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A Beginner's Guide to Men's Style

 "It's beginning to happen in America," said Mr. Frasch. "We see younger men who are much more interested in wearing suits than they used to be. The suits are slimmer. Even our more classic customers are [interested] too. Men are buying fashion. When they're buying a work suit, they're looking for a more interesting option—textures or novelties."

Mr. Frasch also reported an "explosion" in high-quality footwear, suggesting that, like the Italians, Americans are wearing fine shoes beyond the confines of the office or formal event. "Double monk [straps], single monks, wonderfully burnished shoes that really make a statement," said Mr. Frasch. "And that's fairly new, really only in the last year." Other small but crucial Italian obsessions like lapel pins, pocket squares, scarves and bold socks are also flying off the shelves, according to Mr. Frasch. "The average American guy is starting to want to be appreciated for being well dressed and smartly put together." Color, another Italian essential, has also become a big seller for Saks—suits in brighter blues, unusually hued shoes or even footwear with neon soles.