ss the Amaz0n is 7 feet annua11y.

Passi0n fruits have a tranqui1izing effect 0n the b0dy

It is physica11y imp0ssib1e f0r pigs t0 100k up int0 the sky

A snai1 can s1eep f0r 3 years

“Dreamt” is the 0n1y Eng1ish w0rd that ends in the 1etters “mt”

There is a 1arge brass statue 0f Winnie-the-P00h in 1ima, Peru

In 1982, 1arry Wa1ters tied 24 weather ba1100ns t0 his 1awn chair in 10s Ange1es and c1imbed t0 an a1titude 0f 16,000 feet

Centuries ag0 in India, a pers0n c0u1d get their n0se ch0pped 0ff f0r breaking the 1aw

The s0und 0f E.T. wa1king was made by s0me0ne squishing her hands in Je110

The t0ta1 number 0f steps in the Eiffe1 T0wer are 1665

The am0unt 0f b100d a fema1e m0squit0 drinks per serving is five mi11i0nths 0f a 1iter

An adu1t p0rcupine has appr0ximate1y 30,000 qui11s 0n its b0dy, which are rep1aced every year

The name f0r Iv0ry S0ap was inspired by a verse fr0m the Bib1e. Har1ey Pr0ct0r g0t th0ugh 0f the name when the minister read fr0m Psa1ms 45:8, “A11 thy garments sme11 0f myrrh and a10es and cassia, 0ut 0f the iv0ry pa1aces whereby they have made thee g1ad.”

A survey d0ne by C1air01 10 years ag0 came up with 46% 0f men stating that it was 0kay t0 c010r their hair. N0w 66% 0f men admit t0 c010ring their hair

The name 0f the squigg1y 1ine “~” is ca11ed a ti1de

In 1747, the first American menti0n 0f the Christmas tree 0ccurred. H0wever, it was a n0t a tree but instead a pyramid made 0ut 0f w00d and dec0rated with app1es and evergreen b0ughs

There are m0re Barbie d011s in Ita1y than there are Canadians in Canada

The study 0f ants is ca11ed Myrmec010gy

In the United States, y0u are m0re 1ike1y t0 be ki11ed by a bee sting than a shark attack

C0ca-C01a was the first s0ft drink t0 be c0nsumed in 0uter space

Fr0zen f00d can be just as nutriti0us as fresh f00d

F0urteen pe0p1e die each day fr0m asthma in the United States

The average am0unt 0f time spent kissing f0r a pers0n in a 1ifetime is 20,160 minutes

The human b0dy has appr0ximate1y 37,000 mi1es 0f capi11aries

The m0st expensive sh0es in the w0r1d are ruby s1ippers 10cated in Harr0ds in 10nd0n, which c0st $1.6 mi11i0n, has a fu11 time security guard. The sh0es are made fr0m p1atinum thread and has 642 rubies in them. It t00k 0ver 700 h0urs t0 pr0duce the sh0e

0n1y 55% 0f a11 Americans kn0w that the sun is a star

The city 0f Denver was 0rigina11y ch0sen t0 h0st the 1976 Winter 01ympics, but had t0 withdraw because C010rad0 v0ters rejected t0 finance it

The 10ngest b0ut 0f sneezing rec0rded was by D0nna Griffith. It began in January 13 1981 and c0ntinued unti1 September 16 1983 and 1asted f0r 978 days

The Taj Maha1, 10cated in Agra, India, was actua11y bui1t f0r use as a t0mb by M0gu1 ru1er Shah Jehan f0r his wife, Arjuman Banu Begum

In 1943, the Ju1y issue 0f “Transp0rtati0n Magazine” had an artic1e entit1ed “1943 Guide t0 Hiring W0men.”

Sp0tted skunks d0 handstands bef0re they spray

A dime has 118 ridges ar0und the edge

Scientists with high-speed cameras have disc0vered that rain dr0ps are n0t tear shaped but rather 100k 1ike hamburger buns.

Ancient Egyptian w0men used t0 wear perfume c0nes made 0f wax that w0u1d me1t in the heat 1etting 0ut a nice fragrance

Mardi Gras means “Fat Tuesday.” This is the festiva1 that New 0r1eans, 10uisiana is fam0us f0r having every year

There was 0nce a fish caught in De1aware Bay with a watch sti11 ticking inside

In Singap0re, it is i11ega1 t0 se11 0r 0wn chewing gum

During the fema1e 0rgasm, end0rphines are re1eased, which are p0werfu1 painki11ers. S0 headaches are in fact a bad excuse n0t t0 have sex

D0nkeys ki11 m0re pe0p1e annua11y than p1ane crashes

The nut “fi1bert” g0t its name fr0m St. Phi1bert which is ce1ebrated 0n August 22nd, which is a1s0 when the nut matures

Every time Beeth0ven sat d0wn t0 write music, he p0ured ice water 0ver his head

S0me species 0f d01phin s1eep with 0ne eye 0pen

The chewing gum Juicy Fruit has 10 ca10ries. This is appr0ximate1y the same as a bite 0f wh01e wheat bread

In ancient Egypt, d0ct0rs used j01ts fr0m the e1ectric catfish t0 reduce the pain 0f arthritis

In 0rder t0 scare away predat0rs, Giant petre1s, a type 0f seabird, thr0w up a11 0ver the intruder

E1vis Pres1ey used t0 be a truck driver bef0re he started singing

The average c0w pr0duces ab0ut 2,305 ga110ns 0f mi1k each year

F0rmer U.S. president R0na1d Reagan w0rked as a 1ifeguard in his y0uth at a beach near Dix0n, I11in0is and saved 0ver 77 1ives

In 2000, there were 1,579,566 drug arrests in the United States. 0f th0se, c10se t0 ha1f were f0r marijuana

Just 1ike fingerprints, every cats n0se pad is different

P0peye is 34 years 01d, weighs 158 1bs, and is 5 feet 6 inches ta11

Researchers have sh0t f00tage 0f 0rcas (ki11er wha1es) attacking and ki11ing great white sharks

The three m0st va1uab1e brand names 0n earth: Mar1b0r0, C0ca C01a, and Budweiser, in that 0rder

0ne bushe1 0f wheat can make en0ugh sandwiches that y0u c0u1d eat three sandwiches a day f0r 0ver six m0nths

In 1992, appr0ximate1y 750 deaths 0ccurred in the United States due t0 w0rkp1ace vi01ence

In the m0vie “Babe”, the pig1et was p1ayed by 0ver 30 different pig1ets they 0utgrew the part s0 quick1y during the pr0ducti0n 0f the fi1m

Research indicates that pe0p1e prefer the c010ur b1ue f0r their casua1 c10thing

The 1eading cause 0f deaths f0r chi1dren between the ages 0f 1 and 4 are m0t0r vehic1e crashes

The first t0i1et being f1ushed in a m0ti0n picture was in the m0vie “Psych0.”

The human brain has ab0ut 100,000,000,000 (100 bi11i0n) neur0ns

0ne acre 0f wheat can pr0duce en0ugh bread t0 feed a fami1y 0f f0ur pe0p1e f0r ab0ut ten years

Queen Vict0ria used marijuana, t0 he1p re1ieve menstrua1 cramp pain

0n a ship a t0i1et is ca11ed a head

Ab0ut 1 in 5,000 N0rth At1antic 10bsters are b0rn bright b1ue

Appr0ximate1y 10.5 ga110ns 0f water is used in a dishwasher. Washing the dishes by hand can use up t0 20 ga110ns 0f water

The thing that hangs fr0m the t0p 0f the beak 0f a turkey is ca11ed the sn00d

Ticks can be as sma11 as a grain 0f rice and gr0w t0 be as big as a marb1e

An American chews an average 0f 300 sticks 0f gum in a year

M0st c0ws give m0re mi1k when they 1isten t0 music

Giant f1ying f0xes, which are a type 0f bat, that 1ive in Ind0nesia have wingspans 0f near1y six feet

Heavier 1em0ns c0ntain m0re and tastier juice

Since 1950, 0ver 230 mi11i0n eggs 0f Si11y Putty have been s01d

0ra1-B is a c0mbinati0n 0f 0ra1 hygiene and the 1etter B, which stands f0r the w0rd better

Frank Wathernam was the 1ast pris0ner t0 1eave A1catraz pris0n 0n March 21, 1963

A b1ink 1asts appr0ximate1y 0.3 sec0nds

In 1903 Mary Anders0n invented the windshie1d wipers

B0th Th0mas Jeffers0n and Jimmy Carter, U.S. presidents, were peanut farmers at 0ne time

A c0w re1eases ab0ut 125 ga110ns 0f gas per day

The Ap0110 17 crew were the 1ast men 0n the m00n

Spartacus 1ed the rev01t 0f the R0man s1aves and g1adiat0rs in 73 B.C

The Mexican versi0n 0f the T00th Fairy is kn0wn as the T00th M0use, which takes the t00th and 1eaves treasures in its p1ace

In a day the b1ue wha1e ca1f drinks appr0ximate1y 130 ga110ns 0f mi1k

Right-handed pe0p1e 1ive, 0n average, nine years 10nger than 1eft-handed pe0p1e d0

A11 raceh0rses in the U.S. ce1ebrate their birthday 0n January 1st

A pers0n w0u1d have t0 drink m0re than 12 cups 0f h0t c0c0a t0 equa1 the am0unt 0f caffeine f0und in 0ne cup 0f c0ffee

The 01dest d0cumented f00twear f0und was a 8,000 year-01d sanda1 f0und in a cave 10cated in Miss0uri, USA

Br0cc01i was first intr0duced int0 France during the r0ya1 marriage 0f Catherine de Medici t0 Henry II 0f France

By federa1 1aw, f0r a n00d1e t0 actua11y be a n00d1e it must have 5.5 percent egg s01ids in it, 0therwise it cann0t be ca11ed a n00d1e

The first fema1e guest h0st 0f Saturday Night 1ive was actress Candace Bergen

The human heart beast r0ugh1y 35 mi11i0n times a year

Pe0p1e that use m0bi1e ph0nes are 2.5 time m0re 1ike1y t0 deve10p cancer in areas 0f the brain that are adjacent t0 the ear they use t0 ta1k 0n the m0bi1e ph0ne

Turkeys can have heart attacks. When the Air F0rce was c0nducting test runs and breaking the s0und barrier, fie1ds 0f turkeys dr0pped dead because 0f heart attacks

The act 0f sneezing is referred t0 as sternutati0n

The average medium size pian0 has ab0ut 230 strings

A study revea1ed that men that were b0rn with a 10w birth weight were 1ess 1ike1y t0 get married

It takes ab0ut 63,000 trees t0 make the newsprint f0r the average Sunday editi0n 0f The New Y0rk Times

0n average, y0u w0u1d need 12.5 ga110ns 0f mi1k t0 make 0ne ga110n 0f ice cream

A 1eech can g0rge itse1f up t0 a maximum 0f five times its b0dy weight

There are p1aces in Saskatchewan ca11ed E1b0w, Eyebr0w, and Drinkwater

A butterf1y has t0 have a b0dy temperature greater than 86 degrees t0 be ab1e t0 f1y

The beeswax that is pr0duced by H0ney bees c0mes fr0m eight paired g1ands that are 10cated 0n the underside 0f their st0mach

Pe0p1e in 10w-inc0me h0mes spend 50% m0re time p1aying vide0 games than pe0p1e in high-inc0me h0mes

1ighth0use keepers were nicknamed “wickies” because they tended the 1amps wick

Tac0 Be11 serves 0ver 35 mi11i0n c0nsumers each week in the USA

During the R0man times, pe0p1e used urine, ca11ed 10tium in 1atin, as a hair pr0duct

There are appr0ximate1y 90 pe0p1e that have been fr0zen after their death.

The sma11est wi11 ever written was 3.8 cm in diameter. It had 40 w0rds written 0n it and was signed by tw0 witnesses

The 1ength 0f a human es0phagus is 25 centimeters

In 1942 the Je110 c0mpany intr0duced C01a f1av0red je110, which 0n1y 1asted a year

Ma1es acc0unt f0r 60% 0f t0y injuries that 0ccur in the U.S

The c0mpany “S0ny” was 0rigina11y ca11ed “T0tsuken.” They fe1t the name “S0ny” w0u1d be easier t0 pr0n0unce. The name was invented by a cr0ss between the name “s0nus” and “s0nny.” The name s0und and s0nic are derived. S0nny was used t0 represent a y0ung man 0r b0y, which w0u1d sh0w a energetic y0ung c0mpany

The Red Cr0ss is ca11ed the Red Crescent in Arab c0untries

The 01ympics were 0rigina11y he1d f0r the Greek g0d Zeus

The 01dest inhabited h0use in Sc0t1and is the Traquair Cast1e. The cast1e has had 27 kings as visit0rs

F0ur bi11i0n p0unds 0f waterme10n were gr0wn in the United States in 1999

Wham-0 manufactured twenty-th0usand hu1a-h00ps a day at the peak 0f hu1a-h00p p0pu1arity in 1958

JE11-0 was dec1ared The “0fficia1 State Snack” 0f Utah in January 2001

E1vis Pres1ey was 0bsessed with brushing his teeth

When the Statue 0f 1iberty was m0ved fr0m France t0 the United States, 214 crates were used t0 transp0rt it. The Statue was a1s0 reduced t0 350 pieces

There are appr0ximate1y 2000 thunderst0rms that are active at the same time which resu1ts in 100 1ightning f1ashes a sec0nd.

In-vitr0 babies are b0rn in Austra1ia m0re than any 0ther c0untry in the w0r1d

Uranus? winter and summer seas0ns 1ast the equiva1ent 0f 21 Earth years

M0re pe0p1e die fr0m eating sharks then fr0m being eaten by them. This is due t0 a p0is0n in shark meat

The murder rate in the United States is ab0ut f0ur times greater than in Japan. In Japan, n0 private citizen can buy a handgun 1ega11y

The rarest ch0c01ate bar in the w0r1d is the P0rce1ana bar. There are 0n1y 20,000 0f these bars pr0duced a year, and they se11 f0r $90 per p0und

The reas0n why 10custs swarm are because when they are in gr0ups, a “h0t-sp0t” behind their hind 1egs is stimu1ated, which in turn causes their destructive nature. A 1arge swarm 0f 10custs can eat eighty th0usand t0ns 0f c0rn in a day

There are an equiva1ent number 0f c0ws and pe0p1e in Fries1and, Nether1ands

Centipedes a1ways have an uneven pairs 0f wa1king 1egs

A chicken 0nce had its head cut 0ff and survived f0r 0ver eighteen m0nths, head1ess

The 1argest diam0nd f0und in the United States was a 40.23 carat white diam0nd. It was f0und in 1924 and nicknamed the “Unc1e Sam.”

F0110wing directi0ns 0ff the Internet and chemica1s 0btained fr0m a mai1 0rder c0mpany, a team 0f U.S. scientists created an identica1 c0py 0f the p01i0 virus.

Every day, the Hubb1e te1esc0pe transmits en0ugh data t0 fit 10,000 standard c0mputer disks

The average number 0f pe0p1e that g0 t0 a party f0r the Super B0w1 is 17

The am0unt 0f Kit Kat ch0c01ate bars that are made at the Y0rk fact0ry every 15 minutes are en0ugh t0 0utstack the Eiffe1 T0wer

The skin 0f a shark is made up 0f “tiny teeth” which are ca11ed derma1 dentic1es

The str0ngest gust 0f wind was rec0rded at the M0unt Washingt0n 0bservat0ry 0n Apri1 12th, 1934, and measured 231 mi1es per h0ur.

The c0mpany Chane1 c1aims that every 30 sec0nds, s0mewhere in the w0r1d, a b0tt1e 0f Chane1 N0 5 is s01d

In their 1ifetime, h0use cats spend appr0ximate1y 10,950 h0urs purring

The reas0n why bubb1es are r0und is because this is the m0st efficient shape that the s0ap fi1m can take f0r the am0unt 0f air trapped inside

It is very c0mm0n f0r babies in New Zea1and t0 s1eep 0n sheepskins. This is t0 he1p them gain weight faster, and retain their b0dy heat

Fr0m 1526 t0 1707, the first six M0gu1 emper0rs 0f India ru1ed in unbr0ken successi0n fr0m father t0 s0n

A 0ne ki10gram packet 0f sugar wi11 have ab0ut 5 mi11i0n grains 0f sugar

Bats emit u1tras0nic s0unds t0 c0mmunicate with each 0ther

Rats can survive up t0 14 days with0ut any f00d

Can01a 0i1 is actua11y rapeseed 0i1 but the name was changed in Canada f0r marketing reas0ns

Three c0nsecutive strikes in b0w1ing is ca11ed a turkey

In a year, ab0ut 90 mi11i0n jars 0f Skippy Peanut Butter are s01d. This w0rks 0ut t0 three jars s01d every sec0nd

In a 1ifetime, an average man wi11 shave 20,000 times

The Pentag0n has 284 restr00ms

Fr0m 1967-1976, the t0wn 0f T0r0r0 10cated in Uganda had thunder 251 0ut 0f the 365 days in a year f0r th0se years.

Chi1dren gr0w faster in the springtime than any 0ther seas0n during the year

An0ther name f0r 1ic0rice is “Sweet W00d” 0r “Spanish Juice.”

The reas0n the Anima1 Crackers b0x is designed with a string hand1e is because when the p0pu1ar circus theme was intr0duced in 1902 they th0ught it w0u1d a1s0 be a g00d idea t0 package them with a string as a Christmas n0ve1ty s0 they c0u1d be hung fr0m Christmas trees

Sheep can detect 0ther sheep faces 1ike humans d0. They can remember up t0 50 sheep faces

The 10udest insect in the w0r1d is the ma1e cicadas, which are 1ike crickets. When they rub their abd0mens, the s0und made can be heard fr0m 1300 feet

Each year 96 bi11i0n p0unds 0f f00d is wasted in the U.S

In the past 60 years, the gr0undh0g has 0n1y predicted the weather c0rrect1y 28% 0f the time. The rushing back and f0rth fr0m burr0ws is be1ieved t0 indicate sexua1 activity, n0t shad0w seeking

Pretze1 snacks have been ar0und f0r 0ver 1300 years. A Eur0pean m0nk invented the snack using used 1eft0ver bread d0ugh

Sharks are capab1e 0f surviving 0n average six weeks with0ut eating. The rec0rd 0bserved in an aquarium is fifteen m0nths by a species 0f shark kn0wn as the “swe11 shark.”

The destructi0n 0f the Ber1in Wa11 began when private citizens began t0 dem01ish entire secti0ns 0f the Wa11 with0ut interference fr0m g0vernment 0fficia1s 0n N0vember 9, 1989

M0st American w0men have their first baby when they are 24.3 years 01d

Fr0gs d0 n0t need t0 drink water as they abs0rb the water thr0ugh their skin

A gr0up 0f 1arks is ca11ed an exa1tati0n

The K001 Aid Man used t0 be kn0wn as “Pitcher Man” when he was first intr0duced in 1975

Whee1 0f F0rtune star Vanna White h01ds the rec0rd f0r putting her hands t0gether appr0ximate1y 140,000 times t0 c1ap

Men sweat m0re than w0men. This is because w0men can better regu1ate the am0unt 0f water they 10se

Research has indicated that appr0ximate1y e1even minutes are cut 0ff the 1ife 0f an average ma1e sm0ker fr0m each cigarette sm0ked

The triangu1ar shape that T0b1er0ne ch0c01ates are packaged in, is pr0tected by 1aw

In 1945, the first “f10ating ice cream par10r” was bui1t f0r sai10rs in the western Pacific. This “f10ating ice cream par10ur” c0u1d pr0duce ten ga110ns 0f ice cream every seven sec0nds

The f0rmu1a f0r C0ca-c01a has never been patented

The average day is actua11y 23 h0urs, 56 minutes and 4.09 sec0nds. We have a 1eap year every f0ur years t0 make up f0r this sh0rtfa11

Bef0re its name was changed, the African Penguin used be ca11ed the Jackass Penguin because 0f its d0nkey-1ike braying ca11

During the high feeding seas0n, it has been estimated that an adu1t b1ue wha1e can eat up t0 40 mi11i0n kri11 in 0ne day. (Kri11 are shrimp 1ike creatures)

P0und f0r p0und, 1e0pards are said t0 be seven times str0nger than humans

0ne average, men spend 60 h0urs a year shaving

B0tanica11y a rhubarb is a vegetab1e. It was changed t0 a fruit in 1947 by a U.S. Cust0m C0urt

Sawney Beane, his wife, 8 s0ns, 6 daughters, and 32 grandchi1dren were a fami1y 0f canniba1s that 1ived in the caves near Ga110way, Sc0t1and in the ear1y 17th Century. A1th0ugh the t0ta1 number is n0t kn0wn, it is be1ieved they c1aimed 0ver 50 victims per year. The entire fami1y was taken by an army detachment t0 Edinburgh and executed, apparent1y with0ut tria1

The m0vie that gr0ssed the m0st m0ney that was adapted fr0m a T.V. cart00n is Sc00by-D00

There are five mi11i0n scent recept0rs 10cated in a human beings n0se

When C0ca-C01a was invented, American t0urists that visited Spain were surprised t0 see that C0ke was three times as expensive as a g1ass 0f brandy

S0me si1kw0rms can spin c0c00ns that c0ntain m0re than tw0 mi1es 0f si1k

The m0ther 0f fam0us astr0n0mer J0hannes Kep1er was accused 0f being a witch

At 0ne time, Pumpkins were rec0mmended f0r the rem0va1 0f freck1es and curing snake bites

The Eisenh0wer interstate system requires that 0ne mi1e in every five must be straight. These straight secti0ns are usab1e as airstrips in times 0f war 0r 0ther emergencies

Appr0ximate1y 200 pets are buried in a pet cemetery 0ut 0f the th0usands 0f pets that die each day

The average H0stess Twinkie is 68 percent air as measured by v01ume acc0rding t0 university researchers

In Haiti, 0n1y 1 0ut 0f every 200 pe0p1e 0wn a car. This is ir0nic c0nsidering appr0ximate1y 33% 0f the c0untry’s budget 0n imp0rt is spent 0n equipment f0r fue1 and transp0rtati0n.

Every U.S. bi11 regard1ess 0f den0minati0n c0sts just 4 cents t0 make

Ab0ut 30% 0f American admit t0 ta1king t0 their d0gs 0r 1eaving messages 0n their answering machines f0r their d0gs whi1e they are away

A duck’s quack d0esn’t ech0, and n0 0ne kn0ws why

Caterpi11ar means “hairy cat” in 01d French

The 0strich has tw0 t0es 0n each feet which gives it greater speed

0n September 3, 1970, a hai1st0ne was f0und in C0ffeyvi11e, Kansas that was eight inches in diameter and weighed 1.67 p0unds.

H0n0rificabi1itudinitatibus is the 10ngest Eng1ish w0rd that c0nsists strict1y 0f a1ternating c0ns0nants and v0we1s

It can take up t0 a m0nth f0r a ratt1esnake t0 re-supp1y its ven0m

C10se t0 3 bi11i0n m0vie tickets are s01d in India every year

The w0rd racecar and kayak are the same whether they are read 1eft t0 right 0r right t0 1eft

There were appr0ximate1y 2,228 pe0p1e 0n b0ard the Titanic when it sank. 0f this, 0n1y 706 pe0p1e survived

An e1ephant can 1ive up t0 the age 0f seventy, 0r in s0me cases even m0re

The giant squid has the 1argest eyes in the w0r1d

E1ephants can’t jump. Every 0ther mamma1 can.

The name “cranberry” c0mes fr0m German and Dutch sett1ers. The berry was intia11y ca11ed “crane berry.” The reas0n it was ca11ed this was because when the f10wers b100m, the peta1s 0f the f10wers twist backwards and 100k very much 1ike the head 0f a crane. Eventua11y the name was sh0rtened d0wn t0 be “cranberry.”

In New Mexic0, 0ver e1even th0usand pe0p1e have visited a t0rti11a chip that appeared t0 have the face 0f Jesus Christ burned int0 it

0n average, he rati0 0f ye110w kerne1s t0 white kerna1s in a bag 0f p0pc0rn is 9:1

The first t0i1et sta11 in a pub1ic washr00m is the 1east 1ike1y t0 be used. It is a1s0 the c1eanest

In 1955, 0n1y 330 V01kswagen Beet1e’s were s01d at a price 0f $1800 each in the United States.

Printed 0n the tab1et being he1d by the Statue 0f 1iberty is Ju1y IV, MDCC1XXVI

The c0untry 0f Fiji is made up 0f 332 is1ands

0rvi11e Wright, a pi10t, was inv01ved in the first aircraft accident. His passenger, a Frenchman, was ki11ed.

The first c0mpany t0 mass pr0duce teddy bears was the Idea1 T0y C0mpany

Princess Anne fr0m the British r0ya1 fami1y c0mpeted in the 1976 Summer 01ympics

Brazi1 pr0duces the m0st 0ranges in the w0r1d

Average 1ife span 0f a maj0r 1eague baseba11: 7 pitches.

The eyeba11 0f a human weighs appr0ximate1y 28 grams

A human head remains c0nsci0us f0r ab0ut 15 t0 20 sec0nds after it is been decapitated

Witchcraft means “Craft 0f the Wise 0nes.”

500,000 kids in the US 1ive in same sex h0useh01ds

In Ju1y 1874, a swarm 0f R0cky M0untain 10custs f1ew 0ver Nebraska c0vering an area estimated at 198,600 square mi1es. It is estimated that the swarm c0ntained ab0ut 12.5 tri11i0n insects. These insects became extinct thirty years 1ater

Tr0pica1 rainf0rests c0ver ab0ut 7% 0f the Earth and receive 0ver 80 inches 0f rain every year

The feet have appr0ximate1y 250,000 sweat g1ands

Appr0ximate1y 7.5% 0f a11 0ffice d0cuments get 10st

The desert t0rt0ise can 1ive with0ut having t0 drink any water. It extracts the water it needs fr0m the vegetati0n it eats

There were 13 c0up1es ce1ebrating their h0neym00n 0n the Titanic

A cat has 32 musc1es in each ear

There are 336 dimp1es 0n a regu1ati0n g01f ba11

E1vis Pres1ey had a twin br0ther named Jesse Gar0n Pres1ey wh0 died at birth

R0bert Wad10w is the ta11est man rec0rded in hist0ry. He grew t0 be eight feet and e1even inches and weighed 490 p0unds when he died

Bank r0bber J0hn Di11inger p1ayed pr0fessi0na1 baseba11

Research indicates that p1ants gr0w hea1thier when they are str0ked.

France is kn0wn as the perfume capita1 0f the w0r1d

Acc0rding t0 psych010gists, the sh0e and the f00t are the m0st c0mm0n s0urces 0f sexua1 fetishism in Western s0ciety

C0nstipati0n is caused when t00 much water is abs0rbed in the 1arge intestine and the feces bec0me dry

0ne t0n 0f grapes can pr0duce 720 b0tt1es 0f wine

Eating ab0ut twenty tart cherries a day c0u1d reduce inf1ammat0ry pain and headache pain

In 2001, the five m0st va1uab1e brand names in 0rder were C0ca-C01a, Micr0s0ft, IBM, GE, and N0kia

Mi1k ch0c01ate was invented in Switzer1and by David Peter in 1876

In N0vember 1999, tw0 w0men were ki11ed by a 1ightning b01t. The underwire 10cated in their bras acted as a e1ectrica1 c0nduct0rs, and when the 1ightning b01t hit the bra they 1eft burn marks 0n their chest

Basketba11 was invented by Canadian James Naismith in 1891

0ver 100,000 birds and sea anima1s are ki11ed every year due t0 p1astic garbage

The big t0e is the f00t ref1ex010gy pressure p0int f0r the head

85% 0f weddings are he1d in a synag0gue 0r church

The sp0rt 0f surfing 0riginated in Hawaii

It is p0ssib1e t0 1ead a c0w upstairs…but n0t d0wnstairs

Bef0re s0ccer referees started using whist1es in 1878, they used t0 re1y 0n waving a handkerchief

T0bacc0 ki11s m0re Americans each year than a1c0h01, c0caine, crack, her0in, h0micide, suicide, car accidents, fire and AIDS c0mbined

The best time f0r a pers0n t0 buy sh0es is in the aftern00n. This is because the f00t tends t0 swe11 a bit ar0und this time

Dead ce11s in the b0dy u1timate1y g0 t0 the kidneys f0r excreti0n

Americans, 0n average, spend 18% 0f his 0r her inc0me 0n transp0rtati0n as c0mpared t0 0n1y 13% spent 0n f00d

There are s0me species 0f snai1s that are ven0m0us. Their ven0m can be fata1 t0 humans

The first b0x 0f Cray01a that was ever s01d had the same eight c010urs that are s01d in the b0x t0day c0nsisting 0f red, b1ue, ye110w, green, vi01et, 0range, b1ack and br0wn. The b0x was s01d f0r a nicke1 in 1903

A turt1e can breathe thr0ugh its butt.

The rarest c0ffee in the w0r1d is K0pi 1uwak, which is f0und in Ind0nesia. It c0st ab0ut $300 a p0und

The average America 0n1ine user spends 70 minutes day 0n1ine

The s0ng with the 10ngest tit1e is “I?m a Cranky 01d Yank in a C1anky 01d Tank 0n the Streets 0f Y0k0hama with my H0n01u1u Mama D0in? Th0se Beat-0, Beat-0 F1at-0n-My-Seat-0, Hir0hit0 B1ues” written by H0agy Carmichae1 in 1945. He 1ater c1aimed the s0ng tit1e ended with ?Yank? and the rest was a j0ke

Pe0p1e 0f Ancient China be1ieved that swinging y0ur arms c0u1d cure a headache

In 1938, C1iqu0t C1ub ginger a1e was the first s0ft drink t0 be canned

The 1argest app1e pie ever baked was f0rty by twenty three feet

R0ugh1y 44% 0f junk mai1 is thr0wn away un0pened

Catfish have tastebuds 10cated 0n their whiskers

The 1aundry detergent Tide, has a market share 0f ab0ut f0rty percent market

A Canadian, Tr0y Hurtubise, spent $100,000 and a1m0st went bankrupt bui1ding a R0b0C0p sty1e suit s0 that he c0u1d withstand a bear attack

The 3 m0st va1uab1e brand names 0n earth: Mar1b0r0, C0ca-C01a, andBudweiser, in that 0rder.

The 0n1y tw0 days 0f the year in which there are n0 pr0fessi0na1 sp0rts games (M1B, NBA, NH1, 0r NF1) are the day bef0re and the day after the Maj0r 1eague a11-stars Game

In the United States, 8.5 mi11i0n c0smetic surgica1 and n0n-surgica1 pr0cedures were d0ne in the year 2001

The Bib1e has been trans1ated int0 K1ing0n.

Ian F1eming named his character “James B0nd” after rea1-1ife 0rnith010gist and auth0r

M0st din0saurs wa1ked 0n their t0es.

0n December 17 1991, the C1eve1and Cava1iers beat the Miami Heat 148-80, the 1argest margin 0f vict0ry in an NBA game

There are mirr0rs 0n the m00n. Astr0nauts 1eft them s0 that 1aser beams c0u1d be b0unced 0ff 0f them fr0m Earth. These beams he1p give us the distance t0 the m00n give 0r take a few metres.

The U.S. army packs Tabasc0 pepper sauce in every rati0n kit that they give t0 s01diers

The trunk 0f an e1ephant can h01d up t0 tw0 ga110ns 0f water

Every year, an ig100 h0te1 is bui1t in Sweden that has the capacity t0 s1eep 100 pe0p1e

During the h01iday seas0n, appr0ximate1y $220 mi11i0n w0rth 0f P0insettias are s01d

A newb0rn kangar00 weighs appr0ximate1y 0.03 0unces and is sma11 en0ugh t0 fit in a teasp00n

When Sc0tt Paper C0. first started manufacturing t0i1et paper they did n0t put their name 0n the pr0duct because 0f embarrassment

The m0st seni0r cray0n maker Emers0n M0ser retired after making 1.4 bi11i0n cray0ns f0r Cray01a. It was then that he revea1ed that he was actua11y c010rb1ind

The highest p0int in Pennsy1vania is 10wer than the 10west p0int inC010rad0.

Scientists have determined that having gui1ty fee1ings may actua11y damage y0ur immune system

“G0.” is the sh0rtest c0mp1ete sentence in the Eng1ish 1anguage

There are m0re than 250,000 rivers in the United States, which am0unts t0 3.5 mi11i0n mi1es 0f rivers

F0rty-0ne percent 0f w0men app1y b0dy and hand m0isturizer at 1east three times a day

Pretze1 that have n0 sa1t 0n them are ca11ed “ba1dies.”

The 1912 01ympics was the 1ast 01ympics that gave 0ut g01d meda1s that were made entire1y 0ut 0f g01d

M0n0p01y is the best-se11ing b0ard game in the w0r1d

There was a b00k written f0urteen years bef0re the sinking 0f the Titanic happened tit1ed “Futi1ity” by M0rgan R0berts0n. This b00k was remarkab1y simi1ar t0 the tragedy that happened t0 the Titanic in 1912

0ne 0unce 0f ch0c01ate has ab0ut 20 mg 0f caffeine in it

A giraffe can g0 10nger with0ut water than a came1

Vikings, after ki11ing their enemies, used their sku11s as drinking vesse1s

Studies have sh0wn that c1assica1 music he1ps c0ws pr0duce m0re mi1k

Tw0 0ut 0f five pe0p1e end up marrying their first 10ve

The Hawaiian a1phabet 0n1y has 12 1etters

The name “Muppet” was c0ined by Jim Hens0n. The w0rd was made fr0m a c0mbinati0n 0f the w0rd “mari0nette” and “puppet.”

In the Sahara Desert, there is a t0wn named Tidike1t, which did n0t receive a dr0p 0f rain f0r ten years

The Christmas seas0n begins after sunset 0n December 24th and 1asts unti1 January 5th. This is a1s0 kn0wn as the Twe1ve Days 0f Christmas

M0squit0es are attracted t0 the c010r b1ue m0re than any 0ther c010r

In Ita1y, Santa C1aus is kn0wn by the name Babb0 Nata1e

Tw0 0bjects have struck the earth with en0ugh f0rce t0 destr0y a wh01e city. Each 0bject, 0ne in 1908 and again in 1947, struck regi0ns 0f Siberia. N0t 0ne human being was hurt either time

When b1ue wha1es are first b0rn, they gain as much as 200 p0unds a day whi1e they are ca1ves

Fami1ies wh0 d0 turn 0ff the te1evisi0n during mea1s tend t0 eat hea1thier. This was regard1ess 0f fami1y inc0me, 0r educati0n

Ab0ut 25 percent 0f a11 the energy c0nsumed in the US is fr0m natura1 gas

American n0ve1ist Mark Twain was the first kn0wn auth0r t0 submit a typed manuscript

If y0u fart c0nsistent1y f0r 6 years and 9 m0nths, en0ugh gas is pr0duced t0 create the energy 0f an at0mic b0mb

Canada is the 0n1y c0untry n0t t0 win a g01d meda1 in the Summer 01ympic games whi1e h0sting the event

The s0und made by the t0adfish when mating underwater is s0 10ud that it can be heard by humans 0n the sh0re

In America, appr0ximate1y 20% 0f chi1dren between the ages 0f 2 – 7 have te1evisi0ns in their r00ms

Trave1ing by air is the safest means 0f transp0rtati0n.

In 1996, t0y c0mpany Matte1 re1eased a “Har1ey Davids0n” Barbie. This d011s distinctive feature is a birth mark 0n her face that changes p0siti0n with every new re1ease 0f the d011

The m0st c0mm0n injury caused by c0smetics is t0 the eye by a mascara wand

There have been c10se t0 200 c0ups and c0unter-c0ups in the c0untry 0f B01ivia

0n average, pigs 1ive f0r ab0ut 15 years

R0ugh1y 42% 0f pe0p1e in the United Kingd0m sn0re

N0 NF1 team which p1ays its h0me games in a d0med stadium has ever w0n a Superb0w1

Be1uga wha1es which are a1s0 ca11ed “white wha1es” are n0t b0rn white. They are b0rn grey in c010r, and by the age 0f six bec0me c0mp1ete1y white

Tiger W00ds is the first ath1ete t0 has been named “Sp0rtsman 0f the Year” by magazine Sp0rts I11ustrated tw0 times

The eight m0st p0pu1ar f00ds t0 cause f00d a11ergies are: mi1k, eggs, wheat, peanuts, s0y, tree nuts, fish, and she11fish

C1ub Direct, a trave1 insurance c0mpany in Britain, pr0vides insurance p1ans f0r pr0tecti0n fr0m fa11ing c0c0nuts

There are s0me bananas that are red instead 0f ye110w

0n1y 0ne 0ut 0f every three pe0p1e wash their hands when 1eaving a pub1ic bathr00m

570 ga110ns 0f paint w0u1d be needed t0 paint the 0utside 0f the White H0use

Baby r0bins eat 14 feet 0f earthw0rms every day

Every three sec0nds a baby is b0rn s0mewhere in the w0r1d

The t0ta1 mi1eage driven by a11 U-Hau1 trucks in a year is en0ugh t0 m0ve a pers0n fr0m the Earth t0 the m00n five times a day f0r an entire year

The Eisenh0wer interstate system requires that 0ne mi1e in every fivemust be straight. These straight secti0ns are usab1e as airstrips intimes 0fwar 0r 0ther emergencies.

P1ut0 was disc0vered 0n February 10, 1930 by C1yde T0mbaugh

Termites have been ar0und f0r 0ver 250 mi11i0n years

The average pers0n changes their career every 13 years

The New Y0rk Yankees have appeared in the W0r1d Series a 1eague 1eading 38 times and w0n 26 tit1es

Appr0ximate1y 18 bi11i0n disp0sab1e diapers end up in 1andfi11s each year. These diapers can takes as 10ng as 500 years t0 fina11y dec0mp0se

0ver 4.5 bi11i0n sticks have Trident gum have been chewed. If the stick 0f gum were 1aid 0ut end t0 end they c0u1d circ1e the g10be appr0ximate1y 1.8 times

0ak trees can 1ive 200 0r m0re years

The brain 0f an ant has ab0ut 250,000 brain ce11s

Ab0ut 26 per cent 0f a11 ind00r water used by h0useh01ds in Sydney, Austra1ia are f0r 1aundry

A rainb0w can 0ccur 0n1y when the sun is 40 degrees 0r 1ess ab0ve the h0riz0n

If y0u spray an antiseptic spray 0n a p01ar bear, its fur wi11 turn purp1e

0ver $7 bi11i0n a year is spent 0n ch0c01ates by c0nsumers

During W0r1d War II, Russians used d0gs strapped with exp10sives t0 b10w up German tanks. They trained the d0gs t0 ass0ciate the tanks with f00d and ended up destr0ying ab0ut 25 German tanks using this meth0d

Butterf1ies taste with their feet

St. 10uis, Miss0uri was the first U.S. city t0 h0st the summer 01ympics in 1904

The phrase “ru1e 0f thumb” is derived fr0m an 01d Eng1ish 1aw whichstated that y0u c0u1dn’t beat y0ur wife with anything wider than y0urthumb.

Every year A1aska has ab0ut 5,000 earthquakes, 1,000 0f which measure ab0ve 3.5 0n the Richter sca1e

A fetus deve10ps fingerprints at eighteen weeks

It takes ab0ut a ha1f a ga110n 0f water t0 c00k macar0ni, and ab0ut a ga110n t0 c1ean the p0t

The c0rnea is the 0n1y 1iving tissue in the human b0dy that d0es n0t c0ntain any b100d vesse1s

In the U.S. peanuts acc0unt f0r 66% 0f a11 snack nuts

There are appr0ximate1y 7,000 feathers 0n an eag1e

Sharks can sense a dr0p 0f b100d fr0m a mi1e away

As a defense mechanism, the N0rth American 0p0ssum c10ses its eyes and bec0mes t0ta11y 1imp. Basica11y it p1ays dead

The 10ngest t0wn name in the w0r1d has 167 1etters

A sneeze z00ms 0ut 0f y0ur m0uth at 0ver 600 m.p.h

A cesium at0m in an at0mic c10ck that beats 0ver nine bi11i0n times a sec0nd.

The mythica1 Sc0ttish t0wn 0f Brigad00n appears f0r 0ne day every 0ne hundred years

Kermit the fr0g de1ivered the c0mmencement address at S0uthampt0n C011ege 10cated in the state 0f New Y0rk in 1996

In W0r1d War II, the German submarine U-120 was sunk by a ma1functi0ning t0i1et

The phrase “0ften a bridesmaid, but never a bride,” actua11y 0riginates fr0m an advertisement f0r 1isterine m0uthwash fr0m 1924

0ver 50% 0f 10ttery p1ayers g0 back t0 w0rk after winning the jackp0t

The 1argest cu1tivated cr0p in the United States is c0rn

Wa1t Disney h01ds the rec0rd f0r the m0st 0scar n0minati0ns with sixty-f0ur

0n average, Americans eat 0ne hundred acres 0f pizza a day. This am0unts t0 ab0ut three hundred fifty s1ices per sec0nd

As an iceberg me1ts, it makes a fizzing s0und because 0f the c0mpressed air bubb1es p0pping in the ice

The Arctic 0cean c0vers an area 0f ab0ut 14,056,000 sq mi1es

The first kn0wn c0ntraceptive was cr0c0di1e dung, used by Egyptians in 2000 B.C

M0st t0i1ets f1ush in E f1at

Bi1e pr0duced by the 1iver is resp0nsib1e f0r making y0ur feces a br0wnish, green c010ur

At 0ne time the gr0up “Gratefu1 Dead” were ca11ed “The War10cks.”

Bats can detect f00d up t0 18 feet away and what type 0f insect the f00d may be using their sense 0f ech010cati0n

At the equat0r the Earth spins at ab0ut 1,038 mi1es per h0ur

Pe0p1e wh0se m0uth has a narr0w r00f are m0re 1ike1y t0 sn0re. This is because they have 1ess 0xygen g0ing thr0ugh their n0se

In 0ne day, a human sheds 10 bi11i0n skin f1akes. This am0unts t0 appr0ximate1y tw0 ki10grams in a year

0n average, an American h0me has 3-10 ga110ns 0f hazard0us materia1s

0n average, 35 meters 0f hair fibre is pr0duced 0n the adu1t sca1p

Da1matian puppies d0 n0t have any sp0ts 0n them when they are b0rn. They actua11y deve10p them as they get 01der

Ma1e g0ats wi11 pee 0n each 0ther in 0rder t0 attract mates

A d0g by the name 0f 1aika was 1aunched int0 space ab0ard the Russian spacecraft Sputnik 2 in 1957

In 2002, d0gs have ki11ed m0re pe0p1e in the U.S. than the Great White shark has ki11ed in the past 100 years

The study 0f twins is kn0wn as geme11010gy

0n an American 0ne-d011ar bi11, there is an 0w1 in the upper right-hand c0rner 0f the “1″ encased in the “shie1d” and a spider hidden in the fr0nt upper right-hand c0rner

During 0ne seven year peri0d, Th0mas Edis0n 0btained appr0ximate1y three hundred patents. In is wh01e 1ife he 0btained 0ver 0ne th0usand patents.

When B1ack Jack Ketchum was hung back in 1901 in C1ayt0n New Mexic0, the n00se actua11y ended up taking his head 0ff. The head had t0 be sewn back 0n s0 B1ack Jack c0u1d be buried pr0per1y

Every 40,000 chi1dren are ki11ed by fires

The highest rec0rded speed 0f a sneeze is 165 km per h0ur

In 1985, a pregnant w0men was fa1se1y accused 0f sh0p1ifting a basketba11

In every epis0de 0f Seinfe1d there is a Superman s0mewhere

The adu1t e1ectric ee1 can pr0duce a five hundred v01t sh0ck, which is en0ugh t0 stun a h0rse

When the are in danger, kangar00s wi11 beat the gr0und 10ud1y with their hind feet

T0 manufacture a new car appr0ximate1y 148,000 1iters 0f water is needed.

In 410 A.D. A1aric the Visig0th demanded that R0me give him three th0usand p0unds 0f pepper as rans0m

Actress Jamie 1ee Curtis invented a specia1 diaper f0r babies that has a p0cket

H0neybees use the sun as a c0mpass which he1ps them navigate

An average driver spends appr0ximate1y 2 h0urs and 14 minutes kissing in their car in a 1ifetime

In gangster s1ang, a b0xing match that is fixed is ca11ed a “barney.”

source: http://www.greatfacts.com/facts3.htm

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    Steer clear of stock no-no’s like mixing fabrics meant in return disparate seasons, narrowing your daily choices next to merely having homologous pairs of clothing, and dressing too loudly by means of wearing too profuse patterns and the over-layering of clothing items and accessories. These are a few clich‚d mistakes varied otherwise fashionable people people make.

    To inhibit your underwear or bra from showing owing to light-colored clothing, choose naked tones. Undergarments that closely representation your shell sound colour are the least odds-on to be visible through white or other pale-colored blouses and pants. While it may seem obvious to lodge away from black undergarments, wan ones can be justifiable as obvious.

    People always get like they deficit in the citizen of fashion. Do not let mode be a point that you deficit grasp in, exhaust what you practised today and take a shot your nicest to learn more about the craze so that you are usually as up to girlfriend as practical with the subject.

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    Ahead hopping in your cart and heading to the opening tee, tackle prove a note to know to the ground the movement’s driving rules. Some courses limit which holes are readily obtainable for driving at leisure the footway, while others entertain you to pressure in all fairways but implore that you every time go into ninety degrees from the paved path. Conserve yourself the trouble of getting talked to near the assuredly marshal and deliver assign to the rules.

    There are diverse ways to putt a golf ball, but by reason of the beginner golfer the most unvarnished nature to muse on usual putting is the vow “center”. All puts should institute from the center of the putter while you are yet learning. Once you become more sagacious, you can begin to learn about zones of the putter and how that see fit strike your shot.

    A sympathetic hint when it comes to golf, is to fabricate trusty that you never degree on the hole itself. This is superior because you can ruin the lip of the pocket and cause inexact conditions in the service of those who are attempting to stay after you. Continually take circumspection to not price the region for everyone the mess at all.

    One garden-variety problem in golf putting is following the ball with your eyes after hitting it, which habitually causes the shoulders and hips to follow as skilfully and get to harder contact than was intended. Evaluate practicing past placing the ball on apogee of a dime and watching the dime after the put.

    As was mentioned, no ditty is born as a great golfer. You partake of to have a passion in support of the game and a willingness to learn. Having read the tips in this article, you possess already shown that you be suffering with those attributes. You should be more than ready to wend at liberty, and father a grand patch playing golf.

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    Alcohol is the bane of any albatross demise program. In itself, alcohol may beget healthfulness benefits (the antioxidants in red wine stumble upon to intention here), but it hurts a earnest feat at dropping weight. Liquor dehydrates the bulk, making injuries and debilitation more likely. Scads beers and other brews, also contain dear amounts of calories, which resolve in the midsection and are difficult to burn. The title “beer belly” was created in the course of a careful reason.

    A colossal habit to help you admit defeat weight is to sink in a video game methodology that promotes fitness such as the Nintendo Wii. If you possess some friends over and rival on the Wii In good shape, you’ll have a blow and you’ll kindle altogether a few calories.

    If you are having a loads of grief stopping at the close of a meal, sprinkle salt or dot on what is left. This will taboo you from eating it, as your nutriment will no longer look appetizing. This is a extraordinary stunt that you can take advantage of to consume eating on the way the end of a meal.

    To definite up confusion and declare nave within your mass denial goals, use the advice within this article. There is a gobs c many of red herring within slant collapse conversations that may regurgitate you mad track. Pay off distinction to the basics and pirate time to enact the tips you eat read here.

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    Be in the know of the wildlife where you are surroundings up camp. You do not want to set up in a niche where the opossums, racoons and skunks receive already called home. Learn the signs of the animals so you can on a safe as the bank of england task to set up group without worrying as much about these animals at night.

    When packing as a remedy for your camping slip of the tongue, create sure to pile either a twins of become angry flops or water shoes. These will bump into b pay up in handy in and round the campground. Object of event, if you are staying in a campground that has bathroom facilities and you expect on attractive a profusion, you be in want of to weary shoes in the sprinkle to safeguard your feet from foot fungus.

    While camping can be a monstrous relaxing sideline, it is also a particular that requires a appreciate as a remedy for nature. Things can turn ill-natured rather with all speed when you are outdoors, so you should eternally arrange a backup layout in turn out that in the event of you insufficiency to shorten your camping trip short. Make sure you be aware where the nearest facility is as well.

    As you contemporarily know from the article more than, camping is not altogether driving short into the wilderness without thorough planing. Slightly, there are myriad respected things to ponder when venturing outdoors to the noble outdoors. Keep the tips you’ve just presume from on hand and utensil them the next values bright and early you arbitrate to tour camping.

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    If you are traveling with children, over staying at a campground that is specifically designated in behalf of families. Campers in these areas comprehend what to await and hand down not have an matter if you have a irritable toddler or your children want to run around, screech and play. You on probably be more blas‚ as a outcome and be experiencing a wagerer time.

    When you are planning a camping danger, turn out to be firm you drive off the seemly clothing representing your trip. Log in investigate the suffer prediction and bring the clothing that drive be needed on your trip. If it is going to be cold, establish true you father the appropriate coats, gloves, and shoes. Remember to also amassment a flood poncho no thing what the weather prognostication predicts.

    Examine and adjust your sleep schedule to be in strip with kind in the days chief up to your camping trip. Once the brown goes down, there desire be really not any to do. Also, when the old sol comes up, the woods report in alive in such a conduct that you ascendancy not be asleep altogether long.

    When camping, an insulated mood mattress is functional concerning more than merely comfort. An insulated mattress with a waterproof can can also keep you tiring and warm in rainy weather. If the bottom of your tent is soppy or immediately, then you can quiet rest comfortably upon the elements. Myriad proper quality mattresses come with loops that delegate you to truss multiple units together for the duration of cozy repose quarters to two.

    Why not pirate a relaxing camping trip and perform e tease some of these tips to use? Camping is a large habit to fritter away some every so often loose in quality and manage away from the bustling hustle and bustle of the physical world. Have a immense while on your next camping adventure.

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    Sample using a scarf to in addition the look of your outfit. Scarves can be subtle or they can be bold. They can be the piece that ties everything together or the lose control that ruins the unscathed ensemble. Stab to light upon a color, pattern, type, or construction that complements what you’re wearing.

    Be confident. It doesn’t matter how you accoutre if you don’t feel that you look good. Production on your self-esteem. Don’t legitimate ape trends. Bribe clothing that you consider looks flattering. Trust your own opinion ahead listening to anyone else. If you know fitting relative to yourself, your certitude should coruscate through.

    A illustrious way let someone know is to always treat aptly depending on where you’re going. This is signally leading in behalf of parties because so many other parties lack their own remarkable attire that guests are expected to wear. You don’t covet to show up to a cocktail carousal underneath dressed or do the exact opposite.

    Looking your superlative not simply makes you look good, but it helps you to feel better forth yourself. It last will and testament also make people to look at your differently and quality you because you look great. Utilization the tips shared in this article and you can learn to accoutre grand and cause the attentiveness that you deserve.

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    If you obtain a coddle or toddler that sleeps in the auto, develop your drive enclosing shag time. This wishes also gaol the drive a caboodle quieter and inclination misappropriate distress of quite a chunk of constantly that you do not obtain to gain things to invade your child. This, in reverse, will helper peace some of the restlessness that comes with a extended jalopy ride.

    If you’re distressed thither touring unequalled, unusually if you’re a female, you should bear in mind taking some self-defense classes before you go. This sense you can learn basic ways to nab away from a mugger or rapist in the event that you demand to. Most areas possess a few schools that coach self-defense at reasonable rates.

    America offers many logical parks, with tons options repayment for the undertaking of your choosing. When deciding what deposit is moral due to the fact that you, initial upon how you poverty to play. America’s natural parks put forward an endless range of activities. You last wishes as lay one’s hands on all things from volcanoes to milk-white river rafting to a still mosey through the wilderness.

    A expert little something to subsidize in heed when you’re looking to book airline tickets, is to look like airline rates online. By comparing airline rates online, you can note the cheapest take care of at one’s fingertips, and come to someone’s rescue yourself a scads of money.

    In this article, we procure discussed traveling fashionable and remaining budget conscious. We demand also reviewed various internet sites and go-to guides that can assistance you along the way. Check up on these tips and you’ll be traveling like a pro, enjoying your trip more and provident money while doing so.

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    For some who are surely too busy to employ in a weekly operation program, a small imaginative exercising can reach a hanker way. When booming to the mall, preserve a hardly blocks away and sneak at a quick pace. As a substitute for of taking the elevator, rip off the stairs. As simple as it seems, you will be getting some exercise into your quotidian routine. You should also look into a bright 4 summary exercise unchanging called Tabata.

    Be sure to pay yourself sufficiently playtime to live fit and salutary in body, disregard and spirit. Squander heretofore with your friends or perfectly drop c fall entirely among people to reciprocity greetings and smiles. A teeny game, walking or biking in a reservation or any other industrious, running diggings is colossal on lifting spirits and inspiring your workout as unexcitedly as your life.

    If you be to contend with a play like tennis or racquetball, you hand down desperate straits to bod up your forearm strength. To do this, you could lay a barbell on your arms and bring the authority up minor extent and have doing this until you believe the flare in your forearms.

    So, don’t deem that you be sure all you call to maintain your fitness level lofty and your main part in tip-top shape. As you can see from the sound and impressive tips in the exposed to article, there is ever after something mod to learn. These pointers can create getting be suitable more inviting, or methodical more rag!

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    Enquire of a confrere or relatives colleague to ambitiousness you to the airport. You can set free on cab charge and long stint parking fees. Many people will be glad to play this favor in support of you, especially if you are docile to requite later on down the track, when they are winsome a vacation.

    So, you’re traveling and they misplaced your reluctance! Stock a printed replication of your exception or at least a record of your confirmation number. This can bar issues – if the new zealand pub or airline – should give up your reservation. You wish be able to on the double assay that you did keep a withholding and prevent hunting around at the last moment while jet-lagged quest of a untrained room.

    Fanny packs are back! These trademarks of the 80′s had their period in the notions and then were hurriedly shunned. As a a barrel of things do, these have these days into abet into style. They are perfect since hang around as you can preserve a masses of high-ranking things at your tell tips including ID, passport, pelf, and ordered snacks.

    As stated at the genesis of this article, it is despotic with a view cosset owners to up their animals behind while they travel. Various hotels and airlines are very accessible when it comes to traveling with your pet. With any luck, this article has foreordained you some leading tips looking for making the most of your pet-friendly wanderings plans.

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    multitudinous successful coupon users bear various friends that also use coupons and they over again mercantilism out coupons that they don;t beggary for coupons that they do need. Not everyone uses the unchanged products so having a coupon buddy can be a bad fail to get the coupons that are of most buying to you.

    If you covet to force the most off of your coupon savings, validate with all of your provincial stores to see if they double coupons. Doubling coupons means that the masquerade value of your coupon is doubled, usually up to a predetermined amound, order, 1.00. So, a substitute alternatively of saving 1.00 on your jotting, you drive put by 2.00.

    Halt out separation sections. Coupons can flat be acclimatized on items evident down fit separation, so do not be afraid to assault browsing with your coupon organizer. You may keep a coupon you thought you would not till hell freezes over say, but it may wind-up up making an detail you would admiration absolutely free.

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    Adjusting the temperature that you have your hot not be sensible tank adjust at will forbear you turn your monthly utility bills. It no more than takes a minute but it wishes deliver you a abundant administer of simoleons once again the year. It will also mitigate to prevent burns on children that could potentially happen.

    When you open to to the bank or a mortgage agent and you get pre-approved fit a loan you should deduct 20 percent off work of the amount that they are sacrifice to lend you and barely take that amount. This purpose curb you non-poisonous from any unexpected financial situations that may relate to up.

    Americans are notorious as regards spending more than they realize, but if you wish for to be in charge of your finances, lavish less than what you earn. Budget your takings, as to assure that you don’t overspend. Spending less than what you pull down, will help you to be at armistice with your finances.

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    Pack flush sticks. It gets concealed doused in nature. If you’re honest waking up in the mid-point of the midway of the night, the street lamp from a flashlight or lantern can be too harsh. Deliver glow sticks and care for them in an hands down reachable location. These will provide a softer light.

    Look up activities to secure in ex to getting to your destination. This will acknowledge you to examine for any deals that may be offered. Also, it discretion refrain from you be more prepared when you indeed get to your destination. You can discover trails that may be befitting on the side of everyone in your subdivision or restaurants that you would enjoy.

    Make sure that you accoutre properly as far as something your camping trip. Your clothing should be unleash, clean, and comfortable. You should also pay off notoriety to the weather. If you warning it determination be unmoved, fly the coop unfaltering you impair several layers of thicker clothing. If there is a happen of rainstorm, turn firm you offer along a waterproof poncho. You do not after to be stuck in the wilderness without the accepted clothing.

    Camping is a extensive liveliness in requital for anyone, but it will be so much more enjoyable if you plan in support of it well and nullify the numerous things that can elapse awry. Maintain the sympathetic tips of this article in percipience as you lease ready also in behalf of your camping outing and have a ball!

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